clear out

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İngilizce - İngilizce
to leave quickly

They cleared out as soon as the cops arrived.

to become empty

The town is packed in the summer, but clears out in the winter.

to remove or eject (from), especially forcibly

We need to get the trees cleared out the way before anything can drive down this path.

to completely empty

clear out your inbox to make more space.

If you clear out a container, room, or house, you tidy it and throw away the things in it that you no longer want. I took the precaution of clearing out my desk before I left. see also clear-out
disapproval If you tell someone to clear out of a place or to clear out, you are telling them rather rudely to leave the place. She turned to the others in the room. `The rest of you clear out of here.' `Clear out!' he bawled. `Private property!' = get out
clear out the chest and lungs; "This drug expectorates quickly"
empty completely; "We cleaned out all the drawers"
{f} tidy up; move out and don't leave anything behind; empty completely, clean up
move out and leave nothing behind
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The act of emptying something

We should give the garage a clear-out to make space for the new car.

When you have a clear-out, you collect together all the things that you do not want and throw them away. a process in which you get rid of unwanted objects or possessions
{i} act of clearing out; act of emptying
out of a clear sky
suddenly, with no warning
clear out