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İngilizce - Türkçe

Nancy asla zamanında varmaktan geri kalmaz. - Nancy never fails to arrive on time.

O, zamanında varmak için koştu. - He ran, so as to arrive on time.


İtfaiyeciler umutsuzca olay yerine ulaşmak için çalışıyorlar. Umarız çok geç olmadan varırlar! - Firefighters are trying desperately to reach the scene of the accident. Let's hope they arrive before it's too late!

{f} varmak; gelmek: When will we arrive? Ne zaman varacağız? Has the mail arrived? Posta geldi mi?
{f} gelmek

Ben gelmek istiyorum. - I would like to arrive.

İşyerine ter içinde gelmek istemiyorum. - I don't want to arrive all sweaty at work.

gelen kimse
{f} gelip çatmak
arrival geliş
{f} başarı kazanmak
ayak basmak
bir ereğe ulaşmak

Dün Tokyo'ya ulaştım. - Yesterday I arrived in Tokyo.

Okula saat dokuzdan önce ulaşmalısın. - You should arrive at school before nine.

üstesinden gelmek
gelip dayanmak
vürut etmek
arrive at
arrive at
(bir yere) ulaşmak
arrive in
arrive in

Boston'a ne zaman ulaştın? - When did you arrive in Boston?

Mektuplarınız iki gün içinde ulaşır. - Your letters arrive in two days.

arrive at a fork
Bir yol ayrımına gelmek
arrive at a place
bir yere varmak
arrive back home safely
eve güvenle varmak
arrive to
arrive after dark
karanlığa kalmak
arrive at
arrive at
(Fiili Deyim ) -e varmak , ulaşmak
arrive at

Biz, zamanında istasyona varmak istiyorsak acele etmeliyiz. - We must hurry if we want to arrive at the station on time.

Öğleden sonra erken saatlerde Kennedy Havaalanına varmak istiyorum. - I want to arrive at Kennedy Airport early in the afternoon.

arrive at a conclusion
neticeye varmak
arrive at a consensus
fikir birliği yapmak
arrive at a consensus
görüş birliğine varmak
arrive at a consensus
fikir birliğine varmak
arrive at a decision
karara varmak
arrive at agreement
uzlaşma sağlamak
arrive at an agreement
anlaşmaya ulaşmak
arrive at an agreement
görüş birliğine varmak
arrive at answer
cevabına ulaşmak
arrive at answer
cevaba ulaşmak
arrive in
(Fiili Deyim ) bir kasabaya yada kente ulaşmak
arrive safely
sağ salim varmak
arrive the harbour
limana varmak
{i} ulaşan
{f} ulaş

Fırtına onun zamanında ulaşmasını engelledi. - The storm prevented her from arriving on time.

Fırtına zamanında ulaşmamızı engelledi. - The storm prevented us from arriving on time.

arrive in

Zamanında gelmediği için Tom Mary'ye özür dilemelidir. - Tom should apologize to Mary for not arriving on time.

Misafirler 2.30'dan biraz sonra gelmeye başladı. - Guests began arriving a little after 2:30.


Şimdi gelen otobüs, İç Hatlar Terminali 1 üzerinden Uluslararası Terminale gidiyor. - The bus now arriving is going to the International Terminal via Domestic Terminal 1.

Peron 2'ye gelen tren 4:35'te Shibuya'ya gidecek. - The next train arriving at platform 2 will depart for Shibuya at 4:35pm.


İngiltere'den bir hafta önce geldiler. - They arrived from England a week ago.

Misafirler geldiğinde, o piyano çalıyordu. - She was playing the piano when the guests arrived.


Ben geldiğimde, anlaşmazlık kaynama noktasına ulaşmıştı. - When I arrived, the dispute had reached its boiling point.

gelir gelmez

Tom gelir gelmez gidelim. - Let's leave as soon as Tom arrives.

O gelir gelmez gidelim. - Let's leave as soon as he arrives.

varıyor olan
reach; succeed
ulaşmak; başarılı
to arrive
ulaşmak için
to arrive
vasıl olmak
what time will we arrive
saat kaçta varacağız
when will the flight arrive
uçak ne zaman inecek
İngilizce - İngilizce
to get to a certain place

We arrived and booked in.

to obtain a level of success or fame

He had finally arrived on Broadway.

to reach

We arrived at eight PM famished.

{f} reach; succeed
{v} to come to or reach a place, to gain
v to come to a place, especially at the end of a trip
Ma Ting
To bring to shore
reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress; "She arrived home at 7 o'clock"; "She didn't get to Chicago until after midnight" succeed in a big way; get to the top; "After he published his book, he had arrived"; "I don't know whether I can make it in science!"; "You will go far, my boy!
To happen or occur
When a particular moment or event arrives, it happens, especially after you have been waiting for it or expecting it. The time has arrived when I need to give up smoking. the belief that the army would be much further forward before winter arrived
When a person or vehicle arrives at a place, they come to it at the end of a journey. Fresh groups of guests arrived The Princess Royal arrived at Gatwick this morning from Jamaica. depart
To come to the shore or bank
When something such as a new product or invention arrives, it becomes available. Several long-awaited videos will finally arrive in the shops this month = appear
To reach; to come to
When you arrive at something such as a decision, you decide something after thinking about it or discussing it. if the jury cannot arrive at a unanimous decision
reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress; "She arrived home at 7 o'clock"; "She didn't get to Chicago until after midnight"
To come; said of time; as, the time arrived
succeed in a big way; get to the top; "After he published his book, he had arrived"; "I don't know whether I can make it in science!"; "You will go far, my boy!
To reach a point by progressive motion; to gain or compass an object by effort, practice, study, inquiry, reasoning, or experiment
vi datang 2 vi tiba
When something such as letter or meal arrives, it is brought or delivered to you. Breakfast arrived while he was in the bathroom
When you arrive at a place, you come to it for the first time in order to stay, live, or work there. in the old days before the European settlers arrived in the country

He died previous to my arrival. - He died before I arrived.

In present usage: To come in progress by water, or by traveling on land; to reach by water or by land; followed by at (formerly sometimes by to), also by in and from
arrive at
To reach (a destination)
arrive at
To reach (an objective or conclusion)
arrive at
get to, reach
arrive at
reach a destination, either real or abstract; "We hit Detroit by noon"; "The water reached the doorstep"; "We barely made it to the finish line"; "I have to hit the MAC machine before the weekend starts"
arrive at a conclusion
come to a conclusion, conclude, reach a judgment or opinion
arrive at a decision
come to a decision, decide, settle a dispute or a question, determine the outcome
arrive at the precise moment
appear at the exact moment, turn up right on time
arrive in London
reach London, get to London
arrive on the scene
reach the place of action, get to the place of activity
to arrive
rock up
Simple past and past participle of arrive
Present participle of arrive
{s} coming, entering
directed or moving inward or toward a center; "the inbound train"; "inward flood of capital"
{i} approaching, coming, appearance, entrance