clean out

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İngilizce - Türkçe
içini silmek
(Dilbilim) boşaltıp temizlemek

Garajı temizlemek çok zaman almamalı. - It shouldn't take us long to clean out the garage.

silip süpürmek
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- temizlemek 2- soyup soğana çevirmek
{f} soymak
{f} boşaltmak
{f} parasız bırakmak
{f} para sızdırmak
(İnşaat) temizleme kapağı
clean someone out
{k} (deyim) meteliksiz kalmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
To empty completely; to remove all money or possessions from

The divorce cleaned him out.

To clean, especially to tidy by removing the contents

Clean out your purse and at least get rid of all the trash you're hauling around.

If someone cleans you out, they take all the money and valuables you have. If they clean out a place, they take everything of value that is in it. I'm sure the burglars waited until my insurance claim was through and came back to clean me out again When they first captured the port, they virtually cleaned out its warehouses
{f} empty, remove contents
deprive completely of money or goods; "The robbers cleaned us out in a couple of hours"
If you clean out something such as a cupboard, room, or container, you take everything out of it and clean the inside of it thoroughly. Mr. Wall asked if I would help him clean out the bins If you are using the same pan, clean it out
force out; "The new boss cleaned out the lazy workers"
empty completely; "We cleaned out all the drawers"
force out; "The new boss cleaned out the lazy workers
An opening or drain leading into a plumbing system to provide a location to insert a snake or other implement for cleaning
Access point to sewer line to enable removal of settled solids or other blockages
A pipe fitting with a removable plug for inspecting and cleaning out drain pipes Back to alphabetical list
A plug in a trap or drain pipe that provides access for the purpose of clearing an obstruction
{i} act of cleaning out; passage or opening that gives access to a place that needs cleaning from time to time
A plugged fitting placed in a sanitary drainage system which can be removed to clean the inside of pipes A main cleanout (or stack cleanout) is located at the bottom of the stack; other cleanouts are located near fixtures
clean out

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    klin aut


    /ˈklēn ˈout/ /ˈkliːn ˈaʊt/


    [ 'klEn ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English clene, from Old English cl[AE]ne; akin to Old High German kleini delicate, dainty.