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İngilizce - Türkçe

Uzay araştırması insan türünün yayılması ve devamı için gereklidir. - Space research is necessary for the propagation and continuation of the human species.

Erken Ortaçağ cam üretimi Roma cam teknolojisinin bir devamı mıdır? - Is early medieval glass production a continuation of Roman glass technology?

{i} devam etme
{i} sürdürme
{i} arka
{i} temdit
{i} uzatma
continuation character
sürdürme damgası
continuation character
Sürdürme Karakteri
continuation rates
repor işlemlerindeki komisyon oranı
continuation character
Devam Karakteri
continuation military training
(Askeri) ek askerlik eğitimi
continuation military training
(Askeri) EK ASKERLİK EĞİTİMİ (HV.): Hava eğitim komutanlıkları üslerinde gösterilen temel teknik ve uçuş eğitimiyle birlikte yürütülen askeri eğitim. Bu eğitim esas itibariyle denetleme ve muayene, h. ataları düzeltme ders yerlerine gidiş ve gelişte yürüyüş, geçit resmi merasim ve beden eğitiminden ibarettir
continuation of firm name
(Kanun) ticaret unvanının devamı
continuation rates
(Ticaret) repor oranı
continuation school
akşam okulu
continuation school
boş zamanlarda gidilen okul
staff continuation control system
personel devam kontrol sistemi
word in continuation
devamında kelime
cease date of continuation
(Kanun) temadinin kesilme tarihi
endnote continuation notice
(Bilgisayar) sonnot devam uyarıcısı
endnote continuation separator
(Bilgisayar) sonnot devam ayırıcısı
footnote continuation notice
(Bilgisayar) dipnot devam uyarıcısı
{i} uzatılma
{i} uzatma, devam ettirme, sürdürme
{i} temdit
{i} uzama
İngilizce - İngilizce
A representation of an execution state of a program at a certain point in time, which may be used at a later time to resume the execution of the program from that point
Narratology. In a series of works, a sequel that begins at where a previously published work left off
That which extends, increases, supplements, or carries on; as, the continuation of a story
That act or state of continuing; the state of being continued; uninterrupted extension or succession; prolongation; propagation
{n} a constant succession, perserverance
Oregon state insurance law requires that group medical policies allow individuals and their dependents, whose coverage would ordinarily end under their group plan, to continue coverage for up to six months in certain situations This is called Continuation Coverage and applies to employers who have less than 20 employees
The process whereby a market proceeds in the direction of the current trend after a period of consolidation A continuation may be distinguished from a reversal A geometric pattern may indicate either a continuation of a trend or the reversal of the trend
The state of being contiguous; intimate association; nearness; proximity
{i} continuing (without stopping); resumption (after stopping); sequel
from unlawful indulgence; sometimes, moderation in sexu
the maintenance of an existing track from plots received
The continuation of something is the fact that it continues, rather than stopping. It's the coalition forces who are to blame for the continuation of the war
Allows terminated employees to continue their group health insurance coverage under certain conditions
The act or process of framing together, or uniting, as beams in a fabric
The restraint which a person imposes upon his desires and passions; the act or power of refraining from indulgence of the sexual appetite, esp
In actual contact; touching; also, adjacent; near; neighboring; adjoining
the act of continuing an activity without interruption
Something that is a continuation of something else is closely connected with it or forms part of it. It would just be a continuation of previous visits he has made to Israel
Allow terminated employees to continue their group health insurance coverage under certain conditions
Allows terminated employees to continue their group health insurance coverage under certain conditions (H)
Terminated employees are allowed to continue their group health insurance coverage under certain conditions
Self-restraint; self-command
A serial publication issued less than 3 times a year, i e not often enough to be called a "periodical" Usually referred to as a "contin "
A concept invented along with the subroutine, but unnamed then The continuation is the system's record of what to do after the code in the subroutine has finished The continuation is explicitly accessible in Scheme and introduced here in the language definition If the routine is to produce a value then the continuation is waiting for that value to proceed The resume key in Keykos provides access to a continuation
a part added to a book or play that continues and extends it
the consequence of being lengthened in duration
A student enrolled at the same institution and in the same program level in the previous regular session
A followup mailing on a successful test usually 4-10 times larger than the original quantity See Rollout
In design, arranging shapes so that the line or edge of one shape leads into another (technique for creating unity)
Applicable mainly in the US, continuations are second or subsequent applications which are subsequently filed while the original parent application is pending Continuations must claim the same invention as the original application to gain the benefit of the parent filing date (see also Continuing Applications)
A framework or fabric, as of beams
in the U S , a later application, filed after an earlier patent application for the same invention has been disallowed, requesting that the application be reconsidered The filing date of the earlier patent application is used for determination of prior art
Contiguous; touching
Allows employees to continue their group health coverage under certain conditions (See COBRA )
A continuation is a virtual function that represents the rest of the computation of the program By virtual I mean that it is behaves like a function that can be called from SML but underneath it just represents a transfer of control to other parts of the program
a Gestalt principle of organization holding that there is an innate tendence to perceive a line as continuing its established direction
An update of a title search, covering the period from the preliminary title report to the time of the recording of the documents
The short note at the bottom of an article fragment explaining where the rest of the article is continued An example might be "Article continued on page B4 " If you use Word's cross reference feature, Word keeps track of the location of the rest of the story in case it is moved to another location Sometimes, the continuation is simply an arrow showing to turn the page over or to look on the next page
continuation bet
To make a [[#Noun|continuation bet]]
continuation bet
A bet made in a round of betting, after raising in the previous round of betting, usually with a weak hand
continuation bets
plural form of continuation bet
continuation bets
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of continuation bet
continuation betting
Present participle of continuation bet
continuation passing style
Alternative spelling of continuation-passing style
continuation passing styles
plural form of continuation passing style
continuation-passing style
A style of programming in which every user function f takes an extra argument c known as a continuation. Whenever f would normally return a result r to its caller, it instead returns the result of applying the continuation to r
continuation-passing styles
plural form of continuation-passing style
continuation of the peace process
going through with the peace process, continuing to fulfill the obligations of the peace process
continuation school
a school for children who cannot study at high school because they have social problems
analytic continuation
An extension of an analytic function which is itself analytic
analytic continuation
The practice of extending analytic functions
plural of continuation
good continuation
a Gestalt principle of organization holding that there is an innate tendence to perceive a line as continuing its established direction