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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} devamlılık
(Ticaret) teselsül
(Tıp) kontinüite
detaylı senaryo
{i} mantıksal bağ
ardı arkası kesilmeyiş
{i} senaryo
{i} akıcılık
{i} kolay anlaşılan şey
{i} program metni
continuity equation
devamlılık denklemi
continuity equation
(Askeri) süreklilik  denklemi
continuity at a point
noktada süreklilik
continuity concept
devamlılık kavramı
continuity equation
süreklilik denklemi
continuity property
süreklilik özelliği
continuity test
süreklilik testi
continuity hypothesis
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) süreklilik hipotezi
continuity man
(Sinema) çevirim senaryocusu
continuity of command
(Askeri) KOMUTA SÜREKLİLİĞİ: Askeri kuvvetlerin yönetimi, koordinasyonu ve kontrolu için silahlı kuvvetlerden bir bireye verilen yetkinin uygulanmasında süreklilik derecesi veya durumu
continuity of flow
akım sürekliliği
continuity of operations
(Askeri) harekatın devamlılığı
continuity of operations
(Askeri) HAREKAT SÜREKLİLİĞİ: Milli askeri stratejiyi icra etmek amacıyla bir askeri faaliyeti veya görevi başarmak üzere gereken işlevlerin, görevlerin veya vazifelerin yürütülmesindeki süreklilik derecesi veya durumu
continuity of operations
(Askeri) harekat sürekliliği
continuity of operations plan designated successor service chief
(Askeri) belirlenen harekat planının bir sonraki kuvvet komutanı tarafından devamlılığının sağlanması
continuity of service
(Politika, Siyaset) hizmetin devamlılığı
continuity principle
(Denizbilim) süreklilik prensibi
continuity risk
(Havacılık) devamlılık riski
continuity studio
sunucu stüdyosu
continuity studio
sunucu işliği
continuity theory
süreklilik teoremi
continuity theory
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) süreklilik teorisi
continuity writer
metin yazarı
ensure continuity
devamlılık sağlamak
ensure one's continuity
sürekliliğini sağlamak
preserve continuity
devamlılığını korumak
provide continuity
süreklilik kazandırmak
provide continuity
devamlılık sağlamak
equation of continuity
süreklilik denklemi
acquire continuity
devamlılık kazanmak
data continuity
verinin surekliligi
point of continuity
(Matematik) süreklilik noktası
solenoid continuity check
(Otomotiv) selenoid iletim kontrolü
system continuity
sistem sureklili¤i
İngilizce - İngilizce
A narrative device in episodic fiction where previous and/or future events in a story series are accounted for in present stories
A characteristic property of a continuous function
Lack of interruption or disconnection; the quality of being continuous in space or time

Considerable continuity of attention is needed to read German philosophy.

uninterrupted connection in space, time, operation, or development
A non-interrupted pathway for electrical signals
the state of being continuous; uninterrupted connection or succession; close union of parts; cohesion; as, the continuity of fibers
Of the soundstage: the reproduction of the original lateral positions of the stereo images Of a multi-way loudspeaker: uniformity of coloration from the operating range of one driver to that of the other(s)
The terminology given to a structural system denoting the transfer of loads and stresses from member to member as if there were no connections
the property of a continuous and connected period of time a detailed script used in making a film in order to avoid discontinuities from shot to shot uninterrupted connection or union
a Gestalt perceptual principle stating that objects positioned along a path are more likely to be seen as a group
1) Prepared script material that is either produced (recorded) at the station or supplied by the advertiser 2) The department that handles incoming and outgoing tapes, scripts, and other materials used for the broadcast of commercial spots
Scheduling advertisements to appear at regular intervals over a period of time
continuity implies the responsibility of ensuring an operation is not affected by an interruption of support or by unforeseen events
{i} continuousness, connectedness; unbroken succession
An electric circuit is said to be continuous when it is complete - thus a continuity check of a circuit is carried out to ensure that the circuit is not open
In health insurance, the Maine law that protect consumers who have pre-existing conditions when changing insurance companies As long as a person does not go without coverage for more than 63 (or in some cases 90) days, the new insurance company cannot exclude a health condition that was covered under the old policy This is also known as "portability"
Consistency between and within materials Consider layout, design, language, format etc and signposting to related resources
Indicates the existence of a complete circuit
quality of duration, existence over a serial period of time
A type of offer in which the consumer agrees to review new editions of or variations on a product and purchase a contracted number of these over a specified time period (Examples include CD's periodically offered within a music club or recipe cards sent by a cooking club )
a detailed script used in making a film in order to avoid discontinuities from shot to shot
–– the relation between two things of essential identity similarity, coherence or harmony; the lack of change from one principle or regime to another
The distribution of fuel particles or extent of the fuel bed, thus affecting a fire's ability to sustain combustion and spread This applies to aerial fuels as well as surface fuels
Limited time promotions in a store where a different item is promoted each week of the special Commonly includes items such as pots and pans, books, flatware, etc
of patient care ensures that patients experience a smooth transition across the different levels of care and that patient care is coordinated among practitioners, among organizations, and over time
The duration of an advertising message or campaign over a given period of time (Ch 8)
An uninterrupted pathway for electrical signals
uninterrupted connection or union
In film making, continuity is the way that things filmed at different times are made to look as if they were filmed at the same time or in the right sequence. Walt and I referred to a video cassette of the original footage to check continuity and lighting. In mathematics, a property of functions and their graphs. A continuous function is one whose graph has no breaks, gaps, or jumps. It is defined using the concept of a limit. Specifically, a function is said to be continuous at a value x if the limit of the function exists there and is equal to the function's value at that point. When this condition holds true for all real number values of x in an interval, the result is a graph that can be drawn over that interval without lifting the pencil. Such functions are crucial to the theory of calculus, not just because they model most physical systems but because the theorems that lead to the derivative and the integral assume the continuity of the functions involved
The term given to a structural system denoting the transfer of loads and stresses from member to member as if there were no connections
Property of being continuous (1) A term used in trouble-shooting electrical circuitry Continuity implies continuous electrical circuitry through connections Broken wires, corroded contacts, cold solder joints, poor contacts all can impair continuity (2) In geology, continuity implies a continuous property or pattern relating to rock type, beds, formations, or sedimentation (3) In reference to immiscible fluids in rock, continuity might refer to the condition of the nonwetting phase when droplets or insular globules of the nonwetting phase become connected to form a continuous web throughout the pores of the rock
The ability to blend and incorporate various school figures (patterns) together so a continous flow of movement is achieved
Keeping things the same, or avoiding contradictions To fans, this generally means that the events of a story don't contradict previous events To artists, continuity refers to keeping the characters looking the same from panel to panel
the matching of all spatial and temporal elements from shot to shot in a sequence, to create the illusion of coherent space and time within a production
An uninterrupted, complete path for current flow
Continuity is the fact that something continues to happen or exist, with no great changes or interruptions. An historical awareness also imparts a sense of continuity. a tank designed to ensure continuity of fuel supply during aerobatics
the property of a continuous and connected period of time
Continuity IRA
(full title Continuity Irish Republican Army) an Irish Republican paramilitary organisation that split from the Provisional IRA in 1986 and does not endorse the ongoing ceasefire in Northern Ireland
continuity test
(Elektrik, Elektronik) Holiday test or a Continuity test is one of the non destructive test method applied on protective coatings to detect unacceptable discontinuities such as pinholes and voids. The test involves checking of an electric circuit to see if current flows to complete the electrical circuit
continuity announcer
A continuity announcer is someone who introduces the next programme on a radio or television station. someone on the radio or television who says what programme is being broadcast next, or gives information about future programmes
continuity interest
interest which accumulates on a continuous basis (rather than monthly, etc.)
continuity irish republican army
a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein
continuity of the deliberation
managing of a debate from beginning to end
continuity principle
or continuity equation Principle of fluid mechanics. Stated simply, what flows into a defined volume in a defined time, minus what flows out of that volume in that time, must accumulate in that volume. If the sign of the accumulation is negative, then the material in that volume is being depleted. The principle is a consequence of the law of conservation of mass. The behaviour of fluids in motion is fully described by this equation, plus a second equation, based on the second of Newton's laws of motion, and a third equation, based on the conservation of energy
business continuity planning
an interdisciplinary concept used to create and validate a practiced logistical plan for how an organisation will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted critical (urgent) function(s) within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption
sequential continuity
The property of a function f between metric spaces, that given a convergent sequence x_n \rightarrow x^* , then f(x_n) \rightarrow f(x^*) , i.e. the property of a function that it preserves sequential convergence
uniform continuity
The property of being uniformly continuous
plural of continuity
linkage continuity
possibility to open a new savings account that is related to the financial index or exchange rate that was used in the previous account
territorial continuity
territory of a country that can be reached without leaving the borders of the country