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İngilizce - Türkçe
ince ve dar
(Denizbilim) aralık
yarık açmak
dar aralık
uzunluğuna kesmek
{f} yar
{f} yarılmak
(Tıp) Uzunluğuna seyreden yarık ve kesit, dar açıklık
{i} yarık,yarık
{f} sökülmek
{f} kesmek (uzunluğuna)
(Tıp) Uzunluğuna yarmak, uzunluğuna kesit yapmak
{f} (slit, --ting) yarmak, yarık açmak; uzunluğuna kesmek
düz ve uzun yarık
{f} yırtmak
{f} yırtılmak
{i} yarık; uzun ve dar bir kesik/delik; yırtmaç
{f} sökmek
dar ve uzun delik
düz ve uzun yarık açmak

Polisler onun gırtlağı kesilmeden önce, Tom'un bıçaklandığını düşünmektedir. - The police think that Tom was stabbed before his throat was slit.

Tom Mary'nin boğazını kesti. - Tom slit Mary's throat.

{i} yırtmaç
slit eye
slit göz
slit lamp
(Tıp, İlaç) yarıklı lamba (göz doktorları tarafından kullanılan muayene aracı)
yarık şeklinde
slit caisson breakwater
(Askeri) yarık keson dalgakıran
slit eyed
kısık gözlü
slit like pores
(Fizik) yarığa benzer gözenekler
slit one's throat
boğazını kesmek
slit pocket
(Tekstil) yırtmaçlı cep
slit trench
(Askeri) boy çukuru
slit trench
(Askeri) yatma çukuru
slit trench
(Askeri) YATMA ÇUKURU: Toprakta dikdörtgen şeklinde kazılan ve personelin savunmasına yarayan siper. Bak. "foxhole"
slit vanilla
(Gıda) yarılmış vanilya
slit wall
(Askeri) yarık kesik duvar
fine slit
ince silt
(Mekanik) yarma
(Mekanik) kesme
double slit
çift fant
double slit
gill slit
solungaç yarığı
a slit
bir yarık
double slit
çift fant, çiftyarik
having ones throat slit from side to side
yan taraftan sahip olanlar boğazını kesmedim
(Mühendislik) dilme, yarma
to slit
slit için
lookout slit visor
(İnşaat) göz deliği
kesik atan kimse
vision slit
(Askeri) gözetleme mazgalı
vision slit
(Askeri) GÖZETLEME MAZGALI: Özellikle bir tank veya diğer bir zırhlı aracın içinden dışarı çıkmak için zırh üzerine açılmış dar yarık veya aralık
İngilizce - İngilizce
The opening of the vagina
A narrow cut or opening; a slot
To split in two parts
A derogatory name for a woman, usually a sexually loose woman; a prostitute
To cut a narrow opening

He slit the bag open and the rice began pouring out.

{v} to cut or rend lengthwise, divide, split
{n} a long cut or rent, a long narrow opening
Fente Arrow-slit Narrow opening in a wall for discharge of arrows and admittance of light See also arrow-loop
To cut; to sever; to divide
A cut used in the corrugated in place of a score
make a clean cut through; "slit her throat
a long narrow opening a narrow fissure cut a slit into; "slit the throat of the victim"
A cut made in a fibreboard sheet without removal of material
On a press or folder: to cut printed sheets or webs into two or more sections by cutting wheels
of Slide
When two or more widths are obtained from the hot rolled substrate width The slitting operation results in a cut edge
make a clean cut through; "slit her throat"
(1) a cut through the backing sheet or release liner of a decal to facilitate removal of the decal for application to the substrate; (2) a cut through any sheet material for any purpose, but usually to indicate a separation line or to permit the escape of air if the sheet is closely contacted with another true surface
A slit is a long narrow opening in something. She watched them through a slit in the curtains. to make a straight narrow cut in cloth, paper, skin etc. a long straight narrow cut or hole
The form slit is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle
Usually narrow entry point for light to a spectrograph The slit is often made from a pair of ordinary razor blades which can be machined to achieve very straight edges This gives a precisely determined light source for the instrument
To cut or make a long fissure in or upon; as, to slit the ear or the nose
To cut lengthwise; to cut into long pieces or strips; as, to slit iron bars into nail rods; to slit leather into straps
cut a slit into; "slit the throat of the victim"
{i} strait and narrow cut or opening
a long narrow opening
To cut a roll of stock to specified widths Either rotary or stationary knives or blades are used with mechanical unwinding and rewinding devices Also applied to sheet material, as boxboard
a long narrow opening a narrow fissure cut a slit into; "slit the throat of the victim" make a clean cut through; "slit her throat
a depression scratched or carved into a surface
A slit is a long narrow cut. Make a slit in the stem about half an inch long
If you slit something, you make a long narrow cut in it. They say somebody slit her throat He began to slit open each envelope She was wearing a white dress slit to the thigh
a narrow fissure
{f} cut open along a line, make a straight narrow cut, cut lengthwise; cut into strips
obscene terms for female genitals
A long cut; a narrow opening; as, a slit in the ear
Multiple rows of fibers (may be in Ferrule or Rectangular Box connector-please specify)
To cut printed sheets or webs into two or more sections by means of cutting wheels on a press or folder
slit trench
A narrow shallow trench dug during combat for the protection of a single soldier or a small group of soldiers
slit trench
narrow trench for shelter in battle
gill slit
An individual opening to gills, which lacks an operculum; characteristic of Cartilaginous fish such as sharks
A person who or thing that slits
gill slit
one of a series of slit openings in the pharynxes of fishes and aquatic amphibians through which water passes
plural of slit
third-person singular of slit
{i} mechanism for automatically cutting a sheet into two or more parts after it has been printed (Printing Press); person who or that which slits
Machine for cutting rolls of paper lengthwise
Rotary knife used to slit or trim a paper web into specified width
Machine for cutting rolls or sheets of paper lengthwise
Equipment with a sharp disk which cuts paper into pre-determined widths
a web cutting device which is mounted on a rewinder or other machine for cutting large parent rolls into narrower widths In the shear-cut type, circular sharpened male knives are driven by circular flat-faced female knives in slight edge contact and positioned directly below the paper running between the two In the score-cut type, circular knives having V-shaped cutting edges are driven by contact with a platen roll or drum
Converting machine that slits finished rolls from a master roll
A machine to cut flat sheets or roll stock in required dimensions utilizing adjustable disk knives or blades mounted on shafts It can make single or multiple cuts at one pass
One who, or that which, slits
from Slit
A process by which wide sheet is slit or cut into narrower widths
the reduction of a sheet or roll material by making parallel cuts along one dimension in order to form sheets or strips with less width
The process where sheets of foam are cut from a rectangular foam block
Cutting into strips, usually lengthwise See preferred term, Ripping
Cutting a sheet of stainless steel into a smaller strip to meet customers demands
Rough rolled or square section wire usually 3 mm in dimension Usually purchased for subsequent drawing operations to produce a variety of sizes
Cutting printed sheets into two or more sections by means of cutting wheels on a folder to top
Cutting printed sheets or webs into two or more sections by means of cutting wheels on a press or folder
present participle of slit
Cutting a sheet of metal into narrower strips to match customer needs Because mills have limited flexibility as to the widths of the sheet that they produce, service centers or independent processors normally will cut the sheet for the customer
a continuous rotary shearing operation to split wide coils into narrower coils