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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} düzen

Bir resim açın ve bir resim düzeni seçin. Bir resim açmak için Aça tıklatın. Programdan çıkmak için Çıkışı tıklatın. Resim Düzeni özelliği herhangi bir düzende göstermenize olanak tanır. - Open an image and select an image layout. Click Open for opening an image. Click Quit for quitting the program. Image Layout feature allows you to view in any layout.

Enstrüman paneli, çok ergonomik bir düzene sahip. - The instrument panel has a very ergonomic layout.

{i} düzenleme
(Bilgisayar,Matbaacılık, Basımcılık) yerleşim planı
(Bilgisayar) anahat düzeni
{i} kumar masası örtüsü
(Bilgisayar) anahat
(Bilgisayar) yerleşim uluslararası
yapı plan ya da çizimi
/vb.yerlerin planlaması
düzen tasarım
{i} plan
{i} örtü
argo ziyafet
(Nükleer Bilimler) yerleşım planı
genel plan
layout items
(Bilgisayar) yerleşim öğeleri
layout plan
(İnşaat) yerleşme planı
layout plan
(Askeri) yerleştirme planı
layout plan
(İnşaat) vaziyet planı
layout plan
(Askeri) konma planı
layout plan
layout plan
vaziyet josparı
layout plan
oturum planı
layout plan
YERLEŞTİRME PLANı: İnşaat, köprü kurma, mayın tarlası döşeme ve benzeri faaliyetlerin bir sistem dahilinde yapılmasını sağlayan plan. Buna sadece (layout) da denir
layout procedure
düzeni prosedür
layout tools
düzeni araçları
layout for print
(Bilgisayar) yazdırma yerleşimi
layout guides
(Bilgisayar) düzen kılavuzları
layout man
sayfa düzenleyicisi
layout menu
Tasarım menüsü
layout options
(Bilgisayar) düzen seçenekleri
layout plan
(Askeri) KONMA PLANI, YERLEŞTİRME PLANI: İnşaat, köprü kurma, mayın tarlası döşeme ve benzeri faaliyetlerin bir sistem dahilinde yapılmasını sağlayan plan. Buna sadece (layout) da denir
layout preview
(Bilgisayar) yerleşim önizleme
layout properties
düzen özellikleri
layout wizard
(Bilgisayar) yerleşim sihirbazı
label layout
(Bilgisayar) etiket düzeni
choose a layout
(Bilgisayar) bir yerleşim seçin
master layout
(Bilgisayar) asıl düzeni
notes layout
(Bilgisayar) not düzeni
process layout
(Ticaret) imalat planı
query layout
(Bilgisayar) sorgu düzeni
section layout
(Bilgisayar) bölüm düzeni
slide layout
(Bilgisayar) slayt düzeni
page layout
sayfa düzeni
file layout
kütük içerik ve ögütlenmesinin tanımı, kütük betimi
file record layout
dosya görünümü, kütük görünümü
form layout
form düzeni
address layout
(Bilgisayar) adres yerleşimi
alternate layout
seçenek yerleşme planı
booklet layout
(Bilgisayar) kitapçık düzeni
chart layout
çizim yerleşim düzeni
chip layout
yonga yerlesim plani
chip layout
(Bilgisayar) yonga yerleşim planı
circuit layout
(Tekstil) kumanda planı
column layout
(Bilgisayar) sütun yerleşimi
compact layout
(Bilgisayar) tekparça yerleşim
compact layout
Kompak Yerleşim
compact layout
Yoğun Yerleşim
diagram layout
(Bilgisayar) diyagram düzeni
functional layout
(Ticaret) fonksiyonel yerleştirme
key layout
Tuş Yerleşimi
keyboard layout
klavye düzeni klavye yerleşimi
notes master layout
(Bilgisayar) asıl not düzeni
office layout
büro planı
online layout
(Bilgisayar) bağlantılı görünüm
page layout properties
Sayfa düzeni özellikleri
picture layout
(Bilgisayar) resim düzeni
preliminary layout
ön yerleşim planı
purlin layout
aşık planı
purlin layout
aşık genel konumu
record layout
tutanak plani
regular layout
(Bilgisayar) normal düzen
web layout
(Bilgisayar) web yerleşimi
İngilizce - İngilizce
The process of arranging editorial content, advertising, graphics and other information to fit within certain constraints
The act of laying out something
A specification of an integrated circuit showing the position of the physical components that will implement the schematic in silicon
A map or a drawing of a construction site showing the position of roads, buildings or other constructions
A plan for such arrangement
A structured arrangement of items within certain limits
a plan or design of something that is laid out
The pattern of cards on the table The initial layout is the set of cards that you create at the very start of the game, when you're ready to play but haven't made any moves yet
The presentation and definition of the preliminary elements for an advertisement or any other graphic work This usually includes the planned placement of pictures, a proposed sample of pictures and proposed copy It has usually two stages- a rough outline (MOCK UP or VISUAL) followed by Finished Art Work or COMP (US), PRESENTATION COMP
The physical placement of texts and graphics in a document (WP, Gr 6)
arrangement of text and graphics
a map from an index to processor(s) and memory used to compute the container's associated value For a uniprocessor implementation, a container's layout always consists of its domain, the processor, and its memory For a multiprocessor implementation, the layout maps portions of the domain to (possibly different) processors and memory See Also: container, domain
{i} arrangement, plan; act of laying or spreading out; sketch, plan, drawing; something which has been arranged or laid out
(1) a guide showing the arrangement and location of all type, illustrations, line art drawing, or sketch of a proposed printed piece; (2) the floor plan view of a printing plant or manufacturing area
The report layout determines the fields or columns contained in the report and the organization of the page Report layouts in SIS2000+ can be customized to some degree by defining Options and Sort order in the report's user interface
the drawing or sketch of a proposed printed piece
A structured arrangements of items within certain limits
this term refers to the arrangement of blocks into a quilt A layout may be horizontal, which means the blocks are lined up in rows, with all the blocks parallel to the edges Or it may be on point, which rotates the block so that the points are at 12,3,6, 9 as it related to the bottom edge of the quilt A medallion layout uses a single center square surrounded by multiple borders
- A design for graphic advertising production, roughly depicting the look of the finished advertisement
A Newton Book Maker command that specifies the placement of text and graphics on the page Source: NBM
An arrangement of the stencils on the surface is called a layout
- the arrangement of text blocks, headlines and graphics on a page
Very detailed drawings depicting the master backgrounds, or showing camera movements with sketchy indications of the placement of the characters
The design or pattern of the main roadways and workings The proper layout of mine workings is the responsibility of the manager aided by the planning department
A drawing that indicates the relative positions of the elements (e g , headline, photo, logo, body copy, etc ) of an ad
properly refers to the arrangement of the track but often used to mean the whole railroad: cars, locomotives, scenery, and all
The arrangement of all the elements of a book's design, from text paragraphs and illustrations to chapter titles and page numbers
The physical arrangement of the illustration, headline, sub-headline, and body copy of an advertisement or other printed material
the act of laying out (as by making plans for something) a plan or design of something that is laid out
In printed-circuit board design, the arrangement of the individual components on the circuit board
the act of laying out (as by making plans for something)
A proposed or actual arrangement or allocation of equipment
Layout is, at the same time, one of the most important elements of Web design, and one of the most difficult HTML, the code that web documents are written in, was designed to present images and text in a spartan, no nonsense manner Preparing web documents that lay out text and images effectively, usually takes extensive knowledge of HTML and almost endless tinkering The ShopSite system makes layout easy Some merchants might want to do some simple or advanced HTML to spruce up their ShopSite store
A drawing that gives the general appearance of the finished piece and usually indicates the relationship between illustrations and copy
A rendition that shows the placement of all the elements, roughs, thumbnails etc , of the final printed piece before it goes to print
The layout of a garden, building, or piece of writing is the way in which the parts of it are arranged. He tried to recall the layout of the farmhouse This boat has a good deck layout making everything easy to operate
Put visual elements into a pleasing and readable arrangement
defence layout
strategic deployment of forces for defense of an area
fortification layout
plan of defense
holding defense layout
arrangement of troops in the field to hold back the enemy
keyboard layout
arrangement of keys on a keyboard
In ArcView layouts you create high quality, full color maps by first arranging the various graphic elements on-screen the way you want them They have a live link to the data they represent, and any changes to the data are automatically included
plural of layout
Sketches of rough ideas or compositional plans for a work of art
Documents describing the precise layout of a print or prints on a sheet of paper The layout indicates both the exact size of the prints and the amount of white space around each print For example, a layout might describe the exact position of a 30" x 40" print on a full 35" x 46 75" sheet or the position of four different 16" x 20" prints on the same sheet, which allows for about 75" of white space
The organization or the panels on a comics page More specifically, rough sketches which outline the visual structure of a page Similar to thumbnails
process layout
a layout such as a job shop, with specialized workstations that perform activities or services on batches of material
process layout
A way of organizing production activities such that equipment and people are grouped together according to their function
process layout
grouping together similar equipment
record layout
collection of fields (their number and type) which make up a data record (Computers)