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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} ana hatlarıyla belirtmek
{i} özet

Tom, Mary'ye planının kısa bir özetini verdi. - Tom gave Mary a brief outline of his plan.

Bana planın kısa bir özetini verdi. - He gave me a brief outline of the plan.

{i} ana hat

Ana hattı izlemeliyim. - I need to trace the outline.

O, makinenin ana hatlarını kısaca anlatır. - He sketches the outline of the machine.

{i} dış çizgi
(Bilgisayar) seviyelendir
{i} iskelet
{f} taslağını çizmek
krokisini yapmak
{f} taslağını çiz
şeklini/taslağını çıkarmak
ana hatlar

Okul kulüpleri yaklaşan okul yılı için yapmayı planladıkları kamu hizmeti projelerini açıkça ana hatlarıyla belirtmelidir. - School clubs need to clearly outline the community service projects they plan to do for the upcoming school year.

O, makinenin ana hatlarını kısaca anlatır. - He sketches the outline of the machine.

çerçeve,v.taslağını çiz: n.taslak
ana çizgiler
{f} özetlemek
özet Kontur Ana hatlar
taslağını çıkar
(font) dış çizgi
{i} of -in ana hatları
{i} kontur
{f} görüntüsü yansımak
resim veya haritanın ana hatları
{f} -in ana hatlarını şema halinde göstermek; -in ana hatlarını çizerek anlatmak
çevre çizgisi
(Sinema) sinopsis
(Askeri,Teknik) kroki
outline all
(Bilgisayar) tümü anahat
outline all
(Bilgisayar) tümü anahatlı
outline border
(Bilgisayar) kontur
outline button
(Bilgisayar) anahat düğmesi
outline dimensions
çevreçizgi boyutları
outline dragging
(Bilgisayar) sürükleme çizgileri
outline drawing
outline drawing
çizgi resim
outline drawing
outline item
(Bilgisayar) öğe anahatlarını çiz
outline level
(Bilgisayar) anahat düzeyi
outline levels
(Bilgisayar) anahat düzeyleri
outline master
(Bilgisayar) asıl anahat
outline of
ana hatları
outline of
-in ana hatları
outline only
(Bilgisayar) salt anahat
outline specifications
ön koşullar
outline specifications
ön keşif
outline specifications
taslak tanımlamalar
outline syllabus
(Askeri) ders planı
outline symbols
(Bilgisayar) seviyelendirme simgeleri
outline view
(Bilgisayar) anahat görünümü
outline of
outline representation
Anahat temsil
outline study
Anahat çalışma
outline type face
Anahat tıp yüz
outline base development plan
(Askeri) taslak üs kurma planı
outline base development plan
(Askeri) TASLAK ÜS KURMA PLANI: Herhangi bir kara, hava veya deniz harekatından önce bu harekatı desteklemek üzere kurulacak ufak veya büyük ölçüdeki üslerin tesisi ile ilgili taslak plan
outline campaign plan
(Askeri) TASLAK SEFER PLANI: Bir harekata ait esas planın hazırlanmasından önce, ihzarı mahiyette düzenlenen taslak plan. Ayrıca bakınız: "operation plan"
outline campaign plan
(Askeri) taslak sefer planı
outline contingency operation plan
(Askeri) ihtimaliyet harekat planı
outline form
Başlıklandıra biçimi
outline form
(Bilgisayar) başlıklandırma biçimi
outline level
Ana hat düzeyi
outline map
(Askeri) TASLAK HARİTA: Üzerine yerleştirilen bilgiler arasında ilgi kurulmasını sağlamak için sadece yeterli coğrafi bilgilerin temsil edildiği harita
outline map
(Askeri) taslak harita
outline mode
Ana Hatlar Kipi
outline numbered list
Numaralı Ana Hat Listesi
outline plan
(Askeri) TASLAK PLAN: Ayrıntılı planlamanın başlamasından önce belirli bir hareket tarzının belirgin özelliklerini veren ön hazırlık planı
outline staff target
outline views of folders
Klasörleri düzeylendirilmiş
outline war plan
(Askeri) taslak harp planı
outline war plan
(Askeri) TASLAK HARP PLANI: Bir harbe ait esas planın hazırlanmasından önce ve bir plan çerçevesini ihtiva etmek üzere, hazırlanan taslak planı. Ayrıca bakınız: "war plan"
(Bilgisayar) anahat belirleme
(Bilgisayar) tarih/anahat
(Bilgisayar) anahat
(Bilgisayar) anahatlar
(Politika, Siyaset) taslak
(Bilgisayar) anahat
thick outline
(Bilgisayar) kalın anahat
{f} özetle
character outline
karakter anahat
auto outline
(Bilgisayar) otomatik seviyelendir
collapsing an outline
anahatları daralt
expand an outline
(Bilgisayar) seviye genişlet
font outline
(Bilgisayar) yazı tipi özeti
give an outline of
hakkında genel bilgi vermek
in bold outline
kaba hatlarıyla
in bold outline
in outline
(Hukuk) taslağı çizilmiş
dış hatlar
ana hatlar
slides from outline
(Bilgisayar) anahattan slayt al
table cell outline
Tablo hücresinin genel hatları
İngilizce - İngilizce
The outer shape of an object or figure
A line marking the boundary of an object figure
To draw an outline of something
To summarize something
A preliminary plan of a project
(film industry) A prose telling of a story intended to be turned into a screenplay; generally longer and more detailed than a treatment
A general description of some subject
A sketch or drawing in which objects are delineated in contours without shading
A statement summarizing the important points of a text
{n} the first line of a device or figure
A step-by-step guide, usually constructed for your own benefit, showing how you plan to write a particular manuscript Some writers always use outlines, even for short pieces; some never do Most writers fall in between, using outlines for long and/or difficult works, such as books
A typeface in which the characters are formed with only the outline defined rather than from solid strokes
A sketch of any scheme; a preliminary or general indication of a plan, system, course of thought, etc
Asks candidates to write a brief summary of the major aspects of the issue, principle, approach or argument stated in the question
a writer's own guide for novel or play
A key and obvious diagnostic feature is the outline or silhouette of the implement The outline is the two dimensional image perceived when viewing the outer perimeter of an artifact with a blade face towards the viewer Some projectile point types have distinctive outlines and can be accurately identified by this singular feature
Type of fill that displays lines in the Active Color, forming a wireframe view of the closed element
Operational Definitions definitions what you gain scales of measurement operationalize that construct Difficulties in scoring/coding Questions Why ask questions Overall design Types of responses Wording instructions, questions, and responses How many questions Pitfalls
describe the essential parts only
{f} draw a rough sketch that focuses on the outer lines of a shape; describe along general lines, summarize; indicate main headings and points of a work
a scene by scene breakdown/list of the story of a script Shows each point and beat
A chapter-by-chapter breakdown of your planned (usually non-fiction) book
Sketch in general terms; indicate the main features of
the line that appears to bound an object
If you outline an idea or a plan, you explain it in a general way. The mayor outlined his plan to clean up the town's image
You say that an object is outlined when you can see its general shape because there is light behind it. The Ritz was outlined against the lights up there
describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of; "sketch the outline of the book"; "outline his ideas"
An outline is created when the background or a specific area of a photograph or illustration is dropped away Outlining is also referred to as ìmaskingî or ìsilhouetting î
draw up an outline or sketch for something; "draft a speech"
the line surrounding an object
To sketch out or indicate as by an outline; as, to outline an argument or a campaign
Give the main features or the general principles of a subject, omitting minor details and emphasising structure or arrangement
The database structure of a multidimensional database, including all dimensions, members, tags, types, consolidations, and mathematical relationships Data is stored in the database according to the structure defined in the outline
The outline of something is its general shape, especially when it cannot be clearly seen. He could see only the hazy outline of the goalposts
To draw the outline of
The shape of an object or figure
An outline is a general explanation or description of something. Following is an outline of the survey findings The proposals were given in outline by the Secretary of State
A digital representation of an image (such as an alphabetic character) where solid shapes are represented by the mathematical curves approximating their outlines Circles, ellipses, *quadratic and *cubic curves have been used in different outline representations Outlines are nicely *scalable (and transformable in other ways), unlike *bitmap representations *Glyph outlines in TrueType consist of a series of points, each being either "on-curve" or "off-curve" Consecutive on-curve points define a straight line Consecutive off-curve points have an on-curve point interpolated between them by the *scan-converter A *quadratic *Bezier curve is defined by a sequence of on-curve, off-curve, on-curve There's an index to where each *contour ends Contours are self-closing See the TrueType Outlines page
a schematic or preliminary plan
An expanded synopsis of the story created by the writer Usually just a few pages in length, it details the main plot, sub-plots and the relationships between the main characters
a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory
An outline answer is organized description You should give main points and essential supplementary materials, omitting minor details, and present the information in a systematic arrangement or classification
A sketch composed of such lines; the delineation of a figure without shading
- In drawing, an imaginary line which marks the boundary of an object or figure, without taking into consideration light, shade, internal modeling, or color
The line which marks the outer limits of an object or figure; the exterior line or edge; contour
A prose telling of a story intended to be turned into a screenplay; generally longer and more detailed than a treatment
The skeleton or frame work of a piece FINAL
Provide the main points of a topic
In art: A line drawn by pencil, pen, graver, or the like, by which the boundary of a figure is indicated
The edge of a shape or figure depicted by an actual line drawn or painted on the surface
trace the shape of
as, the outline of a speech
a schematic or preliminary plan a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory the line that appears to bound an object
In graphic design, tracing of the outer edge of text or a graphic image If the outline is feathered, then the effect is generally referred to as a glow
The module outline, equivalent to the paper module outline handed out to each student at the beginning of the semester Each pathway sets out the main headings for their module outlines, then the lecturer adapts this structure to meet the specific needs of their module Typically it will tell students about the module objectives, contents, organisation and assessment There is normally more information available in this outline than in the Book of Modules
This term implies brevity That is, restricting your answer to giving essentials
{i} contour, line marking the external shape of something; draft, sketch; plan; summary, synopsis
outline font
A computer font in which each character to be displayed or printed is represented as a series of curves and lines. Outline fonts are smoothed and scaled more easily than bit-mapped fonts
in outline
in general form, in summary, in first draft form
showing clearly the outline or profile or boundary; "hills defined against the evening sky"; "the setting sun showed the outlined figure of a man standing on the hill"
past of outline
plural of outline
third-person singular of outline
The process of preparing a skeleton outline of a document by listing the headings and subheadings The body of the document can then be interpolated after the appropriate headings
Arranging information into hierarchies or levels of ideas
(1) a photographic technique of converting solid letters to outline letters; (2) scribing or drawing the shape of an object as in tracing with a thin line
a good alternative word to lining in, although 'the outline' is usually taken to be the principle one surrounding the whole subject, with a background, whereas lining in can refer to separating any subject from its ground
A drawn vector outline that acts as a mask to hide unwanted parts of a photograph or any other object Also refered to as a clipping path
present participle of outline