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İngilizce - Türkçe

Kalabalık ile birlikte gidin. - Go along with the crowd.

Kalabalıkta birinin adımı seslendiğini duydum. - I heard someone call my name in the crowd.

dışarıya itelemek yer bırakmamak
{i} arkadaş grubu
crowd into doluşmak
{f} toplan

Bir kalabalık olay yerinde toplandı. - A crowd gathered at the scene.

Yangını görmek için bir kalabalık toplandı. - A crowd gathered to see the fire.

{f} toplanmak
x sıkıştır/toplan/doldur
kalabalık oluşturmak
crowd out sıkıstırarak çıkarmak
{i} izdiham
{f} üşüşmek
doluşmak (bir yere)
insan kalabalığı

Böyle bir insan kalabalığını hiç görmedim. - Never have I seen such a crowd of people.

Muazzam bir insan kalabalığı bekledi. - A huge crowd of people waited.

{f} doldurmak
{i} yığın
(bir alan) doldurmak
belirli bir toplumsal türküm
{i} sürü

Kütüphanenin önünde bekleyen bir sürü öğrenci vardı. - There was a crowd of students waiting in front of the library.

{i} çokluk
{i} topluluk

Luciano'nun arkasında topluluk olabilir fakat o hâlâ acemi bir çaylak. - Luciano might have the crowd behind him, but he's still wet behind the ears.

Oyun iyi bir topluluk çekti. - The game drew a good crowd.

{f} bıktırmak
{i} cemaat
{f} ısrar etmek
{f} doluşmak, toplanmak, birikmek

Tren o kadar kalabalıktı ki Osaka'ya giden bütün yol boyunca ayakta durmak zorunda bırakıldık. - The train was so crowded that we were obliged to stand all the way to Osaka.

Otobüs çok kalabalıktı. - The bus was very crowded.

kalabalık (yer)
crowd psychology
(Para) yığın psikolojisi
crowd out
sıkıştırarak çıkarmak
crowd together
crowd together
crowd together
crowd together
birlikte içeriye dol
crowd follower
Çoğunluğun fikrini benimseyen; meseleleri kendi bakış açısıyla değerlendirmeyen ve çoğunluğun fikirlerini, değerlerini ve prensiplerini kabul eden

Are you a crowd follower or a crowd leader?.

crowd in
crowd puller
kalabalık çektirmenin
crowd round
kalabalık yuvarlak
crowd surfing
kalabalıkta bir kişinin elden ele basın üstünden geçirilmesi
Halkı coşturan, halkı memnun eden
crowd behavior
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kalabalık davranışı
crowd behaviour
kalabalık davranışı
crowd consciousness
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kalabalık bilinci
crowd consciousness
kalabalık şuuru
crowd cylinder
(İnşaat) ileri ittirme silindiri
crowd in
(deyim) itiş kakış ilerlemek
crowd into
-e doluşmak
crowd into
(deyim) itiş kakış ilerlemek
crowd out
(birine) yer bırakmamak
crowd out
sıkıştırarak çıkarmak, dışarıya itelemek
crowd phobia
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kalabalık fobisi
crowd to gather
kalabalık toplanmak
crowd together
bir araya toplanmak

Tren insanlarla doluydu. - The train was crowded with people.

Hangi otoyola karar verirsen ver, arabalarla ve kamyonlarla dolu olacaktır. - Whichever highway you decide on, it will be crowded with cars and trucks.

tıkış tıkış/kalabalık
kalabalık,v.toplan: adj.kalabalık
x sıkıştır/toplan/doldur
blend in with the crowd
kalabalığa karışmak
blend into the crowd
kalabalığa karışmak
toplanmış (bir yere)
(Diş Hekimliği) çapraşıklık

Kitlekaynak kullanımı hakkında en eğlenceli şey başka insanların bizim işimizi yapmasına izin vermektir. - The fun thing about crowdsourcing is letting other people do the work for us.

great crowd
join the crowd
kalabalığa katılmak
tıkış tıkış
dense crowd
büyük kalabalık
in a crowd
küme halinde
in a crowd
kalabalık halde
a crowd
{f} toplan

Herkes harika dansçının etrafına toplandı. - Everyone crowded around the fantastic dancer.

İnsanlar yaralı adamın etrafına toplandılar fakat doktor olay yerine yaklaştığında ona yol verdiler. - The people crowded round the injured man, but they made way for the doctor when he reached the scene of the accident.

rağbet gören
in a crowd
teeming crowd
kalabalık dolu
throng crowd
Büyük bir kalabalık halinde gitmek
throng crowd
Büyük kalabalık
angry crowd
sinirli kalabalık
arm crowd force
(İnşaat) kol kopartma gücü
dive into the crowd
kalabalığın içine dalmak
dive into the crowd
kalabalığa dalmak
enthusiastic crowd
coşkulu kalabalık
exited crowd
heyecanlı kalabalık
extra crowd artist
(Tiyatro) figüran
go along with the crowd
cemaate uymak
go with the crowd
grubun isteğine uymak
hold a crowd back
kalabalığı zaptetmek
mingle freely with the crowd
halkın arasına karışmak
stand out from the crowd
sürüden farklı olmak
the crowd

Kalabalık, çoğunlukla kadınlar ve çocuklardı. - The crowd was mostly women and children.

the crowd
İngilizce - İngilizce
Several things collected or closely pressed together; also, some things adjacent to each other

There was a crowd of toys pushed beneath the couch where the children were playing.

To press by solicitation; to urge; to dun; hence, to treat discourteously or unreasonably
A group of people united or at least characterised by a common interest

That obscure author's fans were a nerdy crowd which hardly ever interacted before the Internet age.

A crwth, an Ancient Celtic plucked string instrument
(now dialectal) A fiddle
The so-called lower orders of people; the populace, vulgar

He went not with the crowd to see a shrine. -- Dryden.

To press or drive together; to mass together
To carry excessive sail
To fill by pressing or thronging together; hence, to encumber by excess of numbers or quantity
To approach another ship too closely when it has right of way
To press together or collect in numbers; to swarm; to throng
To urge or press forward; to force one's self; as, a man crowds into a room
To push, to press, to shove
A group of people congregated or collected into a close body without order

After the movie let out, a crowd of people pushed through the exit doors.

{n} a multitude, mob, fiddle
{v} to press or set close, swarm, encumber
When people crowd around someone or something, they gather closely together around them. The hungry refugees crowded around the tractors Police blocked off the road as hotel staff and guests crowded around. = cluster
To urge or press forward; to force ones self; as, a man crowds into a room
The lower orders of people; the populace; the vulgar; the rabble; the mob
a large number of things or people considered together; "a crowd of insects assembled around the flowers"
{f} gather together, group together; press in
A particular crowd is a group of friends, or a set of people who share the same interests or job. All the old crowd have come out for this occasion
fill or occupy to the point of overflowing; "The students crowded the auditorium
approach a certain age or speed; "She is pushing fifty"
If a group of people crowd a place, there are so many of them there that it is full. Thousands of demonstrators crowded the streets shouting slogans. = pack
A crwth
to gather together in large numbers; "men in straw boaters and waxed mustaches crowded the verandah"
fill or occupy to the point of overflowing; "The students crowded the auditorium"
To play on a crowd; to fiddle
If people crowd into a place or are crowded into a place, large numbers of them enter it so that it becomes very full. Hundreds of thousands of people have crowded into the center of the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius One group of journalists were crowded into a minibus `Bravo, bravo,' chanted party workers crowded in the main hall. = pack, cram
{i} public; large group of people; large number of objects grouped together
A crowd is a large group of people who have gathered together, for example to watch or listen to something interesting, or to protest about something. A huge crowd gathered in a square outside the Kremlin walls The crowd were enormously enthusiastic The explosions took place in shopping centres as crowds of people were shopping for Mothers' Day. = throng
an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd"
cause to herd, drive, or crowd together; "We herded the children into a spare classroom"
The so-called lower orders of people; the populace; the vulgar; the rabble; the mob
a large number of things or people considered together; "a crowd of insects assembled around the flowers" an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd" to gather together in large numbers; "men in straw boaters and waxed mustaches crowded the verandah" fill or occupy to the point of overflowing; "The students crowded the auditorium
If people crowd you, they stand very closely around you trying to see or speak to you, so that you feel uncomfortable. It had been a tense, restless day with people crowding her all the time
A number of persons congregated or collected into a close body without order; a throng
Brokers that come to the post to seek an execution
An ancient instrument of music with six strings; a kind of violin, being the oldest known stringed instrument played with a bow
A fiddle
A number of things collected or closely pressed together; also, a number of things adjacent to each other
A relatively large number of people who are in one another's immediate face-to-face presence
crowd art
Any type of art that attracts groups of people to view or participate at the same time. Examples include 3-D pavement drawings, sand sculpting, clowns, and mime performances
crowd catch
A catch of a ball which was played into the ground near the batsman and bounced up to a fielder. Spectators who couldn't see from a distance that it was played into the ground may think the batsman is out (whereas he or she is not, of course)
crowd surfer
Someone carried by a crowd; in crowd surfing
crowd surfers
plural form of crowd surfer
crowd surfing
The act of being carried over the heads of a densely-packed crowd, especially at a rock concert
crowd up
To come together, to form a crowd

They all crowded up and leaned over the rails, nearly in my face, and kept still, watching with all their might. I could see them first-rate, but they couldn't see me.

crowd psychology
Crowd psychology is a branch of social psychology. Ordinary people can typically gain direct power by acting collectively. Historically, because large groups of people have been able to bring about dramatic and sudden social change in a manner that bypasses established due process, they have also provoked controversy. Social scientists have developed several different theories for explaining crowd psychology, and the ways in which the psychology of the crowd differs significantly from the psychology of those individuals within it. Carl Jung coined the notion of the Collective unconscious. Other major thinkers of crowd psychology include René Girard, Gustave Le Bon, Wilfred Trotter, Gabriel Tarde, Sigmund Freud, Elias Canetti, Steve Reicher and Julia Constintine. At a general level, crowd psychology is concerned with the behaviour and thought processes of individual crowd members and the crowd as a whole. Given the (particularly modern) prevalence of crowd events, and the potential safety issues associated with such large gatherings of people, the topic is receiving increasing attention from agencies responsible for crowd management and also from governments
crowd control
activity of controlling a crowd
crowd control
keeping a large group of people in order
crowd in
If problems or thoughts crowd in on you, a lot of them happen to you or affect you at the same time, so that they occupy all your attention and make you feel unable to escape. Everything is crowding in on me She tried to sleep, but thoughts crowded in and images flashed into her mind
crowd of spectators
group of people who watch (an event, play, etc.)
crowd out
press, force, or thrust out of a small space; "The weeds crowded out the flowers
crowd out
If one thing crowds out another, it is so successful or common that the other thing does not have the opportunity to be successful or exist. In the 1980s American exports crowded out European films. = squeeze out
crowd out
press, force, or thrust out of a small space; "The weeds crowded out the flowers"
crowd pleaser
an actor, politician, or sportswoman etc who always pleases an audience (=people watching a performance)
crowd psychology
group dynamics of a large crowd
crowd surfing
The action or diversion of being passed by hand above a densely packed crowd, as at a rock concert
{i} person with much popular appeal; thing that appeals to crowds very much
If you describe a performer, politician, or sports player as a crowd-pleaser, you mean they always please their audience. You can also describe an action or event as a crowd-pleaser. He gets spectacular goals and is a real crowd pleaser
If you describe a performer or event as a crowd-puller, you mean that they attract a large audience. The exhibition is hardly a crowd-puller
person who attracts much attention or a large audience; thing that attracts a large audience
alone in a crowd
To be distinguished from the large group of people you are a part of in an egregious or unfortunate way
Simple past tense and past participle of crowd
A group of people who are paid to attend an event to increase attendance figures, rather than attending of their own volition
two's company, three's a crowd
One companion is better than two
work the crowd
To work the room, especially out-of-doors
Far From the Madding Crowd
a novel by Thomas Hardy about people living in a country village in the west of England during Victorian times. The title of the book, which Hardy took from a famous poem by Thomas Gray, is often used as a phrase to mean the peacefulness and quietness of the country (1874)
two's company three's a crowd
Better to leave two people together than for a third person to interfere. "My friend wanted to come along on the date between me and my girlfriend but I told him that two's company and three's a crowd so he stayed home."
angry crowd
mass of irritated people, large group of angry people
past of crowd
overfilled or compacted or concentrated; "a crowded theater"; "a crowded program"; "crowded trains"; "a young mother's crowded days
If a place is crowded, it is full of people. He peered slowly around the small crowded room
Containing too many of something; teeming
If your timetable, your life, or your mind is crowded, it is full of events, activities, or thoughts. Never before has a summit had such a crowded agenda. = packed. too full of people or things
If a place is crowded, a lot of people live there. a crowded city of 2 million
{s} full, packed, crammed together
a situation in which people or things are crowded together; "he didn't like the crowding on the beach
present participle of crowd
{i} pushing around, shoving aside, mobbing
plural of crowd
third-person singular of crowd
dense crowd
throng of people, multitude, mob
draw the crowd
attract a large group of people
force a passage through the crowd
push one's way through a crowd of people
a small group of people in an organization who are fashionable, popular, or powerful, but who do not let many other people join them
jubilant crowd
joyful crowd, large joyful group of people
rioting crowd
crowd that has lost control and begun to behave in a violent disorderly way
the crowd dispersed
the mass of people were sent away, the assembly has ended
two's company three is a crowd
two people are enough, three people is too many
would pass in a crowd
can pass by without being noticed