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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} tutam

Küçük bir tutam tuz ekleyin. - Add a tiny pinch of salt.

Yaklaşık dört fincan beyaz un ile bir tutam tuzu karıştır. - Mix about four cups of white flour with a pinch of salt.

{f} çimdiklemek
{f} çimdikle

Hayal görmediğimden emin olmak için kendimi çimdikledim. - I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

çimdik atmak
{f} sıkmak
eşya çalmak
ayakkabı vurmak
araklamak yürütmek
acı vermek
sıkıp acıtmak

Hayal görmediğimden emin olmak için kendimi çimdikledim. - I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

O, koluma keskince bir çimdik attı. - She pinched my arm sharply.

{i} gereklilik
{f} kıvrandırmak
{i} tutuklama
açlık veya ıstırap ile zayıflatmak
{i} yakalanma
{f} (ayakkabı) vurmak, sıkmak
{f} ayağını sıkmak
{f} yakalamak
{i} tutam: a pinch of salt bir tutam
{i} ihtiyaç
{i} gerek

Bu gerektiğinde işe yarayacak. - This will come in handy in a pinch.

Gerektiğinde yalnız yaşamaya alışacaksın. - You'll get used to living alone in a pinch.

{f} k.dili. aşırmak, yürütmek
{f} cimrilik etmek
{f} kısmak
{f} çalmak
{f} ele geçirmek
ıstırap vermek
ağrı vermek
makas almak
iç etmek
iyi etmek
pinch of salt
bir tutam tuz
pinch and save
dişinden tırnağından artırmak
pinch and scrape
dişinden tırnağından artırmak
pinch cock
kısma musluğu
pinch hitter
yedek eleman
pinch point
sıkışma noktası
pinch bolt
Kelepçe cıvatası
pinch out
İki parmak arasında sıkmak, sıkıştırmak
pinch roller
Baskı sistemini
pinch, filch
çimdik, aşırmak
pinch, nip
çimdik, nip
pinch, nip, touch
çimdik, nip, dokunmatik
pinch, pocket
çimdik, cep
pinch and scrape
cimrilik etmek
pinch and scrape
paradan kısmak
pinch bar
sökü manivelası
pinch bar
domuz tırnağı
pinch effect
sıkıştırma etkisi
pinch hitter
(Spor) sıkı vurucu
pinch hold and cross
pinch hold and cross
(Askeri) kavrama tutamağı
pinch off
pinch point
(İnşaat,Teknik) kıstırma noktası
pinch rolls
sıkıştırma merdaneleri
pinch valve
(Kimya) esnek vana
(Otomotiv) sıkıştırılmış
{s} kısık
(Otomotiv) kıstırılmış
a pinch of
bir tutam
at a pinch
feel the pinch
darda olmak
in a pinch
penny pinch
cimrilik et
{f} çimdikle

Hayal görmediğimden emin olmak için kendimi çimdikledim. - I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

at a pinch
jack at a pinch
bir tutam at jack
penny pinch
cimrilik yapmak
take s.t. with a pinch/grain of salt
k. dili bir şeye pek inanmamak, bir şeyi ihtiyatla dinlemek
take something with a pinch of salt
(deyim) Abartılı bulmak, pek de inanmamak
at a pinch
(deyim) gercekten gerekirse
be in a pinch
{k} zor bir durumda olmak
feel the pinch
(deyim) çok sıkıntı çekmek
in/at a pinch
gerektiğinde, gereğinde; sıkışınca
pinch off
çimdik atmak
(sıfat) kısık
(Tıp) Çimdikleme, etli dokuyu parmaklar arasında sıkma şeklinde yapılan hareket
(isim) kısma
they pinch me
bu ayağımı vuruyor
İngilizce - İngilizce
To sail so close-hauled that the sails begin to flutter
A small amount of powder or granules, such that the amount could be held between fingertip and thumb tip
To cut shoots or buds of a plant in order to shape the plant, or to improve its yield
To steal, usually of something almost trivial or inconsequential
An organic herbal smoke additive
The action of squeezing a small amount of a person's skin and flesh, making it hurt
To squeeze a small amount of a person's skin and flesh, making it hurt
An awkward situation of some kind (especially money or social) which is difficult to escape

It took nerve and muscle both to carry the body out and down the stairs to the lower hall, but he damn well had to get it out of his place and away from his door, and any of those four could have done it in a pinch, and it sure was a pinch.

To arrest or capture
The action of squeezing a small amount of a persons skin and flesh, making it hurt
small sharp biting
{f} squeeze between a finger and thumb; compress; economize; steal, filch
A small amount of a dry ingredient, generally around 1/16 of a teaspoon It's about as much as can be held between the tip of the thumb and forefinger
{v} to squeeze, press, gall, hurt, be frugal
{n} a painful squeeze, press, gall, hurt, be frugal
To sail too close to the wind so that the sails start to luff
Visible indentation between the cat's muzzle and cheeks ("hollow" cheeks), especially breeds with long faces Usually undesired Also called "whiskerbreak"
cut the top off; "top trees and bushes"
squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle"
a slight but appreciable addition; "this dish could use a touch of garlic"
Called also pinch bar
To squeeze a small amount of a persons skin and flesh, making it hurt
A close compression, as with the ends of the fingers, or with an instrument; a nip
To seize by way of theft; to steal; also, to catch; to arrest
See Pinch, n
If you say that something is possible at a pinch, or in American English if you say that something is possible in a pinch, you mean that it would be possible if it was necessary, but it might not be very comfortable or convenient. Six people, and more at a pinch, could be seated comfortably at the table
Defensemen usually hang out at their team's blue line A "pinching" team sends its defensemen past the red, or center, line, to put pressure on the opponent's defense A team thwarting a scoring chance can put the pinch on its opponent by "pinching" its forwards into the boards
A lever having a projection at one end, acting as a fulcrum, used chiefly to roll heavy wheels, etc
To take hold; to grip, as a dog does
The amount of a dry ingredient that can be held between the tips of the thumb and forefinger A pinch measures less than 1/8 teaspoon
To spare; to be niggardly; to be covetous
the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal); "the policeman on the beat got credit for the collar"
{i} act of squeezing between a finger and thumb, tweak; ache, pain; little bit, small amount
As much as may be taken between the finger and thumb; any very small quantity; as, a pinch of snuff
make ridges into by pinching together
a squeeze with the fingers an injury resulting from getting some body part squeezed a painful or straitened circumstance; "the pinch of the recession"
an injury resulting from getting some body part squeezed
If you pinch a part of someone's body, you take a piece of their skin between your thumb and first finger and give it a short squeeze. She pinched his arm as hard as she could We both kept pinching ourselves to prove that it wasn't all a dream. Pinch is also a noun. She gave him a little pinch
To act with pressing force; to compress; to squeeze; as, the shoe pinches
a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action; "he never knew what to do in an emergency"
irritate as if by a nip, pinch, or tear; "smooth surfaces can vellicate the teeth"; "the pain is as if sharp points pinch your back"
If a person or company is feeling the pinch, they do not have as much money as they used to, and so they cannot buy the things they would like to buy. Consumers are spending less and traders are feeling the pinch
To press hard or squeeze between the ends of the fingers, between teeth or claws, or between the jaws of an instrument; to squeeze or compress, as between any two hard bodies
A pinch of an ingredient such as salt is the amount of it that you can hold between your thumb and your first finger. Put all the ingredients, including a pinch of salt, into a food processor. to take something with a pinch of salt: see salt
A short, crisp shot played with firm wrists, no divot, and little follow-through
A measuring term referring to the amount of a dry ingredient (such as salt or pepper) that can be held between the tips of the thumb and forefinger It's equivalent to approximately 1/16 teaspoon
To pinch something, especially something of little value, means to steal it. pickpockets who pinched his wallet
A compression of the walls of a vein or the roof and floor of a coal seam so as to "squeeze" out the coal
make off with belongings of others
o seize; to grip; to bite; said of animals
a squeeze with the fingers
To plait
To pull a sail too tight or head the bow of a boat into the wind too much so that the sail begins to luff and boat speed is lost
squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle
To move, as a railroad car, by prying the wheels with a pinch
Figuratively: To cramp; to straiten; to oppress; to starve; to distress; as, to be pinched for money
Pian; pang
a painful or straitened circumstance; "the pinch of the recession"
pinch a loaf
to defecate
pinch and a punch for the first of the month
Said the first day of a new month, accompanied by a pinch and a punch to the victim

Bugger, this wasn't the goods at all – this was a pinch and a punch for the first of the month. A letter in fact from Fire Commander Bruce stating that although he was in receipt of my application, neither he nor the Fire Commander of IB were certain of the Fire Service Commission's final policy for employment of women as operational firemen.

pinch cake
any of various quickly-made Texan desserts made from unbaked "Pillsbury" biscuit dough, with butter (or margarine), sugar, cinnamon or other flavorings, baked in the oven
pinch effect
the magnetic self-attraction of parallel electric currents having the same direction; the restriction of a flowing plasma because of this attraction
pinch hit
A hit made by a pinch hitter

Jones drove in a run with a pinch hit for Smith in the sixth.

pinch hits
Alternative spelling of pinch-hits
pinch hits
plural form of pinch hit
pinch hitter
An aggressive batsman brought on to score runs quickly, even at the risk of losing his wicket
pinch hitter
An individual who substitutes for another to perform one or more tasks

I'll be sending a pinch hitter to do the presentation because I have the flu.

pinch hitter
A substitute batter; one who pinch-hits
pinch hitters
plural form of pinch hitter
pinch of salt
Caution, doubt, consideration

Take anything he tells you with a pinch of salt, he's an inveterate liar and mixes truth with his fiction liberally.

pinch of salt
A small amount of salt
pinch one off
to defecate

You got a whole school here Clyde! M'kay?, you got over 300 people that need to use the boys room!, and you decide you're gonna be a comedian M'kay?, and pinch one off in the urinal! and leave it laying there for everyone to look at!.

pinch point
A point in between moving and stationary parts of a machine where an individual's body part or body may be placed such that when the machine is operating the body part may become caught, leading to an injury; including, possibly, fracture, amputation, or death
pinch runner
A substitute runner, usually brought in to replace a slow runner to increase the chance of that runner scoring
To bat in place of another player

Jones pinch-hit for Smith in the sixth.

To do something in the place of another person who is not able to perform or is less skilled; to substitute or stand in for somebody

Jones pinch-hit for Smith during today's presentation.

Alternative spelling of pinch hitter
(Jeoloji) (Geology & Mining) the gradual thinning of a vein or stratum to extinction
pinch bar
a lever with a pointed projection that serves as a fulcrum; used to roll heavy wheels
pinch bar
rod, shaft, staff
pinch bar
A crowbar with a pointed projection at one end
pinch effect
Radial constriction of flowing plasma or other matter carrying an electric current, caused by the magnetic field that is produced by the current
pinch hitter
{i} (Baseball) substitute batter, person who substitutes the regular batter; substitute for another in emergencies
pinch hitter
(baseball) a substitute for the regular batter
pinch of
small amount of, bit of
pinch of pepper
small amount of pepper
pinch of snuff
a portion of snuff (powdered tobacco which is inhaled)
pinch oneself
abstain from, deny oneself -, refrain from -
pinch runner
A substitute base runner
pinch runner
{i} (Baseball) player sent into a game as a substitute base runner
In a game of baseball, if you pinch-hit for another player, you hit the ball instead of them. Davalillo goes up to pinch-hit. + pinch-hitter pinch-hitters pinch-hitter Pinch-hitter Francisco Cabrera lashed a single to left field
If you pinch-hit for someone, you do something for them because they are unexpectedly unable to do it. The staff here can pinch hit for each other when the hotel is busy
at a pinch
By the skin of one’s teeth; only just; Deo volente; perhaps; if you’re lucky
in a pinch
In an urgent or difficult situation; when no other solution is available

It's not a great fashion statement, but in a pinch a large trash bag will keep you dry.

take with a pinch of salt
Not take entirely seriously
take something with a pinch of salt
(deyim) Regard something as exaggerated; believe only part of something
at a pinch
in difficulty
spend money frugally; spend as little as possible
If someone's face is pinched, it looks thin and pale, usually because they are ill or old. Her face was pinched and drawn. a pinched face looks thin and unhealthy, for example because the person is ill, cold, or tired
When a racecar on the outside cuts-off a car on the inside while going down into the turn, causing the car on the inside to slow down, to avoid an accident, and fall in behind
as if squeezed uncomfortably tight; "her pinched toes in her pointed shoes were killing her
as if squeezed uncomfortably tight; "her pinched toes in her pointed shoes were killing her"
not having enough money to pay for necessities
When a race car on the outside squeezes the inside car going down into the turn, causing the inside car to fall in behind
past of pinch
very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold; "emaciated bony hands"; "a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys"; "eyes were haggard and cavernous"; "small pinched faces"; "kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration"
When a race car on the inside squeezes an outside car by the outside wall, This will cause the outside car to slow down and follow
sounding as if the nose were pinched; "a whining nasal voice"
third-person singular of pinch
plural of pinch
Squeezing the arrow nock with the draw fingers during draw, this may cause the arrow to either flip or fall off the arrow rest
Compressing; nipping; griping; niggardly; as, pinching cold; a pinching parsimony
present participle of pinch
A technique of building pots entirely by molding the clay with the hands without coiling, using slabs, or throwing Called pinching because it usually starts by a potter inserting a finger into a ball of clay and pinching the walls to thin and shape the pot See also hand building, throwing
Removing the tip of a stem by squeezing between the thumb and forefinger; encourages the plant to develop new shoots or buds for a fuller look