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Englisch - Türkisch
idare etmek

Yeni bir bisiklet almayı göze alamıyorum, bu yüzden bu eski bisikletle idare etmek zorunda kalacağım. - I can't afford to buy a new bike, so I'll have to manage with this old one.


Bir işi yönetmek için yeterli yeteneğe sahip. - He has enough ability to manage a business.

{f} işletmek
{f} halletmek

Sizin başarınız daha çok sizin yöneticinizin ve bürodaki diğer insanların sizi nasıl algıladığına bağlıdır. - Your success depends a lot on how your manager and other people in the office perceive you.

O, banka yöneticisinde olumlu bir izlenim bıraktı. - He made a favorable impression on his bank manager.

{f} çekip çevirmek
{f} becermek
{f} -i becermek; to -i -ebilmek, -i becermek: How'd you manage to get here? Sen buraya nasıl gelebildin? 3
tertip etmek
{f} geçinmek
idare et

Küçük bir gelirle idare etmeliyim. - I must manage on a small income.

Yeni bir bisiklet almayı göze alamıyorum, bu yüzden bu eski bisikletle idare etmek zorunda kalacağım. - I can't afford to buy a new bike, so I'll have to manage with this old one.

{f} yolunu bulmak
geçinip gitmek
{f} çevirmek
müdür olmak

Müdür olmak istemiyorum. - I don't want to be the manager.

Müdür olmak istiyorum. - I want to be the manager.

{f} kıvırmak
{f} icabına bakmak
üstesinden gelmek
kontrol altına almak
dize getirmek

Onu yapmak için zaman bulmayı nasıl başarıyorlar? - How do they manage to find time to do that?

Bunu yapmak için zaman bulmayı nasıl başarıyorsunuz? - How do you manage to find time to do that?

{f} terbiye etmek
terbiye etmek (hayvan)
tedvir etmek
şöyle böyle geçinmek
kontrol etmek
right to manage
(Politika, Siyaset) yönetme hakkı
manage to
(birşeyi yapmayı) başarmak
manage fields
(Bilgisayar) alanları yönet
manage out
Bir çalışanı işten kendinin ayrılıp gitmesi için bıktırmak
manage products
(Bilgisayar) ürünleri yönet
manage someone out
Bir çalışanı işten kendinin ayrılıp gitmesi için bıktırmak
manage to
muvaffak olmak
manage to
-i yapabilmek
manage to
manage for
için yönetmek
manage to
manage a company
şirketi idare etmek
manage a harbour
liman yönetmek
manage a harbour
liman işletmek
manage a hotel
otel işletmek
manage ca
(Bilgisayar) ca'yı yönet
manage fax jobs
(Bilgisayar) faks işlerini yönet
manage forms
(Bilgisayar) formları yönet
manage forms
(Bilgisayar) form yönetimi
manage fund
fon yönetmek
manage lists
(Bilgisayar) listeleri yönet
manage media
(Bilgisayar) ortamı yönet
manage money
parayı idare etmek
manage one's affairs well
gemisini yürütmek
manage printers
(Bilgisayar) yazıcıları yönet
manage profiles
(Bilgisayar) profil yönet
manage roles
(Bilgisayar) rolleri yönetme
manage sites
(Bilgisayar) siteleri yönet
manage someone's affairs
(Ticaret) birinin işlerine bakmak
manage subweb
(Bilgisayar) alt web yönetimi
manage subwebs
(Bilgisayar) alt webleri yönetme
manage tasks
(Bilgisayar) görev yönetimi
manage the session
oturumu yönetmek
manage users
(Bilgisayar) kullanıcıları yönet
manage users
(Bilgisayar) kullanıcıları yönetme
manage well
iyi idare etmek
manage well
iyi yönetmek
manage wins
(Bilgisayar) wıns'i yönet
manage to
(Bilgisayar) yönetilen bilgisayar
(Ticaret) yönetimsel
(Bilgisayar) yönetim
{f} yönet

Onu nasıl yönetiyorsun? - How are you managing it?

Diğer insanlar nasıl yönetiyor? - How are other people managing?

stage manage
gizlice düzenle
net manage
yönetmek net
third person singular of manage
üçüncü kişi yönetmek tekil
to force

Onu yapman için seni zorlamak istemiyorum. - I don't want to force you to do that.

Gitmen için seni zorlamak istemiyorum. - I don't want to force you to go.

winners manage their fortunes sensibly
kazananlar servetlerini mantıklı bir şekilde kullanıyor
auto manage
(Bilgisayar) otomatik yönet
{s} mesul
idare etme
{s} sorumlu
(Hukuk) yönetme

Zamanımı yönetmekte daha iyi olmak istiyorum. - I want to become better at managing my time.

Bu projeyi yönetme hakkında gerçekten ciddi değilim ama çaba sarf ederken görülmem gerekiyor. - I'm not really serious about managing this project, but I need to be seen to be making the effort.

stage manage
rejisörlük yapmak
stage manage
rejisörluğünü yapmak
stage manage
gizlice düzenlemek
stage manage
sahne yönetmenliğini yapmak
take care and manage a house
evi çekip çevirmek
Englisch - Englisch
to handle or control (a situation, job)
to succeed at an attempt

He managed to climb the tower.

To handle, wield (a tool, weapon etc.)

The most vnruly, and the boldest boy, / That euer warlike weapons menaged .

The act of managing or controlling something

the winged God himselfe / Came riding on a Lion rauenous, / Taught to obay the menage of that Elfe .

to direct or be in charge of
to force
to achieve without fuss, or without outside help
{v} to conduct, transact, govern, train
{n} conduct, government, dealing, frugality, prudence, care
{f} administer, direct, supervise; bring about, cause to occur; accomplish, succeed; handle; cope, get along
To direct affairs; to carry on business or affairs; to administer
To place the geometry of a child widget under the control of its parent In general widgets are eligible to appear on the screen only after they are managed
Hence: Esp
to display a window on screen
If you manage, you succeed in coping with a difficult situation. She had managed perfectly well without medication for three years I am managing, but I could not possibly give up work = cope
come to terms or deal successfully with; "We got by on just a gallon of gas"; "They made do on half a loaf of bread every day"
Using systems to get results through other people, in pursuit of the Strategic Objective
If you say that you can manage an amount of time or money for something, you mean that you can afford to spend that time or money on it. `All right, I can manage a fiver,' McMinn said with reluctance. = spare
To train in the manege, as a horse; to exercise in graceful or artful action
The handling or government of anything, but esp
To bring about; to contrive
You say `I can manage' or `I'll manage' as a way of refusing someone's offer of help and insisting on doing something by yourself. I know you mean well, but I can manage by myself
If you manage an organization, business, or system, or the people who work in it, you are responsible for controlling them. Within two years he was managing the store Most factories in the area are obsolete and badly managed There is a lack of confidence in the government's ability to manage the economy = run, organize
be successful; achieve a goal; "She succeeded in persuading us all"; "I managed to carry the box upstairs"; "She pulled it off, even though we never thought her capable of it"; "The pianist negociated the difficult runs"
To treat with care; to husband
To have under control and direction; to conduct; to guide; to administer; to treat; to handle
to handle or control, to force
What to do who can't lead (00/02/13) Management resource is limited Can you complete this assignment by the end of February? Yes, I'll manage to You will have to manage without help I managed to be in time manageable; You should make a point of dividing long-term goals into manageable pieces (an elephant technique) (Reference: Monday Nikkei 00/02)
watch and direct; "Who is overseeing this project?"
If you manage to do something, especially something difficult, you succeed in doing it. Somehow, he'd managed to persuade Kay to buy one for him Over the past 12 months the company has managed a 10 per cent improvement
to direct or be in charge of (e.g., an organization)
Take care of, as in manage natural renewable resources
to succeed at an attempt: he managed to climb the tower
carry on or manage; "We could do with a little more help around here"
be in charge of, act on, or dispose of; "I can deal with this crew of workers"; "This blender can't handle nuts"; "She managed her parents' affairs after they got too old"
to guide by careful or delicate treatment; to wield with address; to make subservient by artful conduct; to bring around cunningly to one's plans
If you say that someone managed a particular response, such as a laugh or a greeting, you mean that it was difficult for them to do it because they were feeling sad or upset. He looked dazed as he spoke to reporters, managing only a weak smile
If you manage time, money, or other resources, you deal with them carefully and do not waste them. In a busy world, managing your time is increasingly important Josh expects me to manage all the household expenses on very little
achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods
of a horse; management; administration
manage to
succeed in/to
manage eighth
finish in eighth place in a competition
manage somehow
get along one way or another
project manage
to carry out project management
Managed is the name given to a Fund that is actively managed Professional fund managers invest in stocks and shares and use their expertise to attempt to give better returns than the stockmarket
Responsible for managing and monitoring network devices routers and packet filters
Good forest management practices ensure that timber is produced on a sustainable basis, ensuring that new trees are planted to replace those harvested and that the volume of timber removed is replaced by new growth Forestry policy in a particular country may be set by government or left to forest owners A number of schemes whereby sustainability performance may be judged and monitored are currently being developed Further information is available from: Forests Forever A Campaign for Wood 4th Floor, Clareville House 26, 27 Oxendon Street London SW1Y 4EL Telephone: 0171 839 1891 Fax: 0171 930 0094
to manage
{v} proctor
Net Manage
{i} Israeli computer communications company
To manage
just manage
scarcely succeed in doing something, barely get by
past of manage
third person singular of manage
present participle of manage
{s} having a tendency to manage or control; economical, frugal, thrifty
disapproval If someone stage-manages an event, they carefully organize and control it, rather than letting it happen in a natural way. Some radicals may oppose him in protest at the attempt of his supporters to stage-manage the congress. to organize a public event, such as a meeting, in a way that will give you the result that you want - often used to show disapproval