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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} gelme

Kaza ben gelmeden önce oldu. - The accident happened previous to my arrival.

Onun geç gelmesi nedeniyle planlarımız değişti. - We changed our plans because of her late arrival.

{i} geliş

Kaza onun gelişini muhtemelen geciktirecek. - Possibly, the accident will delay his arrival.

Askerlerin gelişi daha fazla şiddete yol açtı. - The arrival of the troops led to more violence.


Onu varış saatinizi bildirirseniz, Tom sizi havaalanında karşılayabilir. - Tom can meet you at the airport if you let him know your arrival time.

Bir başka trenin varışı için trenimizin hala beklemesi gerekiyor. - Our train still needs to wait for the arrival of another train.

{i} varma

O, ben varmadan önce oldu. - It happened prior to my arrival.

{i} ortaya çıkma
gelen kimse
varan kimse
{i} mal girişi
{i} gelen şey
{i} varış; geliş. new arrival yeni gelen
{i} gözükme

Tom ve Mary yeni gelenler arasındaydı. - Tom and Mary were among the new arrivals.

arrival bridge
(Askeri) geliş iskelesi
arrival process
(Bilgisayar) varış
arrival rate
varış hızı
arrival time
varış zamanı
arrival gate
varis kapısı
arrival hall
Havalimanında gelen yolcuların karşılandığı salon
arrival notice
varis haber
arrival of
arrival point
varis noktası
arrival time
varis zamanı
arrival, advent
varis, Advent
arrival aerodrome
(Havacılık) varış meydani
arrival airfield control group
(Askeri) varış hava alanı kontrol grubu
arrival and assembly operations element
(Askeri) varış ve toplanma harekat unsuru
arrival and assembly operations group
(Askeri) varış ve toplanma harekat grubu
arrival card
(Askeri) denizaşırı adres kartı
arrival card
(Askeri) DENİZAŞIRI ADRES KARTI: "embarkation card"
arrival date
(Askeri) varış tarihi
arrival date time
geliş tarih saati
arrival rate
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) varış oranı
arrival station
varış istasyonu
arrival time
(Jeoloji) ulaşma zamanı
arrival/departure airfield control group
(Askeri) geliş-gidiş hava sahası kontrol grubu
arrival/departure control group
(Askeri) geliş-gidiş kontrol grubu
actual time of arrival
(Havacılık) kesin iniş zamanı
wish safe arrival
iyi şans dilemek
actual time of arrival
gerçek varış saati
course of arrival
varış rotası
customs of arrival
varış gümrüğü
notice of arrival
varış bildirgesi
port of arrival
varış limanı
port of arrival
ulaşma limanı
estimated time arrival
tahmini varis zamanı
required time of arrival
varis gerekli zaman
actual time of arrival
(Askeri) Fiili varış zamanı
angle of arrival
(Askeri) MERMİ YOLU DİKEY AÇISI: Herhangi bir noktada mermi yoluna teğet hat ile yatay hat arasındaki dikey açı
antiaircraft artillery; arrival and assembly area; assign alternate area
(Askeri) uçaksavar topçusu, varış ve toplanma bölgesi, yedek bölge tahsisi
await the arrival of
yolunu beklemek
await the arrival of
yoluna bakmak
calculate time of arrival
(Havacılık) hesaplanan varış zamanı
casualty arrival point
(Tıp) yaralı ulaşma noktası
dead on arrival; director of administration
(Askeri) yolda ölmüş, yerinde ölü bulunan; idare başkanı
direction of arrival
(Askeri) Varış istikameti
estimated time of arrival
estimated time of arrival
(Askeri) tahmini varış
feasible arrival date; force activity designator
(Askeri) uygulanabilir varış tarihi; kuvvet faaliyet planlayıcısı
free on arrival time
(Ticaret) alıcıya verilen süre
free on arrival time
(Ticaret) tesellüm tarihinden önce
latest arrival date
(Askeri) en son varış tarihi
line of arrival
(Askeri) sadme hattı
line of arrival
(Askeri) vuruş hattı
line of arrival
(Askeri) Bak. "line of impact"
line of arrival
(Askeri) etki hattı
line of impact arrival
(Askeri) VURUŞ HATTI: Vuruş veya paralanma noktasında mermi yoluna teğet bir hat
line of impact arrival
(Askeri) vuruş hattı
movement priority for forces having the same latest arrival date (LAD); priority
(Askeri) aynı en son varış gününe (LAD) sahip olan kuvvetlerin intikal önceliği; öncelik; progresif haberleşme göstergesi
note of arrival
varış notası
oversea terminal arrival date
(Askeri) DENİZAŞIRI TERMİNALE VARIŞ TARİHİ: Malzemenin denizaşırı boşalma noktasına varması veya, parça parça nakliyat halinde, varmaya başlamasının tarihi
parent relay; physician assistant; probability of arrival; public affairs
(Askeri) ana röle; fizik asistanı; varış ihtimali; halkla ilişkiler
safe arrival
(Askeri,Sigorta) salimen varış
scheduled time of arrival
(Havacılık) tarifeli varış saati
time of arrival
(fiil)rış saati
time of arrival
varış saati
vessel arrival data, list of vessels available to marine safety offices and capt
(Askeri) gemi varış bilgisi; deniz güvenlik ofislerinde mevcut gemi ve liman kaptanı listesi
İngilizce - İngilizce
the attainment of an objective, especially as a result of effort
the act of arriving or something that has arrived
a coming to stopping-place or destination
{n} the act of coming to a place
The act of arriving, or coming; the act of reaching a place from a distance, whether by water (as in its original sense) or by land
An approach
accomplishment of an objective the act of arriving at a certain place; "they awaited her arrival"
accomplishment of an objective the act of arriving at a certain place; "they awaited her arrival" someone who arrives (or has arrived)
When someone starts a new job, you can refer to their arrival in that job. the power vacuum created by the arrival of a new president departure
n kedatangan (datang)
The person or thing arriving or which has arrived; as, news brought by the last arrival
accomplishment of an objective
someone who arrives (or has arrived)
> rujin
The arrival at an anchor of a hyperlink by means other than traversal of the link under consideration For example, in a typical online presentation, scrolling a document to the point where an anchor occurs would constitute arrival at the anchor Arrival is always "external" to the link In particular, traversal to an anchor that happens to also be the anchor of another link would constitute arrival at the anchor with respect to the second link
{i} reaching, appearance, incoming
When a particular time comes or a particular event happens, you can refer to its arrival. He celebrated the arrival of the New Year with a party for his friends. = coming
The appearance of seismic energy on a seismic record
Français : Arrivée Deutsch : Anfahrt, Ankunft
72, 48 and 24-hour ETA advice to Agent is recommended It is always compulsory to contact Pilot Station, VHF 16/12, 2 hours in advance
You can refer to someone who has just arrived at a place as a new arrival. A high proportion of the new arrivals are skilled professionals = newcomer
the act of arriving at a certain place; "they awaited her arrival"
When a person or vehicle arrives at a place, you can refer to their arrival. the day after his arrival in England He was dead on arrival at the nearby hospital. the airport arrivals hall. departure
When something is brought to you or becomes available, you can refer to its arrival. I was flicking idly through a newspaper while awaiting the arrival of orange juice and coffee
The attainment or reaching of any object, by effort, or in natural course; as, our arrival at this conclusion was wholly unexpected
The estimated number of turns a ship will take to reach the destination port

He died before I arrived. - He died previous to my arrival.

arrival at a decision
reaching a decision, decide, settling of a dispute or a question, determining the outcome
arrival by air
arrival by airplane
arrival gate
gate where passengers disembark
arrival notice
(Ticaret) Documentation containing shipment arrival date and location information sent by a carrier to a designated third party
arrival time
the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destination
dead on arrival
found to be dead upon the arrival at hospital
dead on arrival
Found dead at a scene, upon the arrival of an emergency medical service (EMS), or the police
defective on arrival
Upon receipt of an item, it is damaged or defective at the point of not been usable. This condition is frequently noted in warranties on items that can't be checked before payment, and also as a valid reason for returning merchandise
time of arrival
The time when an airplane, etc, is scheduled to arrive
Imported goods which have been placed in a bonded warehouse for which duty has not been paid [ITDS]
Imported goods that have been placed in a bonded warehouse because their duty has not yet been paid
plural of arrival
estimated time of arrival
approximate hour at which a person (or vehicle, etc.) is expected to reach a particular location, ETA
non arrival
{i} failure to arrive
time of arrival
period of time when something or someone arrives
upon my arrival
when I came here, when I arrived