work out

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İngilizce - Türkçe
çözmek (problem)
egzersiz yapmak

Tom egzersiz yapmak için yerel spor salonuna gidiyor - Tom goes to the local gym to work out.

çalışma yapmak

Bu sorunu çözmek hemen hemen imkânsız. - It's almost impossible to work out this problem.

(Fiili Deyim ) 1- çözmek , halletmek 2- hesap edip çıkarmak 3- bütün ayrıntılarıyla hazırlamak
anlamaya çalışmak
geçirmek (vakit)
(maden ocağı) işletmek
düzenlemek (bir plan vb'ni)
başarılı olmak
işe yaramak
antrenman yapmak

Antrenman yapmak için bir yer arıyorum. - I'm looking for a place to work out.

Antrenman yapmak için bazı şeylerim vardı. - I had some things to work out.

vücut egzersizi yapmak
istenildiği gibi olmak

Problemi kendi başıma çözeceğim. - I'm going to work out the problem by myself.

Bu problemi çözmem yarım saatimi aldı. - It took me half an hour to work out this problem.

(problemi, sorunu) çözmek, halletmek
(bir plan v.b.'ni) hazırlamak veya düzenlemek
at/to (belirli bir miktara) gelmek
at/to (belirli bir miktara) gelmek: - Your share works out at öne million liras. - Senin payına bir milyon lira düşüyor
antrenman/idman yapmak
(bir aygıtın veya makinenin parçası) yerinden/yuvasından çıkmak
f.yerinden oynamak,çıkmak; başarılı olm.; sonuçlanmak,neticelenmek; çözmek,halletmek,çözüm yolu bulmak; olmak; bitmek,bitirmek (maden damarı); çalışarak ödemek (borç); idman yapmak
(plan, proqe v.b.) başarılı olmak veya iyi bir şekilde sonuçlanmak
(bir plan v.b.'ni) hazırlamak veya düzenlemek: - They worked out a compromise. - Bir uzlaşmaya vardılar
at/to (belirli bir miktara) gelmek: Your
(deyim) başarılı olmak,tatmin edici bir şekilde gelişmek. 2.idman yapmak. a work-out idman work sth. out 1.hesaplamak
(deyim) anlmak,anlam çıkarmak. work out at sth. belirli bir para tutmak
çalışarak ödemek
istenilen sonucu vermek
(deyim) yapmak

Tom egzersiz yapmak için yerel spor salonuna gidiyor - Tom goes to the local gym to work out.

Antrenman yapmak için bazı şeylerim vardı. - I had some things to work out.

idman yapmak

Bu sorunu halletmek neredeyse imkânsız. - It's almost impossible to work out this problem.

(plan, proje v.b.) başarılı olmak veya iyi bir şekilde sonuçlanmak
ayrıntılarıyla hazırlamak
karar vermek
hesap etmek
çözmek (problemi/sorunu)
hazırlamak (bir plan vb'ni)
çözüm üretmek
work out a deal
Anlaşmaya varmak
work out for
için iş dışarı
work out some bugs
(deyim) Bazı küçük pürüzleri halletmek
work out the kinks
(deyim) Pürüzleri ortadan kaldırmak
work out.
iş dışarı
work out at
work out at
denk gelmek
work out at
gelmek (belirli bir miktara)
work out at
eşit olmak
work out at to
gelmek (belirli bir miktara)
work out compound interest
(Ticaret) faize faiz yürütülmesi
work out the cost
maliyeti çıkarmak
work out the cost
maliyet çıkarmak
be out of work
işsiz olmak
out of work

1897'de binlerce kişi işsizdi. - By 1897, thousands of people were out of work.

Babam bir yıldır işsiz. - My father has been out of work for a year.

out of work
{i} antreman

Tom antremanından sonra buz banyosu yaptı. - Tom took an ice bath after his workout.

Bir saatlik antremandan sonra iyi hissediyorum. - I feel good after one hour workout.


Antrenman yapmak için favori şarkın nedir? - What's your favorite song to workout to?

Spor salonundaki ilk antrenmanımdan sonra vücudum öyle ağrıdı ki, kendimi felçli gibi hissettim. - After doing my first workout at the gym, my body ached so much that I felt like a paralytic.

out of work
person out of work
work one's guts out
(deyim) çok çalışmak
work something out
çalışarak elde etmek
çalışma yapmak
yetenek denemesi
çalışarak elde et
elaborate, work out, mill
Değirmen iş dışarı ayrıntılı
fall out of work
İşsiz kalmak
have one's work cut out
(belli bir müddet içinde bitirecek) zor bir işi olmak
have one´s work cut out for one
k. dili (birinin) önünde zor bir iş olmak
it doesnt work out
bunu yürütmesini doesnt
out work
iş dışarı
to get out of work
işsiz bırakmak
work it out
üzerinde çalışmak
work sth out
iş sth out
work things out
çalışma şeyler
be unable to work out
içinden çıkamamak
go out to work
(deyim) çalışma hayatına başlamak
out of work pay
işsizlik tazminatı
put somebody out of work
avare etmek
throw s.o. out of work
birinin işsiz kalmasına sebep olmak
to be unable to work out
içinden çıkamamak
unable to work out
içinden çıkamamak
unable to work something out
içinden çıkamamak
work o.s. out of a job
(bilerek/bilmeyerek) kendi çabalarıyla kendi işini lüzumsuz hale getirmek; (bilerek/bilmeyerek) kendi çabalarıyla kendini işinden etmek
work s.t. out
(of) bir şeyi (bir yerden) çıkarmak
{i} yetenek testi
{i} deneme
kabiliyet testi
İngilizce - İngilizce
(with object after out) To calculate

Can you work out 250 × 12 in your head for me?.

To conclude with the correct solution

These figures just don't work out.

To habitually exercise rigorously, especially by lifting weights, in order to increase strength or muscle mass or maintain fitness

Wow, you're looking good! Do you work out?.

To succeed

Are you still seeing John? - No, it didn't work out.

(with object between work and out) To extract gradually

Using some tweezers, he worked the bee sting out of his hand.

To make sense of

I can't work these instructions out.

If you work out a solution to a problem or mystery, you manage to find the solution by thinking or talking about it. Negotiators are due to meet later today to work out a compromise It took me some time to work out what was causing this `How will you contact me?' --- `We haven't worked that out yet.' = figure out If you have something all worked out, you have thought about it carefully, and know exactly what you are going to do or exactly what you want. I had the ideal man all worked out in my mind
If something works out at a particular amount, it is calculated to be that amount after all the facts and figures have been considered. The price per pound works out at £3.20 It will probably work out cheaper to hire a van and move your own things
{f} work hard; complete; calculate, figure out; develop, take place or occur in a certain way; exercise, exert oneself physically, do physical exercise
If a situation works out well or works out, it happens or progresses in a satisfactory way. Things just didn't work out as planned One of the ways people experience loss is when relationships don't work out
If you work out the answer to a mathematical problem, you calculate it. It is proving hard to work out the value of bankrupt firms' assets When asked what a £40.35 meal for five people would cost each diner, they were unable to work it out. = calculate
come up with; "His colleagues worked out his interesting idea"; "We worked up an ad for our client"
happen in a certain way, leading to, producing, or resulting in a certain outcome, often well; "Things worked out in an interesting way"; "Not everything worked out in the end and we were disappointed
If a process works itself out, it reaches a conclusion or satisfactory end. People involved in it think it's a nightmare, but I'm sure it will work itself out
make a mathematical calculation or computation
work out in detail; "elaborate a plan"
find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of; "did you solve the problem?"; "Work out your problems with the boss"; "this unpleasant situation isn't going to work itself out"; "did you get it?"; "Did you get my meaning?"; "He could not work the math problem"
If you work out, you do physical exercises in order to make your body fit and strong. Work out at a gym or swim twice a week. = exercise see also workout
give a work-out to; "Some parents exercise their infants"; "My personal trainer works me hard"; "work one's muscles"
be calculated; "The fees work out to less than $1,000"
If you work out your service or your notice, you continue to work at your job until you have completed a specified period of time. There was an interim before her successor actually came because she had to work out her notice
do physical exercise; "She works out in the gym every day"
work out a deal
Arbitrate, achieve settlement
work out the kinks
(deyim) Solve small problems, work through anything that seems wrong, deal with any issues that exist so that everything is OK

When I play basketball, I need to work out the kinks before I feel good on the court.

work out a plan
form a program of events
have one's work cut out for one
To face a large task or project

If he plans to translate all the idioms, he has his work cut out for him.

out of work
unemployed, or having nothing to do
An exercise session; a period of physical exercise

The following guidelines for smart weekly scheduling can simplify this piece of the planning: Swim three or four workouts each week.

A schedule or program of specific exercises, especially one intended to achieve a particular goal

I read in another magazine about a workout that can put a whole inch on your arms in just one day!.

Any activity that requires much physical or mental effort, or produces strain

Cynthia's phone got a workout, as well. In approximately three days since the news had hit the street, a total of five bridal showers had been booked, not to mention a luncheon at Esther Cunningham's and tea at Olivia Harper's.

out of work
not having a job; "idle carpenters"; "jobless transients"; "many people in the area were out of work"
out of work
without work, out of a job, unemployed
out of work
Someone who is out of work does not have a job. a town where half the men are usually out of work. an out of work actor. = unemployed. out-of-work unemployed
did not work out
did not go over well, did not get settled, did not get organized
didn't work out
was unsuccessful, didn't work, did not function
everything will work out fine
everything will work out in the end, everything will be all right
go out to work
{f} go work outside the home
have the work cut out
have a hard job to do, have a job which demands a lot of work and effort
work things out
{f} discuss a problem and find a way to solve it; try to agree
A loan which is technically in default but under which the lender (mortgagee) is attempting to assist the borrower (mortgagor) in restructuring the terms of the loan or the time of repayment rather than proceeding with foreclosure
The plan by which a financially distressed company, not in bankruptcy, seeks to rehabilitate itself
an exercise session
A negotiated agreement between the debtors and its creditors outside the bankruptcy process
Process by which a lessor, following unsuccessful collection efforts, attempts to compromise or otherwise settle the delinquent account prior to taking legal action
the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit; "the doctor recommended regular exercise"; "he did some exercising"; "the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit"
A special process in which some lenders and property owners may seek a solution to impending foreclosure by a payment plan or refinance
A workout is a period of physical exercise or training. Give your upper body a workout by using handweights. a 35-minute aerobic workout. a period of physical exercise, especially as training for a sport
The process by which a borrower attempts to negotiate with a lender to restructure the borrower’s debt rather than go through foreclosure proceedings
{i} training of the body; training; practice, drills; fitness test
Informal repayment or loan forgivness arrangement between a borrower and creditors
The various ways to offset a foreclosure (See moratorium, waiver)
Informal arrangement between a borrower and creditors
A planned series of exercises
A plan intended to resolve a problem of indebtedness; especially in lieu of bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings
work out