to respect

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İngilizce - Türkçe
saygı duymak

Hindular et, özellikle sığır eti yemezler, onlar hayvanların yaşamlarına saygı duymak için temel olarak vejetaryendirler, - Hindus don't eat meat, in particular beef, and they are mainly vegetarian in order to respect the animals' lives.

Yerel geleneklere saygı duymak zorundayız. - We have to respect local customs.

{f} saygı göstermek

Tom'un isteklerine saygı göstermek zorundaydım. - I had to respect Tom's wishes.

Tom'un isteklerine saygı göstermek zorundaydım, bu yüzden gittim. - I had to respect Tom's wishes, so I left.


Japonlar saygı belirtisi olarak her zaman eğilmezler. - The Japanese do not always make a bow as a mark of respect.

Yaşlılara saygı duyarım. - I respect the elderly.


Talebini hürmetkar bir lisanla arzetti. - He couched his demand in respectful words.

{i} bakım, yön, açı, husus: This plan is
ayrıcalık gözetme
ilgili bulunmak
{i} saygı, hürmet: have respect for -e saygı duymak. pay one's respects to -e saygılarını sunmak

Erkek ve kadınlar birçok açıdan tamamen farklıdırlar. - In many respects, women and men are totally different.

Birçok açıdan farklılık gösterirler. - They differ in many respects.


O bakımdan benim görüşüm sizinkinden farklıdır. - In that respect, my opinion differs from yours.

Sanırım kırsal yaşam bazı bakımlardan şehir yaşamından daha üstündür. - I think country life is superior to city life in some respects.

saygı duymak

Tom'a saygı duymak zorundasın. - You've got to respect Tom.

Herhangi bir yaşta Allah'a tapmak ve ebeveynlere saygı duymak daha önemlidir. - It is important, in any age, to adore God and to respect one's parents.

-e uymak
itibar etmek

Kurallara uymak çok önemlidir. - It's very important to respect the rules.


Yönetim becerilerinden dolayı ona oldukça saygı duyulur. - He's well respected for his management skills.

Japonlar Amerikalılardan birçok yönden farklıdır. - Japanese differ from American in many respects.

-e riayet etmek
{f} saygı duy

Yaşlılara saygı duyarım. - I respect the elderly.

Onun cesaretine saygı duymamak elimizde değil. - We cannot help respecting his courage.

{i} hatır
{i} ilgi

Mali konularla ilgili olarak, Bay Jones şirketteki başka birinden daha çok bilir. - With respect to financial matters, Mr. Jones knows more than anyone else in the company.

Bu mektuplarla ilgili olarak, sanırım en iyi şey onları yakmaktır. - With respect to these letters, I think the best thing is to burn them.

{i} uyma

Turistler seyahat ederken yerel kültürlere uymaya dikkat etmeliler. - Tourists should take care to respect local cultures when they are travelling.

Kurallara uymak çok önemlidir. - It's very important to respect the rules.

respecter of persons kişilere rütbesine göre değer veren kimse
hürmete lâyık saymak
{f} riâyet etmek
{f} saymak
{f} hürmet etmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
Polite greetings, often offered as condolences after a death

The mourners paid their last respects to the deceased poet.

to abide by an agreement

They failed to respect the treaty they had signed, and invaded.

an attitude of consideration or high regard

Syngman Rhee kept imprisoned the Dowager Queen Yun Empress Sunjeong of the Korean Empire for fear of the respect the people held for her.

good opinion, honor, or admiration
hello, hi
Esteem; regard; consideration; honor
Reputation; repute
To look toward; to front upon or toward
show respect towards; "honor your parents!"
Consideration; motive; interest
particular aspect, feature or detail
If you have respect for someone, you have a good opinion of them. I have tremendous respect for Dean see also self-respect
a feeling of friendship and esteem; "she mistook his manly regard for love"; "he inspires respect"
show respect towards; "honor your parents!
Particular; point regarded; point of view; as, in this respect; in any respect; in all respects
To take notice of; to regard with special attention; to regard as worthy of special consideration; hence, to care for; to heed
a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard; "his deference to her wishes was very flattering"; "be sure to give my respects to the dean"
If you pay your last respects to someone who has just died, you show your respect or affection for them by coming to see their body or their grave. The son had nothing to do with arranging the funeral, but came along to pay his last respects
regard highly; think much of; "I respect his judgement"; "We prize his creativity"
If you show respect for someone's wishes, rights, or customs, you avoid doing anything they would dislike or regard as wrong. They will campaign for the return of traditional lands and respect for aboriginal rights and customs
To have regard to; to have reference to; to relate to; as, the treaty particularly respects our commerce
{i} honor, esteem, high regard; consideration, attention
You use with respect to to say what something relates to. In British English, you can also say in respect of. Parents often have little choice with respect to the way their child is medically treated see also respected
politeness You can say with respect when you are politely disagreeing with someone or criticizing them. With respect, I hardly think that's the point
{v} to regard, consider, relate, belong
{n} reagard, esteem, reverence, relation
courteous regard for people's feelings; "in deference to your wishes"; "out of respect for his privacy"
The regard and recognition of the absolute dignity that every human being possesses Respect is treating people as they should be treated Specifically, respect is indicative of compassion and consideration of others, which includes a sensitivity to and regard for the feelings and needs of others and an awareness of the effect of one's own behavior on them Respect also involves the notion of treating people justly
(usually preceded by `in') a detail or point; "it differs in that respect" an attitude of admiration or esteem; "she lost all respect for him" regard highly; think much of; "I respect his judgement"; "We prize his creativity" show respect towards; "honor your parents!
An expression of respect of deference; regards; as, to send one's respects to another
an attitude of admiration or esteem; "she lost all respect for him"
If you respect a law or moral principle, you agree not to break it. It is about time tour operators respected the law and their own code of conduct. Respect is also a noun. respect for the law and the rejection of the use of violence
set of values which honor an individual, culture, or set of object
You use expressions like in this respect and in many respects to indicate that what you are saying applies to the feature you have just mentioned or to many features of something. The children are not unintelligent -- in fact, they seem quite normal in this respect
The act of noticing with attention; the giving particular consideration to; hence, care; caution
To consider worthy of esteem; to regard with honor
If you respect someone's wishes, rights, or customs, you avoid doing things that they would dislike or regard as wrong. Finally, trying to respect her wishes, I said I'd leave
{f} honor, admire, esteem, hold in high regard
behavior intended to please your parents; "their children were never very strong on obedience"; "he went to law school out of respect for his father's wishes"
(usually preceded by `in') a detail or point; "it differs in that respect"
To regard; to consider; to deem
Relation; reference; regard
the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded); "it is held in esteem"; "a man who has earned high regard"
If you respect someone, you have a good opinion of their character or ideas. I want him to respect me as a career woman
If you pay your respects to someone, you go to see them or speak to them. You usually do this to be polite, and not necessarily because you want to do it. Carl had asked him to visit the hospital and to pay his respects to Francis
to consent to abide by an agreement
honor and esteem for another; regard for others as demonstrated through listening and being responsive to their beliefs and needs whenever possible
regard for the rights of others; tolerance
to have respect for
to have regard for the rights of others
a particular aspect of something
is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people
"Refers to how characters behave and are treated once they have roles" (Liebert & Sprafkin, 1988, p 187)
a trait or virtue that expresses an ability and willingness to protect the dignity of others
The moral value in which one holds someone or something in high regard
admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit
To respect is to accord the individual recognition and consideration due
To be considerate of others rights, feelings, and beliefs
The courteous treatment of those who have authority over you including your parents, teachers, and elders
to respect


    to re·spect

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    tı rispekt


    /tə rēˈspekt/ /tə riːˈspɛkt/


    [ t&, tu, 'tü ] (preposition.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO; akin to Old High German zuo to, Latin donec as long as, until.


    ... In that respect, net literacy is a student-volunteer, ...
    ... laws and so forth respect the right of privacy, the right of ...

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