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İngilizce - İngilizce
To contaminate or corrupt (something) with an external agent, either physically or morally
An injury done to a lance in an encounter, without its being broken; also, a breaking of a lance in an encounter in a dishonorable or unscientific manner
A mark of disgrace, especially on one's character
The perineum

Did you know that guy has absolutely no tan lines? He'll show his taint to prove it!.

A contamination, decay or putrefaction, especially in food
To spoil (food) by contamination
A thrust with a lance, which fails of its intended effect
{v} to infect, corrupt, fully, stain, spoil
{n} a tincture, infection, stain, spot, blemish
To imbue or impregnate with something extraneous, especially with something odious, noxious, or poisonous; hence, to corrupt; to infect; to poison; as, putrid substance taint the air
To stain; to sully; to tarnish
Tincture; hue; color; tinge
To injure, as a lance, without breaking it; also, to break, as a lance, but usually in an unknightly or unscientific manner
contaminate with a disease or microorganism
Infection; corruption; deprivation
{i} trace of something bad or offensive, small amount of something harmful or unhealthy; moral blemish, hint of dishonor
A mark of disgrace, especially on ones character
To be affected with incipient putrefaction; as, meat soon taints in warm weather
place under suspicion or cast doubt upon; "sully someone's reputation"
To hit or touch lightly, in tilting
If a person or thing is tainted by something bad or undesirable, their status or reputation is harmed because they are associated with it. Opposition leaders said that the elections had been tainted by corruption. a series of political scandals that has tainted the political stars of a generation. + tainted taint·ed He came out only slightly tainted by telling millions of viewers he and his wife had had marital problems
A taint is an undesirable quality which spoils the status or reputation of someone or something. Her government never really shook off the taint of corruption
Aphetic form of Attaint
To thrust ineffectually with a lance
If an unpleasant substance taints food or medicine, the food or medicine is spoiled or damaged by it. Rancid oil will taint the flavour. blood tainted with the AIDS and hepatitis viruses. the appearance of being related to something bad or morally wrong taint of
To be infected or corrupted; to be touched with something corrupting
A blemish on reputation; stain; spot; disgrace
the state of being contaminated
{f} contaminate, pollute, corrupt, mar; bring shame or dishonor upon; become tainted
Contraction of it ain't

'Taint no need of that, Snopes said, take I'll take you back to Memphis Sunday.

cork taint
A wine fault characterized by a set of undesirable smells or tastes, sometimes caused by tribromoanisole
Simple past tense and past participle of taint
corrupted or filled with imperfections

Hey, get that away from me! It was bought with tainted money.

{a} free from taint or infection, sound
especially of reputation; "the senator's seriously damaged reputation"; "a flyblown reputation"; "a tarnished reputation"; "inherited a spotted name"
past of taint
A coffee with a slightly defective flavor
touched by rot or decay; "tainted bacon"; "`corrupt' is archaic"
Something is corrupted or filled with imperfections
present participle of taint
Free from taint or infection; pure
third-person singular of taint
plural of taint