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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Tıp) prevansiyon
önüne geçme

10 Eylül dünya intihar önleme günüdür. - September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Bu yangın önleme haftasıdır. - This is Fire Prevention Week.

{i} engelleme
{i} önleyici tedbir

Önleyici tedbir daima en iyi çözümdür. - Prevention is always the best solution.

{i} önlem

Bu hafta yangın önleme haftası. - This week is Fire Prevention Week.

10 Eylül dünya intihar önleme günüdür. - September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

{i} korunma

Korunmak en iyi ilaçtır. - Prevention is the best medicine.

Korunma tedaviden daha iyidir. - Prevention is better than cure.

(Ticaret) yasak
(Tıp) koruma

Bu müze bir yangın koruma sistemi ile donatılmıştır. - This museum is equipped with a fire prevention system.

(Ticaret) engel
{f} engel olmak
{f} önlemek

Tom kazayı önlemek için bir şey yapmış olamazdı. - Tom couldn't have done anything to prevent the accident.

Ellerinizi düzenli olarak yıkama bazı hastalıklara yakalanmayı önlemek için iyi bir yoldur. - Washing your hands regularly is a good way to prevent catching some diseases.


Virüsün daha fazla yayılmasını engellemek için ciddi tedbirler alınmalı. - Drastic measures must be taken to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Bu durumun tekrar oluşmasını engellemek imkansız. - It is impossible to prevent this situation from occurring again.

prevention of growth or function
büyüme veya fonksiyon önlenmesi
prevention costs
(Ticaret) önleyici masraflar
prevention is belter than cure
(deyim) önlem tedaviden iyidir
prevention of accidents
kazalardan korunma
prevention of limitation
(Kanun) müruruzamanın durması
prevention of limitation
(Kanun) müruru zamanın durması
prevention of period
(Kanun) müruru zamanın durması
prevention of settlement
(Askeri) oturmanın önlenmesi
prevention of stripping equipment
(Askeri) TEÇHİZATIN SÖKÜLMESİNİN ENGELLENMESİ: Bak. "anti-recovery device"
pregnancy prevention
hamilelikten korunma
{f} önlemek, engellemek, mâni olmak; -den alıkoymak
{f} önüne geçmek

O, söylentinin yayılmasını engellemeye çalıştı. - She tried to prevent the rumor from spreading.

Tom Mary'nin orduya katılmasını engellemeye çalıştı. - Tom tried to prevent Mary from joining the army.

{f} önden gitmek
{f} menetmek
{f} yol göstermek
önüne geçilebilir
preventable önlenebilir

Şiddetli yağmur balık tutmaya gitmemizi engelledi. - The heavy rain prevented us from going fishing.

Hastalık onun işini yapmasını engelledi. - Illness prevented him from doing his work.

önünü almak

Ellerinizi düzenli olarak yıkama bazı hastalıklara yakalanmayı önlemek için iyi bir yoldur. - Washing your hands regularly is a good way to prevent catching some diseases.

Biz trafik kazalarını önlemek için gerekli önlemleri almamız gerekir. - We must take measures to prevent traffic accidents.

conflict prevention
(Askeri) çatışmayı önleme
conflict prevention centre
(Askeri) çatışma önleme merkezi
disaster prevention
afet önleme
pollution prevention
kirliliği önleme
meydan vermemek
engel oluşturmak
response prevention
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) tepki önleme
corrosion prevention
korozyon önleme
fire prevention
yangın önleme
-den alıkoymak
(from ile) önlemek
kabağını almak
rust prevention
pas önleme
Corruption Prevention Bureau
Yolsuzlukla Mücadele Bürosu
TB prevention dispancery
verem savaş dispanseri
Yangın önleme
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(Askeri) Hastalıktan korunma ve önleme merkezleri
International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
(Askeri) Gemilerin Denizde Sebep Olduğu Kirlenmeyi Önleme Uluslar Arası Sözleşmesi
accident prevention
kazaya karşı korunma
accident prevention
kaza önleme
accident prevention measures
kaza önleme tedbirleri
accident prevention programme
(Askeri) kazaları önleme programı
accident prevention techniques
kaza önleme yöntemleri
corrosion prevention
(Askeri) KOROZYON ÖNLEME (TEDBİRLERİ): Korozyona elverişli yüzeyleri, su, su buharı, asit ve diğer kirletici maddelerle temasları önleyecek şekilde örterek veya rutubeti giderilmiş havalı, yerlerde depolayarak madeni malzemeye sağlanan koruma. Bu koruma; malzemenin bütününü veya gerekli kısmını dikkatle temizlemek, yağ, gres veya hava ve rutubetle temasa engel olacak rutubet geçirmez kağıt, tatbik etmek ve koruyucu maddenin üzerini örtmek gibi tedbirleri içine alır
corrosion prevention
(Askeri) korozyon önleme tedbirleri
corrosion prevention
yenim önleme
corrosion prevention
crime prevention programme
(Askeri) suç önleme programı
crushing prevention
ezilmeye karşı korunma
danger prevention
tehlike önleme
disaster prevention plan
afetten korunma planı
drug addiction prevention monitoring and control board
(Avrupa Birliği) Uyuşturucu Bağımlılığı Önleme İzleme ve Kontrol Kurulu
individual disaster prevention
afetden bireysel korunma
leakage prevention
sızıntı önleme
rust prevention
pastan koruyucu madde
rust prevention
paslanma önleme
shrinkage prevention
rötre önlenmesi
tertiary prevention
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) üçüncül koruma
theft prevention
hırsızlık önlenmesi
urban disaster prevention plan
kentsel afet korunma planı
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act of going, or state of being, before

The greater the distance, the greater the prevention. --Bacon.

The act of preventing or hindering; obstruction of action, access, or approach; thwarting. --South

Casca, be sudden, for we fear prevention. --Shakespeare.

Anticipation; esp., anticipation of needs, wishes, hazards and risks ; hence, precaution; forethought. --Hammond. Shak
action to prevent occurrence or development of a health problem and/or its complications Can be divided into three categories
{n} the act of going before, hinderance, stop, anticipation, prejudice
(n) to act ahead of
Prevention programs are aimed at preventing the incidence of an illness or injury Prevention strategies include early detection or risk identification and health promotion
the act of preventing; "there was no bar against leaving"; "money was allocated to study the cause and prevention of influenza"
The reduction of cancer risk with cancer fighting agents A change in life-style, such as not smoking, can help prevent lung and many other cancers
Activities to prevent a natural phenomenon or a potential hazard from having harmful effects on either persons or property Disaster prevention includes such activities as cloud seeding to control meteorological patterns, the construction of dams or dikes to prevent flooding and attempts to reduce tectonic tension by such measures as pumping water in to earthquake faults
Anticipation; esp
(noun) Doing something really significant that keeps from being done what you don't want done
Primary, secondary and tertiary Primary prevention is an active assertive process of creating conditions and or personal attributes that promotes the well being of people Secondary prevention is early detection and intervention to keep beginning problems from becoming more severe Tertiary prevention is the effort to rehabilitate those affected with severe disorders and return them to the community
The concept of preventing or slowing the development of disease and promoting health through screening programs and lifestyle guidelines
Use of safety measures such as wearing seatbelts, learning CPR, maintaining home smoke alarms, etc
the reduction of cancer risk by eliminating or reducing contact with carcinogenic agents
Measures taken to minimize the release of wastes to the environment
Prejudice; prepossession
Preventive measures are undertaken especially in hygiene and public health primary prevention elimination of factors that are regarded as damaging to one´s health secondary prevention the effort to diagnose a disease at the earliest stage possible tertiary prevention compensation of disease effects (rehabilitation)
A proactive process that empowers individuals and systems to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles The goal of substance abuse prevention is the fostering of a climate in which (a) alcohol use is acceptable only for those of legal age and only when the risk of adverse consequences is minimal; (b) prescription and over-the-counter drugs are used only for the purposes for which they were intended; (c) other abusable substances (e g , aerosols) are used only for their intended purposes; and (d) illegal drugs and tobacco are not used at all
the act of preventing; "there was no bar against leaving"; "money was allocated to study the cause and prevention of influenza
when something bad is stopped from happening prevention of
A quality assurance strategy that attempts to identify and correct
Naturopathic medical colleges emphasize the study of health as well as disease The prevention of disease and the attainment of optimal health in patients are primary objectives of naturopathic medicine In practice, these objectives are accomplished through education and the promotion of healthy ways of living Naturopathic physicians assess risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease, and make appropriate interventions in partnership with their patients to prevent illness Naturopathic medicine asserts that one cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment and is committed to the creation of a world in which humanity may thrive
the act of reducing work-related problems and work injuries or hindering the obstacles (physical or chemical hazard, radioactive substance, or biological exposure) in the workplace
{i} aversion, avoidance; act of delaying, act of forestalling; hindrance, impediment
Used in its broad public health context, "prevention" includes primary prevention (avoidance of onset), secondary prevention (early intervention), and tertiary prevention (treatment and rehabilitation) No distinction is made herein between "treatment" and "prevention"
Worldwide, the majority of HCC is associated with chronic HBV infection Today, however, all newborns are vaccinated against hepatitis B in China and other Asian countries Therefore, the frequency of chronic HBV in future generations will decrease Eventually, perhaps in three or four generations, HBV will be totally eradicated, thereby eliminating the most common risk factor for HCC
The goals of medicine are to promote health, to preserve health, to restore health when it is impaired, and to minimize suffering and distress These goals are embodied in the word prevention, which is easiest to define in the context of levels, customarily called primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
anticipation of needs or wishes; hence, precaution; forethought
To take action Stop something before it happens
The act of preventing or hindering; obstruction of action, access, or approach; thwarting
Activities directed at reducing the incidence of fires, including public education, law enforcement, personal contact, and reduction of fuel hazards
Stopping drug use before it starts, intervening to halt the progression of drug use once it has begun, changing environmental conditions that encourage addictive drug use
A future-oriented, proactive, approach to quality management, which achieves quality improvement through corrective action on a process
A quality assurance strategy that attempts to identify and correct unacceptable service or product characteristics during the design, development, or production phases A future-oriented strategy that improves quality by directing analysis and action toward correcting the production process; consistent with a philosophy of never-ending improvement A future oriented quality management strategy that principally occurs in the design of a process It involves communication, planning, proofing, and working up front to eliminate opportunities for nonconformance
prevention is better than cure
it is better to prevent the creation of a bad thing, than to destroy it
Prevention of Terrorism Act
a British law made in 1989 which gives the army, police, and government more powers to deal with terrorists, such as being able to keep someone in prison for 7 days without charging them with a crime
prevention of cruelty to animals
prevention of maltreatment of animals, protection of animals
prevention of diseases
treatment provided in advance to prevent the spread of disease
prevention of road accidents
preclusion of automobile crashes
To stop; to keep (from happening)

I brushed my teeth to prevent them from going yellow.

To come before; to precede
To outdo, surpass

With that he put his spurres vnto his steed, / With speare in rest, and toward him did fare, / Like shaft out of a bow preuenting speed.

{v} to hinder, stop, anticipate
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, headquartered in Atlanta, whose mission is "to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. " Part of the Public Health Service, it was founded in 1946 as the Communicable Disease Center to fight malaria and other contagious diseases. As its scope widened to polio, smallpox, and disease surveillance, the name was changed to the Center for Disease Control and later pluralized. It now subsumes health statistics, infectious diseases, and environmental health; a National Immunization Program; and an Office on Smoking and Health. It consolidates disease-control data, health promotion, and public health programs, and it provides grants for studies and programs, health information to health care professionals and the public, and publications on epidemiology. Today it is regarded as perhaps the world's foremost epidemiological centre
Council for the Prevention of Noise and Pollution
organization working to improve the quality of the environment
Israel National Council for the Prevention of Accidents
organization advocating a reduction in automobile accidents and providing courses to improve driving skills
Israel Society for the Prevention of Smoking
Israeli organization that works to prevent smoking among Israelis
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
U.S.-based organization which tries to house and protect abandoned animals
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
organization which takes care of abandoned animals
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
little preventive maintenance can save the need for repairs later; deal with a problem before it gets worse
center for disease control and prevention
a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services; located in Atlanta; investigates and diagnoses and tries to control or prevent diseases (especially new and unusual diseases)
loss prevention
The term used to describe the management practices used to reduce potential financial, inventory and physical losses in the store
loss prevention
Refers to engineering or inspection activities carried out to prevent losses in the workplace
loss prevention
A name used to describe procedures to reduce loss due to various security breaches
loss prevention
A before-the-loss program designed to identify and correct potential causes of accidents before they result in actual injuries or financial loss
To intercept; to hinder; to frustrate; to stop; to thwart
To deter the spread of invasive, nonnative freshwater weeds
the hole you make in the ceiling before you put in the vent
To be beforehand with; to anticipate
{f} cause not to happen, avert; delay, impede, hinder
prevent from doing something or being in a certain state; "We must prevent the cancer from spreading"; "His snoring kept me from falling asleep"; "Keep the child from eating the marbles"
To prevent someone from doing something means to make it impossible for them to do it. He said this would prevent companies from creating new jobs The police have been trying to prevent them carrying weapons. to stop something from happening, or stop someone from doing something (past participle of praevenire )
To cause something not to happen or not to be done
To go before; to precede; hence, to go before as a guide; to direct
To come before the usual time
keep from happening or arising; have the effect of preventing; "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer"
To prevent something means to ensure that it does not happen. These methods prevent pregnancy Further treatment will prevent cancer from developing We recognized the possibility and took steps to prevent it happening. + prevention pre·ven·tion the prevention of heart disease. crime prevention
keep from happening or arising; have the effect of preventing; "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer
united nations crime prevention and criminal justice
the United Nations office responsible for crime prevention and criminal justice and law reform
united nations office for drug control and crime prevention
an agency of the United Nations that promotes drug control and crime prevention