floor plan

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İngilizce - Türkçe
kat josparı
kat planı
mim. kat planı
(Tekstil) yerleşim planı
ground floor plan
(İnşaat) zemin kat planı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A layout representation of where the major functional blocks of an integrated circuit will be physically placed
A diagram, usually to scale, showing the layout of a building
A type of loan for which inventory is pledged as security and a portion of the loan is repaid each time an item of inventory is sold 557
The arrangement of rooms in a structure A two-dimensional scale drawing of the arrangements, size and orientation of doors, rooms, walls, and windows of a single floor of a building structure
Scale architectural drawing(s) showing details of a building’s floor design and layout
The overhead-view drawing made of a level being excavated, which includes features such as walls, doorways, ovens, etc
A defined benefit pension plan that pays the difference, if any, between the retirement income paid by the defined contribution plan and a specified minimum income, known as the floor
a ground plan with actor's major positions and movement
The layout of a building showing the exact specifications as to size and shape o each room
A sketch of an existing or proposed building showing the design and layout of the building and the specifications of each room May also show doors, windows, stairways and other features
A scale drawing of a stage and /or setting as seen from above
A scaled drawing showing the arrangement of rooms, halls etc
An orthographic projection of the floor of a building
scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation
A plan of the stage or set area, indicating specific positions and sizes
A scale diagram of a room or building drawn as if seen from above. a drawing of the shape of a room or building and the position of things in it, as seen from above = ground plan
Archaeologists draw a floor plan of the unit they are digging in at the bottom of every level, or when they find a feature such as a fire pit A floor plan shows how something looks from above
An orthographic section of an intended floor layout with the cutting plane passing through windows and doors
A scale drawing of the floor area on a building showing columns, stairways, elevator shafts, offices, washrooms, doors, and other structural features
A drawing of a floor of a building showing the configuration of the rooms and identifying them by room number
Scale architectural drawing(s) showing details of floor design and layout
an architectural drawing, drawn to scale, illustrating each floor and featuring the location and size of rooms, windows, doors, walls, stairs, and fixtures
Normally to a Scale of 1: 100 (1metre = 100metres) and showing the dimensions of all rooms, wall thicknesses and Porch and Veranda sizes All doors and windows are located and "Coded" to indicate height and width dimensions A typical Floor Plan, explaining all the usual components, is available in the Registered "Feasibility Page" of this Site
floor plan lending
Also known as wholesale lending, a form of retail goods inventory financing in which each loan advance is made against a specific piece of collateral
floor plans
plural form of floor plan
Attributive form of floor plan, noun
Alternative spelling of floor plan
open floor plan
An interior of a building constructed with few walls or obstructions, giving a communal aspect
1) The CHIPS/PRELUDE physical design hierarchy 2) The CHIPS/PRELUDE function that invokes the interactive floorplanning and delay estimation tools (TI*)
1) The CHIPS/PRELUDE physical design hierarchy 2) The CHIPS/PRELUDE function that invokes the interactive floorplanning and delay estimation tools
An architectural drawing showing the overall layout of a home The size and shape of each room, as well as any optional configurations of those rooms, are shown on the floor plan At Tower Homes, most of our communities offer several different plans from which to choose
floor plan