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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} sözünü kesmek

Başkalarının sözünü kesmek kabalıktır. - It is rude to interrupt others.

Tom'un sözünü kesmek istemiyorum. - I don't want to interrupt Tom.


Sözünü kesmekten nefret ediyorum fakat bir şey söylemeliyim. - I hate to interrupt you, but I need to say something.

Başkalarının sözünü kesmek kabalıktır. - It is rude to interrupt others.

{f} sekte vurmak
{f} söze karışmak

Söze karışmaktan nefret ederim ama bir şey söylemem gerekiyor. - I hate to interrupt, but I need to say something.

{f} yarıda kesmek

Tom yarıda kesmek için ağzını açtı. - Tom opened his mouth to interrupt.

(İnşaat) durdurmak
{f} engellemek

Onları engellemek istemiyorum. - I don't want to interrupt them.

{f} ara vermek

Görüşmeye ara vermek istemedim. - I didn't want to interrupt the discussion.

araya girmek
sekteye uğratmak
lafa karışmak
(sözünü) kesmek
yarıda bırakmak
(Bilgisayar) işkesme sinyali
kesinti, kesilme kesmek
ara ver

Öğle yemeği için toplantıya ara verdiler. - They interrupted the meeting for lunch.

Telefona cevap vermek için işine ara verdi. - He interrupted his work to answer the phone.

akışını durdurmak
düzenini bozmak
birinin işine mâni olmak
aralık açmak
arasını kesmek
{f} (birinin) sözünü kesmek
interruptedly aralıklarla
interruptive arayı kesici
{f} kapatmak (görüntü)
intizamını bozmak
birinin sözünü kesmek

Konuşurken birinin sözünü kesmek kibarlık değildir. - It is not polite to interrupt someone while he is talking.

interrupted kesilmiş
fasıla vermek

Konuşurken birinin sözünü kesmek kibarlık değildir. - It is not polite to interrupt someone while he is talking.

Başkalarının sözünü kesmek kabalıktır. - It is rude to interrupt others.

(Bilgisayar) kesilme

Sözümün kesilmesinden hoşlanmam. - I don't like to be interrupted.

Sözün kesilmeden önce ne söyleyeceğini hatırlıyor musun? - Do you remember what you were going to say before you were interrupted?

(Bilgisayar) kesme ırq
(Bilgisayar) kesinti
yarıda kesme
{i} sekte
{i} fasıla
{i} kesinti

O, kesintilere izin vermez. - He doesn't allow interruptions.

Tom kesintide rahatsız oldu. - Tom was annoyed at the interruption.

interrupt handler
(Bilgisayar) işkesme kotarıcısı
interrupt level
(Bilgisayar) kesme düzeyi
interrupt mask
(Bilgisayar) işkesme maskesi
interrupt priority
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) işkesme önceliği
interrupt request
(Bilgisayar) kesme isteği ırq
interrupt request
kesme isteği
interrupt request level
kesme isteği düzeyi
interrupt service routine
kesme hizmet yordamı
interrupt signal
(Bilgisayar) işkesme sinyali
interrupt switch
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) işkesme anahtarı
interrupt analyser
kesme çözümleyici
interrupt control routine
kesme denetim yordamı
interrupt controller
kesinti denetçisi
interrupt disable
kesinti önleyici
interrupt driven
kesinti sürümlü
interrupt driven processing
kesme sürümlü işlem
interrupt enable
kesinti onayı
interrupt handler
kesinti denetimcisi
interrupt interface
kesinti arabirimi
interrupt level
kesinti düzeyi
interrupt mask
kesinti örtme
interrupt priority
kesinti önceliği
interrupt service routine
kesinti hizmet yordamı
interrupt signal
kesinti sinyali
interrupt stacking
kesinti yığma
interrupt so.
kesme öyle
interrupt someone
kesme kimse
interrupt affinity
kesme benzeşmesi
interrupt analyser
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) kesilme çözümleyici
interrupt connect
(Bilgisayar) kesme bağlantısı
interrupt control routine
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) kesilme denetim yordamı
interrupt dispatcher
kesme işlemci zamanlaması
interrupt handler
kesinti işleyici program
interrupt mode
(Bilgisayar) kesme modu
interrupt object
kesme nesnesi
interrupt proceeding
(Kanun) muhakemeye mani olmak
interrupt request
(IRQ) Kesme İsteği
interrupt request level
(IRQL) Kesme İsteği Düzeyi (KİD)
interrupt service routine
(ISR) Kesme Hizmet Yordamı
interrupt the conversation
tartışmaya müdahale etmek
interrupt the conversation
tartışmada araya girmek
interrupt the conversation
görüşmede araya girmek
interrupt the conversation
tartışmayı bölmek
interrupt the meeting
toplantıyı bölmek
interrupt type
(Bilgisayar) kesme türü
input output interrupt
giriş çıkış kesmesi
input output interrupt indicator
giriş çıkış kesmesi göstergesi
internal interrupt
iç kesinti
{f} sözünü kes

O konuşurken onun sözünü kesti. - He interrupted her while she was speaking.

Mary bitiremeden Tom onun sözünü kesti. - Tom interrupted Mary before she could finish.

{i} sözünü kesme
(Politika, Siyaset) tamamlanmamış
(Politika, Siyaset) yarıda kesilmiş
sekteye uğramak
(Dilbilim) kesintili
sözünü kesme

Tom'un onlar konuşurken insanların sözünü kesme gibi kötü bir alışkanlığı var. - Tom has a bad habit of interrupting people while they're talking.

Beth'in, insanlar konuşurken onların sözünü kesme gibi güçlü alışkanlığı var. - Beth has a strong habit of interrupting people while they are talking.

yarıda kesme

Tom'un yarıda kesmeleri hakkında daha fazla endişelenmemize gerek yok. - We don't have to worry about any more interruptions from Tom.

söze karışma
{i} kesiklik
rahatsız edici
automatic interrupt
otomatik kesilme
first level interrupt handler
birinci düzey kesinti yöneticisi
prioritized interrupt
öncelikli kesinti
priority interrupt
öncelik kesintisi
vectored interrupt
vektörlü kesinti
Kesilebilir, ara verilebilir, aksatılabilir
parity interrupt
parite kesilmesi, eşlik kesilmesi
processor error interrupt
işlemci hatalı kesilme
fail on interrupt 24
(Bilgisayar) ınt 24'de başarısızlık
fail safe interrupt
(Bilgisayar) korumalı işkesme
hardware interrupt levels
donanım kesme düzeyleri
(Tıp) Kesilmiş, kesik kesik, aralıklı
{s} kesilmiş
{s} aksak
{s} kesik
araya girilebilir
{i} durdurma
{i} ara
parity interrupt
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) eşlik kesilmesi
parity interrupt
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) parite kesilmesi
polling interrupt
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) sorgulama işkesimi
polling interrupt
sorgulama iskesimi
priorized interrupt
oncelikli iskesme
İngilizce - İngilizce
To assert to a computer that an exceptional condition must be handled

The packet receiver circuit interrupted the microprocessor.

to disturb or halt an ongoing process or action by interfering suddenly

A maverick politician repeatedly interrupted the debate by shouting.

An event that causes a computer to temporarily cease what it was doing and attend to a condition

The interrupt caused the packet handler routine to run.

to stop while in progress
A request for attention from the processor When the processor receives an interrupt, it suspends its current operations, saves the status of its work, and transfers control to a special routine known as an interrupt handler, which contains the instructions for dealing with the particular situation that caused the interrupt
make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages
An asynchronous event that suspends the currently scheduled process and temporarily diverts the flow of control through an interrupt handler routine Interrupts can be caused by both hardware (I/O, timer, machine check) and software (supervisor, system call, or trap instruction)
An asynchronous operating condition that disrupts normal execution and transfers control to an interrupt handler Interrupts are usually initiated by I/O devices requiring service from the processor
1 [techspeak] n On a computer, an event that interrupts normal processing and temporarily diverts flow-of-control through an "interrupt handler" routine See also {trap} 2 interj A request for attention from a hacker Often explicitly spoken "Interrupt --- have you seen Joe recently?" See {priority interrupt} 3 Under MS-DOS, the term `interrupt' is nearly synonymous with `system call', because the OS and BIOS routines are both called using the INT instruction (see {{interrupt list, the}}) and because programmers so often have to bypass the OS (going directly to a BIOS interrupt) to get reasonable performance
  A suspension of a process, such as the execution of a computer program, caused by an event external to that process, and performed in such a way that the process can be resumed  Synonym  interruption
A method by which a piece of hardware communicates with the processor It's called interrupt, because the device (such as a modem) interrupts the processor to carry out a function (such as writing a file)
To break into, or between; to stop, or hinder by breaking in upon the course or progress of; to interfere with the current or motion of; to cause a temporary cessation of; as, to interrupt the remarks of anyone speaking
Condition that causes normal program processing to be suspended temporarily
If you interrupt someone who is speaking, you say or do something that causes them to stop. Turkin tapped him on the shoulder. `Sorry to interrupt, Colonel.' He tried to speak, but she interrupted him. + interruption interruptions in·ter·rup·tion The sudden interruption stopped Beryl in mid-flow
The suspension of normal program execution to perform a higher priority service routine as requested by a peripheral device After completion of the service routine operation, the interrupted program routine is resumed at the point where it was interrupted
terminate; "She interrupted her pregnancy"; "break a lucky streak"; "break the cycle of poverty" destroy the peace or tranquility of; "Don't interrupt me when I'm reading" interfere in someone else's activity; "Please don't interrupt me while I'm on the phone" make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages
An Interrupt is an opportunity for an opposing unit to stop the performance of another unit's actions Typical interrupts include ambushes and defensive weapons fire against a unit performing actions A successful interrupt causes a unit to stop performing actions, and to lose any remaining command points it may have To be successful, and interrupt must result in a unit's morale becoming Shaken An interrupt is automatically successful against shaken units performing actions
an asynchronous request by a circuit asking for the processor's attention If acknowledged, the processor will temporarily stop what it was doing and interact with the circuit that generated the interrupt
On IBM PC and compatible computers A signal that a device sends to the computer when the device is ready to accept or send information See interupt request (IRQ)
{i} signal sent to the processor which tells the processor to deal with a certain event (Computers)
An event that causes program execution to be suspended temporarily to allow the processor to handle a more urgent chore
This is a signal on which the processor stops execution of the current command sequence and transfers control to the program-handler of the interrupt The address of the program-handler is calculated by the interrupt vector table An interrupt may be initialized either by user programs, while working with disks, screen, printer etc (program interrupts), or by hardware: keyboard, timer (hardware interrupts)
If someone or something interrupts a process or activity, they stop it for a period of time. He has rightly interrupted his holiday in Spain to return to London + interruption in·ter·rup·tion interruptions in the supply of food and fuel = disruption
terminate; "She interrupted her pregnancy"; "break a lucky streak"; "break the cycle of poverty"
A temporary suspension of a process caused by an external event, performed in such a way that the process can be resumed
a special processor function that halts normal program execution in response to some event such as a timer expiration or successful transmission of a character to an I/O device When the interrupt is encountered, the processor executes a special interrupt handler routine to process the event
A signal sent to the CPU to request service Essentially a subroutine outside the normal flow of execution, but with many extra considerations
If something interrupts a line, surface, or view, it stops it from being continuous or makes it look irregular. Taller plants interrupt the views from the house
A suspension of a process, such as the execution of a computer program, caused by an event external to the computer and performed in such a way that the process can be resumed Events of this kind include sensors monitoring laboratory equipment or a user pressing an interrupt key
[BSG] The 645 /6180 CPU has a separate set of 32 interrupt vectors and fault vectors Interrupts are always generated external to the processor, by the System Control Unit (SCU), in which the interrupt might have been "set" by another processor or the I/O box (see GIOC, IOM) Interrupts are only recognized during instruction-pair fetches, not in mid-instruction The interrupt mask is not in the processor, but in the port on the SCU to which the processor is connected Inter-processor, or even looped-back, interrupts generated by processors are used to take processors on and off the system, crash or shutdown the system, and send IPS signals to running processes See SCAS
An event triggered by either hardware or software that causes the processor to first suspend execution of its current process and store information about that process, and then invoke one or more interrupt handlers to decide when and how to handle the new event
interfere in someone else's activity; "Please don't interrupt me while I'm on the phone"
A signal which causes the machine's hardware to break the normal program flow and transfer control to a specific interrupt handling routine Once the interrupt has been processed, the interrupted program is resumed
An event (usually caused by hardware) that interrupts whatever the processor was doing and asks it do something else The hardware will generate an interrupt whenever it has reached some state where software intervention is required
An asynchronous message sent to a process or thread that interrupts what it is currently doing This usually results in an InterruptedException object being received by the interrupted thread Waiting for an interrupt is an alternative to polling
In LAN technology, the method of access used in certain bus and ring networks in which workstations can "interrupt" a server to get service The server resumes its prior operation after handling the station's request
destroy the peace or tranquility of; "Don't interrupt me when I'm reading"
Broken; interrupted
To divide; to separate; to break the monotony of; as, the evenness of the road was not interrupted by a single hill
make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages"
An asynchronous message, usually issued by an I/O device, requesting the service of an operating system's or device driver's interrupt handler
{f} stop, discontinue; disturb, interfere; interrupt the conversation or action of another (especially with a remark)
interrupt request
The act of interrupting any of several hardware processes in a computer
interrupt requests
plural form of interrupt request
interrupt a conversation
break into a discussion, discontinue a discussion
interrupt an electric current
stop the flow of an electric current
interrupt the view
hide the view, block the scenery
interrupt vector
place in memory that stores the addresses of subroutines that are activated upon shutdown (Computers)
non-maskable interrupt
A hardware-level interrupt that cannot be masked by software, such as a memory parity error
{v} to stop, hinder, divide, separate
Able to be interrupted
intermittently stopping and starting; "fitful (or interrupted) sleep"; "off-and-on static"
Discontinuous; in an inflorescence, having clusters of flowers interspersed with bare areas of stem; in the Interrupted Fern (Osmunda claytonia), having the non-fertile frond broken by the interspersion of the fertile organs
discontinued temporarily; "we resumed the interrupted discussion
One which contains alternating reaches, that are either perennial, intermittent, or ephemeral
Broken; intermitted; suddenly stopped
Irregular; said of any arrangement whose symmetry is destroyed by local causes, as when leaflets are interposed among the leaves in a pinnate leaf
{s} interfered with, disturbed
past of interrupt
discontinued temporarily; "we resumed the interrupted discussion"
Descriptive of a structure, the pattern or sequence of whose elements is broken by the insertion of other elements
present participle of interrupt
  Synonym interrupt
An event that changes the instruction stream to handle exceptional conditions including traps, checks, faults, and interrupts
an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity; "it was presented without commercial breaks"
the act of interrupting, or the state of being interrupted
An attack on the property of availability Also known as denial of service
Temporary cessation; intermission; suspension
legal action to extend the length of time of a period of prescription
a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
some abrupt occurrence that interrupts; "the telephone is an annoying interruption"; "there was a break in the action when a player was hurt
a time interval during which there is a cessation of something
The state of being interrupted; a breach or break, caused by the abrupt intervention of something foreign; intervention; interposition
some abrupt occurrence that interrupts; "the telephone is an annoying interruption"; "there was a break in the action when a player was hurt"
An outage caused by the failure of one or more communications links with entities outside of the local facility
Obstruction caused by breaking in upon course, current, progress, or motion; stop; hindrance; as, the author has met with many interruptions in the execution of his work; the speaker or the argument proceeds without interruption
Inoperative service (or a portion thereof)
{i} disturbance, disruption; discontinuance, stoppage; cutting-off
The act of interrupting, or breaking in upon
plural of interruption
Tending to interrupt; interrupting
{s} disturbing; stopping; disconnecting, severing
The slowest but most common method to move acquired data from the hardware to system memory Interrupt signals can be generated when one sample is acquired or when multiple samples are acquired
On receipt of an interrupt, the controller suspends its current operation, identifies the interrupting peripheral, then jumps (vectors) to the appropriate interrupt service routine After this routine is executed, normal program execution continues Most microcontrollers have at least one external interrupt, which can be edge selectable (rising or falling) or level triggered Both systems (edge/level) have advantages Edge - is not time sensitive, but it is susceptible to gitches Level - must be held high (or low) for a specific duration (which can be a pain - but is not susceptible to glitches)
third-person singular of interrupt
An efficient method to quickly request a computer's attention to a particular external event
plural of interrupt