break off

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İngilizce - Türkçe

Erkek arkadaşın sorunlu bir kişi ama bırakmak ya da kopmak için yeterince iyi bir neden değil. - Your boyfriend is a problematic person, but that's not a good enough reason to give up or break off your relationship.

kırılıp ayrılmak
ilişiğini kesmek
(deyim) (ilişki) kesilmek
(deyim) (ilişki) kopmak
paydos etmek
(Askeri) taarruzu kes! komutu
ilişkiyi kesmek
(Askeri) GÖREVİ KES EMRİ: Yakın hava desteğinde, bir taarruzu derhal kesmek üzere kullanılan bir komut
(deyim) (ilişki) sona ermek
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- (ilişkiyi) kesmek 2- bozmak 3- kesilmek , dinmek 4- birdenbire durmak , ara vermek
(deyim) (çalışmaya) ara vermek

Ne yazık ki tartışmayı kesmek zorundayız. - I'm afraid we must break off the discussion.

son vermek
birdenbire durmak
bozmak (nişan vb.)
aniden kesmek
(deyim) mola vermek
break off an engagement
nişanı bozmak
break off relations
alakayı kesmek
break off relations with
alakayı kesmek
break off the engagement
nişanı atmak
break off with somebody
merhabayı kesmek
break something off
break something off
son vermek
likely to break off
yol ayrımına gelmek
break sth off
break sth off
break sth off
break sth off
koparmak, kesmek, ayrılmak
to break off
break sth. off
(deyim) koparmak ,kesmek,ayrilmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
To end abruptly, either temporarily or permanently

Then the conversation broke off, and there was little more talking, only a noise of men going backwards and forwards, and of putting down of kegs and the hollow gurgle of good liquor being poured from breakers into the casks.

To remove a piece from a whole by breaking or snapping

The bees came and found no one but the Woodman to sting, so they flew at him and broke off all their stings against the tin, without hurting the Woodman at all. And as bees cannot live when their stings are broken that was the end of the black bees, and they lay scattered thick about the Woodman, like little heaps of fine coal.

cut off, stop abruptly; break off ties; break down; isolate, disconnect
If someone breaks off a relationship, they end it. The two West African states had broken off relations two years ago He doesn't seem to have the courage to break it off with her
If part of something breaks off or if you break it off, it comes off or is removed by force. The two wings of the aircraft broke off on impact Grace broke off a large piece of the clay They've torn down wooden fences and broken branches off trees
break off (a piece from a whole); "Her tooth chipped"
v Act of a group of jumpers separating from a freefall or canopy group
interrupt before its natural or planned end; "We had to cut short our vacation"
prevent completion; "stop the project"; "break off the negociations"
– 1 RW – A predetermined altitude at which all jumpers turn 180 degrees from the center of the formation and track in order to have enough airspace to safely open their parachutes 2 CRW – The altitude after which no more incoming canopies are allowed to dock
If you break off when you are doing or saying something, you suddenly stop doing it or saying it. Llewelyn broke off in mid-sentence The commander of the German task force radioed that he was breaking off the action
To cease formation skydiving by tracking away from the formation prior to deployment
break a piece from a whole; "break a branch from a tree"
break a small piece off from; "chip the glass"; "chip a tooth"
break one off
an 1800s baseball term meaning to throw a curve ball
off break
a normal ball bowled by a off spin bowler, moving from off to leg (for a right-handed batsman)
break off