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İngilizce - Türkçe
her şey

Her şeyi sepetime koy. - Put everything in my basket.

Bazı insanlar Japonya'nın her şeyde 1 numara olduğuna inanıyor. - Some people believe that Japan is No.1 in everything.

en önemli şey

Aşık olmadığım herşeyi sıkıcı buluyorum. - I find it boring everything I do not fall in love with.

Tom'a herşeyin yolunda olduğunu söyle. - Tell Tom everything's fine.


Tom'a herşeyin yolunda olduğunu söyle. - Tell Tom everything's fine.

her şeyi
everything is ok
her şey tamam
everything but
haricindeki her şey
everything but the kitchen sink
her şeyi ama evye
everything comes to him who waits
(Atasözü) Sabreden derviş muradına ermiş
everything else
diğer herşey
everything is all right
herşey yolunda mi
everything is alright
sorun yok
everything is alright
herşey yolunda
everything that
her şey
everything aside
hepsi bir yana
everything is fucked up
herşey berbat
erase everything
(Bilgisayar) herşeyi sil
Dust has settled on everything
Her şey tozlandı
You mean everything to me
Sen benim her şeyimsin
all things/everything considered
herşey / herşey kabul
all things/everything considered
her şey hesaba katıldı
distant from everything
her şeyden uzak
have a bite of everything
her şeyin bir lokma
in spite of everything
herşeye rağmen
left everything to
Sol her şeye
like everything
her şey gibi
lump everything together
her şeyi bir araya koymak
thank you for everything
Her şey için teşekkür ederim
(everything) be alright
herşey yoluna girmek
(everything) come right
herşey yoluna girmek
(everything) get better
herşey yoluna girmek
(everything) go better
herşey yoluna girmek
You mean everything to
Sen benim her şeyimsin
assuming everything goes well
bir aksilik olmazsa
calm down, everything will be ok
sakin olun her sey yoluna girecek
do everything in the book
yapmadığını bırakmamak
lump everything
her şeyi bir araya koymak. lump s.o. together with birini (başkalarıyla) aynı tutmak, birini (başkalarıyla) aynı kefeye koymak, birini (bir gruptan) saymak
there is a time and a place for everything
(deyim) [atasozu] herseyin yeri ve zamani vardir
turn everything topsyturvy
her şeyi altüst etmek
turn everything topsyturvy
her şeyi başaşağı çevirmek
turn everything upside down
her şeyi altüst etmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
All the things under discussion

Thank you for everything you did for us.

A state of well-being (from all parts of the whole)

Since the company lost its best customer everything has gotten worse.

Many or most things

I did everything today - washed the dishes, cut the lawn, did the laundry.

Whatever pertains to the subject under consideration; all things
pron semuanya
You use everything to refer to all possible or likely actions, activities, or situations. `This should have been decided long before now.' --- `We can't think of everything.' Noel and I do everything together Are you doing everything possible to reduce your budget?
You use everything to refer to a whole situation or to life in general. She says everything is going smoothly Is everything all right? Everything's going to be just fine
If you say that someone or something is everything, you mean you consider them to be the most important thing in your life, or the most important thing that there is. I love him. He is everything to me Money isn't everything. nothing
You use everything to refer to all the objects, actions, activities, or facts in a particular situation. He'd gone to Seattle long after everything else in his life had changed Early in the morning, hikers pack everything that they will need for the day's hike nothing
pron. all, every thing
wszystko [FSHIST-koh] See my entry for everyone, and replace the ending with "ko " Date of entry: 13 April 2000
If you say that someone or something has everything, you mean they have all the things or qualities that most people consider to be desirable. She has everything: beauty, talent, children
(deyim) box and dice

Is everything all right? - Everything all right?

Everything all right? - Is everything all right?

everything and the kitchen sink
Alternative form of everything but the kitchen sink
everything but the kitchen sink
Almost everything, whether needed or not

She must have brought everything but the kitchen sink along on the trip, and how she lifted her suitcase, I do not know.

everything but the kitchen sink
large number of miscellaneous objects or items (e.g. "I have got everthing but the kitchen sink in my purse")
everything has its place
everything has a place where it belongs
everything is OK
everything is fine, everything is all right
everything is alright
everything is fine, everything is OK
everything that
all the things that, each matter/object that
everything went smoothly
all went well, there were no difficulties
everything will be alright
everything will turn out fine, everything will work out in the end
everything will work out fine
everything will work out in the end, everything will be all right
everything you need to succeed
all the (ability, help, etc.) that one needs to become a success
if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail
With limited tools, single-minded people apply them inappropriately or indiscriminately
if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail
If a person is familiar with a certain, single subject/has with them a certain, single instrument, they may have a confirmation bias to believe that it is the answer to/involved in everything
leave everything on the road
To exert oneself until completely exhausted
theory of everything
a theory, not yet in existence, that would unite all fundamental physical phenomena into a single framework
timing is everything
Consideration of other events can greatly influence some desired outcome (such as an audience laughing to a comedian's joke)

You know what they say: timing is everything. I'm sure we can find another plumber before the house floods.

absolutely everything
everything ever imaginable
cope with everything
manage everything successfully
did everything he could
did everything within his power, did everything humanly possible
gave him everything
provided him with all he had to give; gave him all that he now has
in spite of everything
despite all that, anyway, regardless of everything
it beats everything ever heard of
it is better than anything else ever before, there is nothing better than it
left everything to
(in a will) gave all property to, bequeathed everything to
take everything on trust
believe in everything, trust in everything, have faith in everything
talk about everything under the sun
talk about every imaginable issue
there is a time for everything
for everything there is a season
there's a limit to everything
everything has its boundary, there is a limit to foolish behavior