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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} duruşma

Duruşma için ABD'ye götürüldü. - He was taken to the United States for trial.

Duruşma günden güne devam etti. - The trial went on day after day.


Tom yargılamaya gelmeyecek. - Tom won't show up for trial.

Bu bir yargılama değil bir duruşmadır. - This is a hearing, not a trial.


Deneme yanılma yoluyla doğru cevabı buldu. - Through trial and error, he found the right answer by chance.

Deneme beş gün sürdü. - The trial lasted five days.

{i} test

Tom'un testi ne zamandı? - When was Tom's trial?

{i} dert
{i} dava

Facebook ve cep telefonu mesajları bir öğrenciye tecavüz etmesi nedeniyle bir adamın davasında kilit delil olarak ortaya çıkmıştır. - Facebook and text messages have emerged as key evidence in the trial of a man for raping a student.

O duruşmada davacı benim. - I am the plaintiff in that trial.

(Ticaret) deneme niteliğinde
imtihan kabilinden olan felaket veya keder
(Ticaret) mahkemede duruşma
baş belası
{i} sınav
{i} sınama
{i} prova
i., huk
(Tıp) Deneme, tecrübe
trial balance muhasebede zimmet ve ma
dert, baş belası: He is a trial to his mother. Annesi için bir baş belası. s
{i} girişim
{i} çile
trial and error çeşitli yolları deneme
tecrübe olunma
{i} örnek
duruşma, yargılama, muhakeme
{s} mahkeme

Sanık hırsız şimdi mahkeme huzurunda. - The accused thief is on trial now.

Tom'un mahkemesi yarın başlar. - Tom's trial starts tomorrow.

deneme yapmak
trial and error
deneme ve yanılma
trial and error
deneme-yanılma yöntemi
trial and error
sınama ve yanılma
trial balance
(Kanun) muvakkat mizan
trial balance
(Kanun) küçük mizan
trial balance
(Ticaret) sağlama
trial balance
(Ticaret) büyük mizan
trial jury
yargıçlar kurulu
trial jury
trial mix
(İnşaat) deneme karışımı
trial period
(Ticaret) deneme devresi
trial and error
deneme yanılma
trial attorney
dava vekili
trial balance
geçici mizan
trial balloon
deneme balonu
trial court
deneme alanı
trial flight
deneme uçuşu
trial judge
duruşma hâkimi
trial lawyer
duruşma avukatı
trial lawyer
dava avukatı
trial marriage
deneme evliliği
trial period
deneme süresi

Deneme süresi otuz gün içinde sona ermeden önce yazılımı değerlendirebilirsin. - You may evaluate the software before the trial period expires in 30 days.

Deneme süresince buradayım. - I'm here on a trial period.

trial and error learning
Deneme yanılma ile öğrenme
trial balance
Mizan: Bir tüccarın, ticarî durumunu, işinin genel sonucunu gösteren, belirli zamanlarda yaptığı hesap özeti
trial balance
mizan,belli dönemler arasındaki hesap özeti
trial balloon
halkın tepkisini ölçmek için duyurulan on haber
trial boring
deneme sondajı
trial by battle
savaş tarafından deneme
trial by fire
yangınla deneme
trial drilling
Deneme sondajı
trial pit
deneme çukuru, deneme kuyusu
trial proceeds
deneme devam
trial run
(Mühendislik) deneme işletmesi (mühendislikte)
trial shift
Deneme vardiyası
Çeşitli yolları deneme, deneme ve yanılma
trial-and-error method
deneme-yanılma yöntemi
trial and error
çeşitli yolları deneme, sınama ve yanılma
trial and error method
sınama ve yanılma yöntemi
trial and error method
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) deneme ve yanılma yöntemi
trial balance
muh. mizan
trial balance
trial balance
geçici bilanço
trial balloon
halkın tepkisini öğrenmek için bir plan hakkında verilen ön haber
trial borings
tecrübe sondajları
trial circle
deneme dairesi
trial circle
test dairesi
trial compaction
deneme sıkıştırması
trial compaction
test kompaksiyonu
trial concrete mix
(İnşaat) deneme betonu karışımı
trial cost
(Kanun) dava tutarı
trial counsel
(Askeri) ASKERİ SAVCI: Bak. "trial judge advocate"
trial court
(Kanun) bidayet mahkemesi
trial day
duruşma günü
trial day
mahkeme günü
trial elevation
(Askeri) sıra ateşi mesafesi
trial elevation
(Askeri) sıra ateşi yüksekliği
trial elevation
(Askeri) SIRA ATEŞİ YÜKSEKLİĞİ (MESAFESİ): Kara ve deniz hedeflerine yatay ateşte, sıra ateşinin başladığı yükseklik
trial fire
(Askeri) DENEME ATIŞI, KONTROL ATEŞİ: Atış esaslarına ait düzeltmeleri tespit maksadıyla sabit bir noktaya veya sabit bir hedef üzerine dikkatle yapılan top atışı. Deneme atışı, tesir atışına hazırlık olarak yapılır. Bak. "fire"
trial function
(Askeri) deneme fonksiyonu
trial heat
spor tecrübe koşusu
trial judge
duruşma hakimi
trial judge advocate
(Askeri) ASKERİ SAVCI: Genel ve özel bir askeri mahkemede ABD adına dava açmak için yetkili mahkeme tarafından tayin edilen subay. Askeri savcı, tutanakları hazırlamakla da görevlidir. Buna "trial counsel" da denir
trial judge duruşma
trial loading
test yüklemesi
trial of absentees
(Kanun) gaiplerin muhakemesi
trial of battle
(Kanun) mahkeme huzurundaki düello
trial of offence
(Kanun) suçun yargılaması
trial of offense
(Kanun) suçun yargılaması
trial pile
test kazığı
trial pile
deneme kazığı
trial pit
muayene çukuru
trial practice
yargı uygulamaları
trial practise
yargı uygulaması
trial procedure
(Kanun) duruşma usulü
trial programs
(Bilgisayar) deneme programları
trial record
duruşma tutanağı
trial run
deneme çalışması
trial sending
(Ticaret) numune sevkiyatı
trial shot
(Askeri) DENEME ATIMI, KONTROL ATIMI: Deneme atışında atılan atım
trial shot correction
(Askeri) kontrol atımı düzeltmesi
trial shot correction
(Askeri) DENEME ATIMI DÜZELTMESİ, KONTROL ATIMI DÜZELTMESİ: Deneme atışı sonucu elde edilen ve tesir atışına hazırlanmada kullanılan tanzim düzeltmesi
trial shot correction
(Askeri) deneme atımı düzeltmesi
trial shot point
(Askeri) kontrol atımı noktası
trial shot point
(Askeri) DENEME ATIMI NOKTASI; KONTROL ATIMI NOKTASI: Deneme atışının tevcih edildiği nokta
trial software
(Bilgisayar) test yazılımı
trial tank
(Askeri) deney tankı
acceptance trial
(Askeri) kabul denemesi
competence to stand trial
(Kanun) ceza ehliyeti
evidence to be read in trial
(Kanun) duruşmada okunacak deliller
join a trial
duruşmaya katılmak
trial and error
(Ticaret) muayene
abortive trial
sonuçsuz dava
by trial and error
deneme yanılma yoluyla
on trial
deneme için
on trial
stand trial
mahkemede yargılanmak
30 day trial
30 günlük deneme
be bring to trial
(Kanun) Mahkemede yargılanmak
comitted for trial
(Kanun) İlgili mahkemeye sevk edilmiş
experimental facility, trial plant
deney tesisi, deneme tesisi
go to trial
mahkemeye gitmek
incompetence to stand trial
(Kanun) Yargıla(n)maya elverişsiz/yetersiz
jailed pending trial
Tutuklu yargılanma
o make a trial of
o bir deneme yapmak
only free trial calls available
sadece ücretsiz deneme aramaları yapılabilir
open-label trial
(Tıp, İlaç) Hem katılımcıların hem uygulayanların hangi ilacın verildiğini bildiği klinik deney
pending trial
Tutuksuz yargılanma
phase iii clinical trial
Faz ııı klinik çalışma
put on trial
put to trial
mahkemeye koymak
scopes trial
kapsamları deneme
stand trial for
denenmek için
through trial and error
Deneme yanılmayla (öğrenme)
time trial
zaman deneme
to risk a trial of strength
güçlü bir deneme riskine
trial of
trial and error
deneme yanılma yöntemi
Englisch - Englisch
pertaining to a language form referring to three of something, as people; contrast singular, dual and plural
Attempted on a provisional or experimental basis
Characterized by having three (usually equivalent) components
To try out (a new player) in a sports team

The team trialled a new young goalkeeper in Saturday's match, with mixed results.

appearance at judicial court
a difficult experience
an annoying person

That boy was a trial to his parents.

To carry out a series of tests on (a new product, procedure etc.) before marketing or implementing it

The warning system was extensively trialled before being fitted to all our vehicles.

an opportunity to test something out; a test

They will perform the trials for the new equipment next week.

Pertaining to a trial or test
{n} a temptation, test of virtue, experiment
A trial is a formal meeting in a law court, at which a judge and jury listen to evidence and decide whether a person is guilty of a crime. New evidence showed the police lied at the trial He's awaiting trial in a military court on charges of plotting against the state They believed that his case would never come to trial
The examination and decision of a matter of law or fact by a Court of Law
Trial is the middle step in the dance of marketing The steps go like this: awareness, direct response, trial, acquisition, churn (or retention) Trial is when you, as a consumer, bite the bullet and buy your first bottle of that fab new mineral water everyone's been talking about
A hearing where both sides present evidence and the court makes a decision
trying something to find out about it; "a sample for ten days free trial"; "a trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain"
(law) legal proceedings consisting of the judicial examination of issues by a competent tribunal; "most of these complaints are settled before they go to trial"
Buying or experiencing a product, service or activity for the first time
Examination by a test; experiment, as in chemistry, metallurgy, etc
{s} pertaining to or used in a trial; experimental, exploratory; test; used as a sample
{i} examination of facts by a judicial tribunal (Law); test; subjection to suffering or difficulty; attempt; experiment; annoyance
(sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications; "the trials for the semifinals began yesterday
An investigation of the health and/or economic impact of one or more therapies in humans which does involve a randomisation step [Top of Page]
a formal Hearing with witnesses at which the Judge will resolve disputes that the parties were unable to settle There is no jury in divorce or custody cases
A single repetition of an experiment
A judicial examination of issues between parties to an action
If someone gives you a trial for a job, or if you are on trial, you do the job for a short period of time to see if you are suitable for it. He had just given a trial to a young woman who said she had previous experience
The act of trying or testing in any manner
A trial is an experiment in which you test something by using it or doing it for a period of time to see how well it works. If something is on trial, it is being tested in this way. They have been treated with this drug in clinical trials The robots have been on trial for the past year
A court proceeding during which a judge or jury decides whether a person is guilty or not guilty of the charges against him or her
a court proceeding where testimony is presented to a Judge or a jury to determine if the defendant is guilty of committing the crime(s)
A set of iterations of the LCS that conclude with the receipt of a reward
the act of undergoing testing; "he survived the great test of battle"; "candidates must compete in a trial of skill"
Any effort or exertion of strength for the purpose of ascertaining what can be done or effected
If you do something by trial and error, you try several different methods of doing it until you find the method that works properly. Many drugs were found by trial and error
A hearing in court with testimony recorded by a court reporter The Petitioner and the Respondent have the opportunity to present witnesses and introduce evidence to convince the judge or jury of their position
the act of testing something; "in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately"; "he called each flip of the coin a new trial"
a proceeding or hearing of evidence in a court having jurisdiction over the persons, entities, and subject matter for a determination of all issues between the parties based upon the applicable substantive law
If someone stands trial, they are tried in court for a crime they are accused of. trialled trialling to thoroughly test something to see if it works correctly or is effective. In law, a judicial examination of issues of fact or law for the purpose of determining the rights of the parties involved. Attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant make opening statements to a judge or jury, then the attorney for the plaintiff makes his case by calling witnesses, whom the defense attorney may cross-examine. Unless the case is then dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence, the defense attorney next takes a turn calling witnesses, whom the plaintiff's attorney cross-examines. Both sides make closing arguments. In a trial before a jury, the judge instructs the jury on the applicable laws, and the jury retires to reach a verdict. If the defendant is found guilty, the judge then hands down a sentence. field trial trial jury Scopes Trial Nürnberg trials purge trials Salem witch trials
If you refer to the trials of a situation, you mean the unpleasant things that you experience in it. the trials of adolescence
The legal proceeding which makes a judgment regarding the facts and issues of a case
That which tries or afflicts; that which harasses; that which tries the character or principles; that which tempts to evil; as, his child's conduct was a sore trial
A court proceeding before a judge or a jury at which evidence is presented to decide whether or not the accused committed the crime
The formal examination of the matter in issue in a cause before a competent tribunal; the mode of determining a question of fact in a court of law; the examination, in legal form, of the facts in issue in a cause pending before a competent tribunal, for the purpose of determining such issue
In some sports or outdoor activities, trials are a series of contests that test a competitor's skill and ability. He has been riding in horse trials for less than a year. Dovedale Sheepdog Trials
the final hearing in court to decide the issues in the case
The act of testing by experience; proof; test
If you say that someone or something is on trial, you mean that they are in a situation where people are observing them to see whether they succeed or fail. The President will be drawn into a damaging battle in which his credentials will be on trial
The hearing of evidence in a case U United Nations An inter-governmental organisation of 185 members whose principal function is to maintain world peace V Verdict The decision of a jury in matters submitted to it in a trial W Warrant Written authority, usually from a court, authorising that certain action may be taken, e g to search, to arrest
(sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications; "the trials for the semifinals began yesterday"
The presentation of evidence to a court or jury to allow the court or jury to decided disputed questions of fact
twisted trial, Twisted's unit-testing framework, modelled after pyunit
(law) the determination of a person's innocence or guilt by due process of law; "he had a fair trial and the jury found him guilty"
The licensing of a software program or package to a user for evaluation purposes for a limited period of time
A process where a judge or a jury (rare in civil cases in Ontario) makes a binding decision based on the merits after a full public hearing of the case
The state of being tried or tempted; exposure to suffering that tests strength, patience, faith, or the like; affliction or temptation that exercises and proves the graces or virtues of men
A hearing in court when all evidence is heard and a final decision is made •Civil Courts
If someone is on trial, they are being tried in a court of (Hukuk) He is currently on trial accused of serious drugs charges
an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event; "his mother-in-law's visits were a great trial for him"; "life is full of tribulations"; "a visitation of the plague"
A court's process of resolving a dispute according to the applicable laws and evidence presented (An appeal can occur after a decision is reached at trial )
In CESLab, this term refers to each sequence of simulated time (starting at zero) in which electrophysiological simulation is conducted in the preparation Trials are started via the menu bar command Start New Trial Trials may be paused and continued in general, though certain major modifications made to a preparation may render any current trial uncontinuable, so that a new trial will have to be conducted
The court proceeding in which the District Attorney, or a Deputy District Attorney, presents the case for the State, attempting to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime as charged The defendant may present proof to dispute the State's claim Usually the defendant chooses whether a judge or a twelve person jury will decide the case
trial and error
The process of finding a solution to a problem by trying many possible solutions and learning from mistakes until a way is found

Navigating by trial and error may get you there eventually, but using a map is faster.

trial balance
A statement of the balances of all nominal accounts in a double-entry ledger, made to test their equality. The total value of the debits should equal the total of the credits any difference indicates that an error has been made
trial balances
plural form of trial balance
trial balloon
An idea, suggestion, or prospective action, product, etc. offered to an audience or group in order to test whether it generates acceptance or interest

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn and his investment group reportedly floated an idea to merge certain Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) assets with an undisclosed web portal. . . . This trail balloon, or rumor, lacks the specificity for a thorough response, said a Time Warner spokeswoman.

trial balloons
plural form of trial balloon
trial by ordeal
: Archaic practice by which a person accused of a crime could prove his innocence by his survival of physically painful tests
trial run
A test of the suitability or effectiveness of a person or thing (a tryout)
trial runs
plural form of trial run
trial and error
A method of reaching a correct solution or satisfactory result by trying out various means or theories until error is sufficiently reduced or eliminated
trial and error
The random application of one possible solution after another (p 280)
trial and error
experimenting until a solution is found
trial and error
A method of solving problems in which many solutions are tried until errors are reduced or minimized
trial and error
a method of sakljdfklsdjskdfj
trial and error
Satisfaction of one's curiosity which brings us to realize what fits to us or not, which brings us a new point of view, and a positive change in our situation (exploration evolution) There are no "mistakes" in a negative way, there is only satisfaction of a quest with new perceptions on ourselves and on the world around us Whatever if we are satisfied or not of the "result", we are always wining something As Sark wrote in her book Succulent Wild Woman, "creative exploration will always result in mistakes, and if we fear those, we risk paralysis and numb ( )"
trial and error
experiment and making a mistake, trying and failing
trial and error method
method of learning by making attempts and learning from the results
trial attorney
a lawyer who specializes in defending clients before a court of law
trial balance
is a listing of the accounts in your general ledger and their balances as of a specified date A trial balance is usually prepared at the end of an accounting period and is used to see if additional adjustments are required to any of the balances Since the basic accounting system relies on double-entry bookkeeping, a trial balance will have the same total debit amount as it has total credit amounts
trial balance
A listing of all account balances; provides a means of testing whether total debits equal total credits for all accounts
trial balance
A statement of all the open debit and credit items in a double-entry ledger, made to test their equality
trial balance
A list of the balances of the accounts in a ledger kept by double entry with the debit and credit balances shown in separate columns   If the total of the debit and credit columns are equal or if their net balance agrees with a controlling account, the ledgers from which the figures are taken are said to be "in balance "
trial balance
The act of totaling debit balances and credit balances to confirm that total debits equal total credits
trial balance
In accounting, a workpaper used to list all the debit and credit balances in the general ledger and to determine that the total debits equal the total credits (the result of double-entry accounting)
trial balance
The testing of a ledger to discover whether the debits and credits balance, by finding whether the sum of the personal credits increased by the difference between the debit and credit sums in the merchandise and other impersonal accounts equals the sum of personal debits
trial balance
a listing of all accounts, with their balances entered as debits or credits in columns, to determine whether the accounts balance, that is whether, total debits equal total credits A trail balance is typically prepared at the end of an accounting period just before preparing the adjusting entries and the financial statements
trial balance
A trial balance is prepared at the end of an accounting period by adding up all the account balances in your general ledger The debit balances should equal the credit balances
trial balance
A trial balance is a listing of the accounts in your general ledger and their balances as of a specified date A trial balance is usually prepared at the end of an accounting period and is used to see if additional adjustments are required to any of the balances Since the basic accounting system relies on double-entry bookkeeping, a trial balance will have the same total debit amount as it has total credit amounts
trial balance
A summary of the balances contained in the general ledger to verify that the general ledger is in balance The balances used to prepare the trial balance must be as of the same date Because some balances in the general ledger are positive (+) while others are negative (-), the total of the trial balance should be zero
trial balance
table used to concentrate balances of various business accounts (Accounting)
trial balance
a balance of debits and credits in double-entry bookkeeping; drawn up to test their equality
trial balance
This is recorded to show the proof of the equality of debits and credits in a general ledger
trial balance
a test to see whether all the debits and credits in a set of account books match
trial balance
A list of the balances of the accounts in a ledger kept by double entry with the debit and credit balances shown in separate columns If the totals of the debit and credit columns are equal or their net balance agrees with a controlling account, the ledger from which the figures are taken is said to be "in balance "
trial balance
The equality would not show that the items were all correctly posted
trial balloon
balloon used in an experiment; hot-air balloon used for reconnaissance
trial balloon
a balloon sent up to test air currents a test of public opinion
trial balloon
A trial balloon is a proposal that you mention or an action that you try in order to find out other people's reactions to it, especially if you think they are likely to oppose it. They floated the trial balloon of actually cutting Social Security. An idea or a plan advanced tentatively to test public reaction. something that you do or say in order to see whether other people will accept something or not
trial behind closed doors
court trial which is performed with a minimal crowd present
trial by fire
{i} test of one's ability to manage under pressure
trial court
1 Court of original jurisdiction, where matters are to be litigated first and where all evidence relative to a cause is received and considered All states differentiate between trial courts and appellant courts The distinction is that it is the function of the trial court first to determine the facts and the law in a case, with the appellant court acting predominantly as a court of review of law, but not fact
trial court
Normally the first court to hear a lawsuit This court is the forum in which the facts are determined and the law is initially applied, as opposed to an appellate court, to which decisions are appealed
trial court
the first court before which the facts of a case are decided
trial court
The court where a trial is held-sometimes referred to as a Circuit Court, District Court, Superior Court, County Court, Court of Common Pleas (An appeal of a trial is held in an Appellate court )
trial court
The first level or entry level of the court system, regardless of the kind of law (e g family, criminal), is called trial court return to index
trial court
first court that ruled on a case
trial drilling
drilling into the Earth in an attempt to find oil or water
trial edition
experimental version of a book that is published for the first time
trial judge
a judge in a trial court
trial jury
group of citizens who listen to a trial and make the decision on a case
trial period
epoch of time intended for experience before a final decision
trial period
a period of time during which someone or something is tested
trial proceeds
process of a legal trial, procedures of a legal trial
trial resumes
the trial was begun again, the trail was re-started
trial run
A trial run is a first attempt at doing something to make sure you can do it properly. A test, as of performance or acceptance. an occasion when you test a new method or system to see if it works well
trial run
experiment, test
trial version
version that is provided for someone to try (to see if they like it)
trial within a trial
marginal legal proceeding during the course of a trial so as to clear up some detail; clarification of the veracity of the defendant's confession before the actual trial
trying out various means or theories until error is satisfactorily reduced or eliminated; "he argued that all learning is a trial-and-error process that resembles biological evolution
relating to solving problems by experience rather than theory; "they adopted a trial-and-error procedure"
bench trial
A trial by judge as opposed to a trial by jury
civil trial
A trial in which a plaintiff seeks damages or other remedy from a defendant; a lawsuit
clinical trial
A comparison test of a medication or other medical treatment (such as a medical device), versus a placebo (inactive look-a-like), other medications or devices, or the standard medical treatment for a patient's condition
a staged trial, running in parallel with a real one that is thought to be politically motivated or otherwise rigged, in which the truth can be made public
jury trial
: A legal process in which the guilt or liability of a party is determined by a jury, a group of citizens selected from the local population
sea trial
testing of watercrafts
show trial
A trial held for appearance's sake, but for which the verdict is predetermined
time trial
An unpaced race in which riders or teams, leaving at regular intervals are timed over a preset course or distance, the winner being the rider or team to finish in the fastest time
time trial
Any competitive event in which competitors are timed rather than racing against each other
The running of trial races, especially for horses or greyhounds
Present participle of trial
Alternative spelling of undertrial
on trial
In court as a defendant, defending your actions. - The man charged with the assault is on trial now. He's in court
on trial
In the process of being tested or tried
open-label trial
(Tıp, İlaç) An open-label trial is a type of clinical trial in which both the researchers and participants know which treatment is being administered
person on trial

Defendant will be in prison for the next twenty years, if the jury finds the person on trial guilty.

speedy trial
(Kanun) A trial conducted according to prevailing rules and procedures that takes place without unreasonable or undue delay or within a statutory period
through trial and error
(learning) by trying and making mistakes
past of trial
A type of course designed to test the skill of the rider through a series of very tight obstacles The obstacles usually consist of rocks, streams, cars, logs and every other impassable barrier available
Plural of trial
These are practice races, usually used by trainer's to educate the horse or as a guide to fitness
A mini subscription offer to a publication, usually free In lists, trial names refer to those who have responded to an offer, not necessarily purchasing a subscription
Individuals who ordered a short-term subscription to a magazine, newsletter, or continuity program In list rental, trials are not equal to those who convert to customer status
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