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Türkisch - Türkisch
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Erkek kişi
(Osmanlı Dönemi) İyi ve terbiyeli yetişmiş insan
(Osmanlı Dönemi) İnsan
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Birinin tarafını tutan kimse
iyi yetişmiş, değerli kimse
Birinin sözünü dinleyen, nazını çeken kimse, kayırıcı. İyi huylu, güvenilir kimse: "Amcam, güngörmüş bir adamdı."- R. N. Güntekin
Herkes, kim olursa olsun
Birinin yanında ve işinde bulunan kimse: "Kendisi gayet kibirli, öfkeli olduğu için hizmetçileri ve adamları korkarlar."- K. Tahir
İyi huylu, güvenilir kimse
Herkes, kim olursa olsun: "Ağzının, adamı deli eden kıvrak tebessümü sönmüş."- R. N. Güntekin
Görevli kimse
Birinin sözünü dinleyen, nazını çeken kimse, kayırıcı
Erkek kişi: "İyi bir adam isterse, babası da verirse, varacak."- M. Ş. Esendal
Bir şeyin önemsenmediği anlatılmak istendiğinde kullanılan söz
Bir alanda derin bilgisi olan veya bir alanı benimseyen
Görevli kimse: "Artık şunları toplatsak, dedi, kavasa söyleseniz de bir adam buluverse."- R. H. Karay
Bir alanı benimseyen
Birinin yanında ve işinde bulunan kimse
Bir alanda derin bilgisi olan: "Bir sanatçının, bilim adamının düşünmek için bol zamana ihtiyacı vardır."- H. Taner
Eş, koca
Birinin yararlandığı, kullandığı kimse: "Hemen hepsi para çevrelerinin adamlarıydı."- C. Meriç
Birinin yararlandığı, kullandığı kimse
adam azmanı
Çok iri yapılı kimse
adam boyu
İnsan boyunca
adam boyu
Yaklaşık olarak normal bir adam boyunda
adam evladı
İyi bir ailenin iyi yetişmiş çocuğu
adam sarrafı
İnsanların karakterini çabuk anlayacak duruma gelmiş kimse, insan sarrafı
adam sendecilik
Önemsememe, vurdumduymaz davranışlar içinde olma işi
Englisch - Englisch
The first man in the Bible and the Qur'an, said to be the progenitor of the human race

Say Goddess, what ensu’d when Raphael, / The affable Arch-Angel, had forewarn'd / Adam by dire example to beware / Apostasie,.

Original sin or human frailty
(with second or last) Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice, in Christian theology, makes possible the forgiveness of Adam's original sin

Second Adam from above,Reinstate us in thy love.

A male given name

What splendid names for boys there are! / There's Carol like a rolling car, / And Martin like a flying bird, / And Adam like the Lord's First Word,.

{n} the first man created
The first man created and a Prophet of Islam
O T see also Eve
red, a Babylonian word, the generic name for man, having the same meaning in the Hebrew and the Assyrian languages It was the name given to the first man, whose creation, fall, and subsequent history and that of his descendants are detailed in the first book of Moses (Gen 1: 27-ch 5) "God created man [Heb , Adam] in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them "
Name mean red, earth First man See Adam, Second
Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway
Robert Adam (1728-92): eminent architect who designed furniture for the houses he built or re-modelled; famous for his revival of the classical style, based on Ancient Greek and Roman taste, begun in England during the 1760's
Scottish brothers Robert and James Adam practiced as architects and designers, employing cabinetmakers, painters, and sculptors to execute their designs
{i} first man and the husband of Eve (Biblical); male first name
In Genesis, the name Adam literally means "ruddy," from the Hebrew for "red"; it possibly derives from an Akkadian word meaning "creature " In the older creation account (Gen 2: 4-4: 26), Adam is simply "the man [earthling]," which is not rendered as a proper name until the Septuagint version (c 250 b c e ) New Testament writers typically use Adam as a symbol of all humanity (as in 1 Cor 15: 21-49 and Rom 5: 12-21) See Fall, the
British architect who led the neoclassical movement in England and is noted for his elegant interior designs and for collaborations with his brother James (1730-1794). Adam and Eve Adam's Peak Adam Robert Elsheimer Adam Mickiewicz Adam Bernard Oehlenschläger Adam Gottlob Powell Adam Clayton Jr. Sedgwick Adam Sienkiewicz Henryk Adam Alexander Pius Smith Adam
First man mentioned in Genesis and thus the paradigm for the human being Adam features in many pseudepigraphic texts of the Second Temple period found at Qumran
(Hebrew for "human man") Name given to first created male (with Eve as female) in the creation story in Hebrew Scriptures (Bereishis [Genesis] 1) Has been interpreted over the centuries both literally (as an actual historical person) and symbolically (as a generic humankind)
Furniture designed by the 18th-Century English architects Robert and James Adam, in the same Pompeiian classicism which marked their houses Pieces are delicate and slim, and have simple straight lines and restrained ornamentation
Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)
Art Design Architecture and Media
Adam, as first man, is the metaphorical representation of the collective entity who represents all people
Armywide Devices Automated Management System
derived from a Hebrew root which means both "earth/dirt" and "red" Adon : Lord
The first man in the Bible and the Quran, the mythological progenitor of the human race
the first human creation
The first male God created; he and his mate Eve disobeyed God and were expelled from the garden of Eden See Chapter 1 Yahwist Creation Story The Hebrew term adam can variously designate humankind collectively (as in Genesis 1: 24, 27), the first man (when used with the definite article the as in Genesis 2-3), or the personal name Adam (when used without the definite article as in Genesis 5: 3) See Chapter 1
given name, male, from Hebrew
(Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the first man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race
street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
Area Denial Artillery Munition
A robo-demon created from other demon parts Click here for a full description
The style period from 1765-1790 The Adam brothers introduced the neoclassical style in furniture and architecture to England
Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring System, formerly known as the Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) program
human frailty
The name given in the Bible to the first man, the progenitor of the human race
"Original sin;" human frailty
"Original sin;"
street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the first man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)
Adam Tiler
A pickpocket's accomplice, who takes the stolen goods and leaves with them. (1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue)

'You must forgive me. You seem to me to be so familiar with — er — thieves and — er — swashbucklers, that I assumed that you were conversant also with thieving cant.'.

Adam Tilers
plural form of Adam Tiler

Oh, oh, I was the misdirection,” Narlene blurted. “I sort of let my pareo slip off of my shoulder at just the right time.”.

Adam and Eve
The first man and woman, respectively, according to the Book of Genesis
Adam and Eve
To believe

Would you Adam and Eve it, I've only gone an' lost me wallet, ain't I?.

Adam and Steve
A phrase, often satirical, recasting the Biblical couple of Adam and Eve as a homosexual couple, Adam and Steve. In context, it may be used as a pejorative against either homosexuality or religious opposition to it
Adam's ale

They have beene shut up in prisons and dungeons allowed onely a poore pittance of Adams Ale, and scarce a penny bread a day to support their lives.

Adam's apple
The lump in the throat, usually more noticeable in men than in women; the laryngeal prominence
Adam's apples
plural form of Adam's apple
Adam Bell
{i} legendary English outlaw who was a good archer
Adam Bernard Mickiewicz
born Dec. 24, 1798, Zaosye, near Nowogródek, Belorussia, Russian Empire died Nov. 25, 1855, Constantinople, Tur. Polish poet. A lifelong apostle of Polish national freedom and one of Poland's greatest poets, Mickiewicz was deported to Russia for his revolutionary activities in 1823. His Poetry, 2 vol. (1822-23), was the first major Polish Romantic work; it contained two parts of Forefathers' Eve, a cycle combining folklore and mystic patriotism. Mickiewicz left Russia in 1829 and eventually settled in Paris. There he wrote The Books of Our Pilgrimage (1832), a prose interpretation of the history of the Poles; and his masterpiece, the poetic epic Pan Tadeusz (1834), which describes the life of the Polish gentry in the early 19th century
Adam Clayton Jr. Powell
born Nov. 29, 1908, New Haven, Conn., U.S. died April 4, 1972, Miami, Fla. U.S. politician. In 1937 he succeeded his father as pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York City, and built its membership to 13,000. Elected to the New York City Council in 1941, he became the first African American to serve on that body. In the U.S. House of Representatives (1945-67, 1969-71), he sponsored much social-welfare legislation, including a minimum wage act, antipoverty acts, and bills providing federal aid to education. Known for his flamboyance and his lack of concern for House decorum, he was the target of a libel suit and was investigated for financial misconduct. In 1967 the House voted to exclude him, but the U.S. Supreme Court later ruled that the House's action was unconstitutional
Adam Elsheimer
(baptized March 18, 1578, Frankfurt am Main died December 1610, Rome, Papal States) German painter and printmaker. After studying in Frankfurt, he went to Rome in 1600 and began producing images of Italian Classical subjects, nocturnal scenes, and landscapes. He painted on small copper plates and executed drawings and etchings. He frequently depicted illumination by firelight, candlelight, and moonlight. His Flight into Egypt (1609) was the first painting to depict the constellations accurately. An important figure in the development of 17th-century landscape painting, he greatly influenced Dutch, Italian, and French artists. He died at age 32
Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger
born Nov. 14, 1779, Vesterbro, Den. died Jan. 20, 1850, Copenhagen Danish poet and dramatist, considered the national poet of Denmark. He became the leader of Romanticism in Danish literature with his poem The Golden Horns (1802). Important collections of his poetry, with several lyrical dramas, appeared in 1802 and 1805. His plays drawing on Nordic history and mythology include Earl Haakon the Great (1807). His most significant later work is the poetic epic The Gods of the North (1819), a kind of modern Edda
Adam Mickiewicz
born Dec. 24, 1798, Zaosye, near Nowogródek, Belorussia, Russian Empire died Nov. 25, 1855, Constantinople, Tur. Polish poet. A lifelong apostle of Polish national freedom and one of Poland's greatest poets, Mickiewicz was deported to Russia for his revolutionary activities in 1823. His Poetry, 2 vol. (1822-23), was the first major Polish Romantic work; it contained two parts of Forefathers' Eve, a cycle combining folklore and mystic patriotism. Mickiewicz left Russia in 1829 and eventually settled in Paris. There he wrote The Books of Our Pilgrimage (1832), a prose interpretation of the history of the Poles; and his masterpiece, the poetic epic Pan Tadeusz (1834), which describes the life of the Polish gentry in the early 19th century
Adam Sedgwick
born March 22, 1785, Dent, Yorkshire, Eng. died Jan. 27, 1873, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire English geologist. A pioneer in the establishment of geology as a university discipline (Trinity College, Oxford), he named the Cambrian Period and (with Roderick Murchison) the Devonian Period. His grandnephew, the zoologist Adam Sedgwick (1854-1913), first established the evolutionary link between the annelids and the arthropods
Adam Smith
{i} (1723-1790) Scottish philosopher and political economist (advocator of free market economy)
Adam Smith
a Scottish economist who strongly believed in free enterprise (=an economic system in which private businesses are free to make money, and there is not much government control) .He developed his ideas in his book The Wealth of Nations, which has had an important influence on modern economic and political ideas (1723-90). (baptized June 5, 1723, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scot. died July 17, 1790, Edinburgh) Scottish social philosopher and political economist. The son of a customs official, he studied at the Universities of Glasgow and Oxford. A series of public lectures in Edinburgh (from 1748) led to a lifelong friendship with David Hume and to Smith's appointment to the Glasgow faculty in 1751. After publishing The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759), he became the tutor of the future Duke of Buccleuch (1763-66); with him he traveled to France, where Smith consorted with other eminent thinkers. In 1776, after nine years of work, Smith published An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, the first comprehensive system of political economy. In it he argued in favour of an economic system based on individual self-interest that would be led, as if by an "invisible hand," to achieve the greatest good for all, and posited the division of labour as the chief factor in economic growth. A reaction to the system of mercantilism then current, it stands as the beginning of classical economics. The Wealth of Nations in time won him an enormous reputation and would become virtually the most influential work on economics ever published. Though often regarded as the bible of capitalism, it is harshly critical of the shortcomings of unrestrained free enterprise and monopoly. In 1777 Smith was appointed commissioner of customs for Scotland, and in 1787 rector of the University of Glasgow
Adam Smith Institute
a right-wing British organization that develops ideas about economics and gives advice to businesses and politicians. It is named after Adam Smith, an 18th century Scottish writer on economics
Adam and Eve
In the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, the parents of the human race. Genesis gives two versions of their creation. In the first, God creates "male and female in his own image" on the sixth day. In the second, Adam is placed in the Garden of Eden, and Eve is later created from his rib to ease his loneliness. For succumbing to temptation and eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, God banished them from Eden, and they and their descendants were forced to live lives of hardship. Cain and Abel were their children. Christian theologians developed the doctrine of original sin based on the story of their transgression; in contrast, the Quran teaches that Adam's sin was his alone and did not make all people sinners
Adam and Eve
first man and woman created by God (Biblical)
Adam bridge
{i} passage between Israel and Jordan
Adam's Bridge
{i} Rama's Bridge, chain of sandbanks stretching about 29 km (18 miles) between India and Sri Lanka
Adam's Peak
A mountain, 2,244.8 m (7,360 ft) high, in south-central Sri Lanka. It is a sacred place of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. Mountain, south-central Sri Lanka. Standing 7,360 ft (2,243 m) high, it is sacred and a place of pilgrimage to Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus. On its summit, it has a large hollow, 5 ft (1.5 m) long, that is venerated as the footprint of Buddha, Adam, and Shiva, respectively. Many pilgrims of all faiths visit the peak every year
Adam's apple
projection of cartilage in the front of the throat (especially visible in men)
Adam's apple
Your Adam's apple is the lump that sticks out of the front of your neck below your throat. the lump at the front of your neck that moves when you talk or swallow
adam's ale
water, drink that imparts life
adam's needle
yucca with long stiff leaves having filamentlike appendages
adam's peak
a mountain peak in south central Sri Lanka (7,360 feet high)
adam's wine
(in Scotland) water as beverage
North American orchid bearing a single leaf and yellowish-brown flowers
A patronymic surname derived from Adam
a rock or mineral held by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness
a magnet; a lodestone

And I shall have no power to follow you.

know someone from Adam
To know or recognise someone at all

Well, he said, do you know me from Adam?.

any substance of exceeding hardness or impenetrability
\AD-uh-muhnt\, adjective: Not capable of being swayed by pleas, appeals, or reason; not susceptible to persuasion; unyielding
{n} a diamond very hard stone, loadstone
not capable of being swayed or diverted from a course; unsusceptible to persuasion; "he is adamant in his refusal to change his mind"; "Cynthia was inexorable; she would have none of him"- W Churchill; "an intransigent conservative opposed to every liberal tendancy"
A very tough metal which is usually utilized in the making of the sword Excalibur In 5, the Adamantium metal is the material which powers the meteors (the ones that travel between the First and Second Worlds)
hard; not giving in; unyielding; something which won't break; insistent; refusing any other opinion; surrendering to nothing
very hard native crystalline carbon valued as a gem
(Heb shamir), Ezek 3: 9 The Greek word adamas means diamond This stone is not referred to, but corundum or some kind of hard steel It is an emblem of firmness in resisting adversaries of the truth (Zech 7: 12), and of hard-heartedness against the truth (Jer 17: 1)
2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)
American photographer noted for his magnificent black-and-white photographs of the American wilderness. American historian who theorized that civilizations rise and fall according to a pattern of economic growth and decline. American public official who as an ambassador during the Civil War helped dissuade Great Britain from officially recognizing the Confederacy. American historian noted for his nine-volume History of the United States during the Administrations of Jefferson and Madison (1889-1891). He also wrote a famous autobiography, The Education of Henry Adams (1918). The first Vice President (1789-1797) and second President (1797-1801) of the United States. He was a major figure during the American Revolution, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and the shaping of the Constitution. The sixth President of the United States (1825-1829). As secretary of state (1817-1825) he helped formulate the Monroe Doctrine. After his presidency he served in the House of Representatives (1831-1848), where he advocated antislavery measures. A peak, 3,753.6 m (12,307 ft) high, in the Cascade Range of southwest Washington. American Revolutionary leader whose agitations spurred Bostonians toward rebellion against British occupation and rule. He was a member of the First and Second Continental Congresses, signed the Declaration of Independence, and served as governor of Massachusetts (1794-1797). Adams Abigail Adams Ansel Adams Charles Francis Adams Gerry Gerard Adams Adams Henry Brooks Adams John Coolidge Adams John Adams John Quincy Adams Samuel Adams Walter Sydney Nathaniel Adams Coles Keller Helen Adams
a Latvian male given name. See Adam
a mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high)
American Revolutionary leader and patriot; an organizer of the Boston Tea Party and signer of the Declaration of Independence (1722-1803)
an English patronymic surname derived from Adam
{i} family name; male first name; John Adams (1735-1826), 2nd president of the United States (1797-1801); John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), 6th president of the United States (1825-29); Samuel Adams (1722-1803), signer of the Declaration of Independence
6th President of the United States; son of John Adams (1767-1848)
an embodiment of impregnable hardness
{s} unyielding, firm, immovable; hard
resistant to reason; determined; inflexible; unshakeable; unyielding
It is now a rhetorical or poetical name for the embodiment of impenetrable hardness
{i} something unyielding, something immovable; something hard; stone similar to a diamond
Churchill; "an intransigent conservative opposed to every liberal tendancy
Lodestone; magnet
A stone imagined by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness; but in modern mineralogy it has no technical signification
If someone is adamant about something, they are determined not to change their mind about it. The prime minister is adamant that he will not resign Sue was adamant about that job in Australia. + adamantly ada·mant·ly She was adamantly opposed to her husband travelling to Brussels. determined not to change your opinion or a decision that you have made (adamas , from )
a rock or mineral imagined by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness
a mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high) 2nd President of the United States (1735-1826) 6th President of the United States; son of John Adams (1767-1848) American Revolutionary leader and patriot; an organizer of the Boston Tea Party and signer of the Declaration of Independence (1722-1803)
Türkisch - Englisch
{i} Guy

Wait till the guys at work hear that your wife left you for another woman. - İş yerindeki adamların karının seni başka bir kadın için terk ettiğini duyuncaya kadar bekle.

Why were you picking up guys? - Niçin adamları topluyorsunuz?


The old man opened the car window and aimed his gun at the bird. - Yaşlı adam araba penceresini açtı ve silahıyla kuşa nişan aldı.

The man shot three birds with a gun. - Adam bir silahla üç kuşu vurdu.

human being
hired man

I saw the old man feed his dog chicken bones. - Yaşlı adamın köpeğini tavuk kemiği ile beslediğini gördüm.

The dog sat down by the man. - Köpek adamın yanına oturdu.


An old man came up and shook Lincoln's hand. - Yaşlı bir adam geldi ve Lincoln'la tokalaştı.

Felicja is married to a handsome man called Lazarz. - Felicja, Łazarz adında yakışıklı bir adamla evli.


In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. - Körlerin ülkesinde, tek gözlü adam kraldır.

No one wanted to insult these men. - Hiç kimse bu adamlara hakaret etmek istemedi.

hired hand

The old person died in their room. - Yaşlı adam odasında öldü.

Donald Trump is a famous business person. - Donald Trump ünlü bir iş adamıdır.


The old man was hard of hearing. - Yaşlı adam duymakta zorlanıyor.

A healthy man does not know the value of health. - Sağlıklı olan adam sağlığın değerini bilmez.

joker [(Konuşma Dili)]
cuss [(Konuşma Dili)]
fellow man

He is a very decent fellow. - O, çok hoşgörülü bir adamdır.

He ought to know better than to quarrel with such a fellow. - Böyle bir adamla tartışılmayacağını bilecek kadar akıllı olmalısın.

feller [(Konuşma Dili)]
(isim) Prophet Adam
employee; servant; retainer; helper
person, individual
lad; Jack
a good person
bozo [sl.]
man, person, fellow, guy, chap, bloke, cookie, bastard; human being; employee, worker; manpower; hired man, hired hand
follower, supporter, man
prov. husband, man. Adamım! (Konuşma Dili) My friend!
agent, representative
one, a person

Before meeting him, Pizzaro hid many of his men and guns near the town. - Onunla karşılaşmadan önce, Pizzaro adamlarının ve silahlarının çoğunu kasaba yakınında sakladı.

Two men had their arms severed in Taiwan after a tug-of-war accident. - İki adam rekabet kazasından sonra Taiwan'da kollarını koparttılar.

{i} Jack

Jackson was a rough man. - Jackson, kaba bir adamdı.

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Tom Jackson. - Tom Jackson'ı tanıyan bir adamı tanıyan bir adam tanıyorum.


Hope is when you suddenly run to the kitchen like a mad man to check if the empty chocolate cookie box you just finished an hour ago is magically full again. - Ümit; bir saat önce bitirdiğin çikolatalı çörek kutusunun sihirle tekrar dolup dolmadığını kontrol etmek için çılgın bir adam gibi birdenbire mutfağa doğru koştuğundadır.


He described the man as a model gentleman. - Adamı örnek bir beyefendi olarak tanımladı.

You're a gentleman and a scholar. - Sen bir beyefendi ve bir bilim adamısın.

of man
{i} buster
{i} cuss
{i} lad

The young man helped the old lady load the groceries into her car. - Genç adam yaşlı kadının yiyeceklerini arabasına yüklemesine yardımcı oldu.

The two men competed for Lady Mary's heart. - İki adam Lady Mary'nin kalbi için yarıştı.


The gentle-looking old man got up and gave his hand to me. - Kibar görünüşlü yaşlı adam kalktı ve elini bana verdi.

You're a gentleman and a scholar. - Sen bir beyefendi ve bir bilim adamısın.

{i} cooky

Is she a woman with a beard or a man with a woman's body? - O sakallı bir kadın mı yoksa kadın vücutlu bir adam mı?

Tom said that, from childhood, he had felt like a girl who had been born in the body of a man. - Tom, çocukluktan beri, bir adamın vücudunda doğmuş olan bir kız gibi hissettiğini söyledi.

{i} bean

The man returned from his vacation full of beans. - Adam tatilinden çok enerjik döndü.

{i} bozo
{i} fucker
{i} joker

Tom said he was mugged by three men. - Tom, üç adam tarafından gasp edildiğini söyledi.

adam kaçırma

No abduction had been reported in that town since 1965. - 1965 yılından bu yana o kasabada hiçbir adam kaçırma olayı bildirilmemişti.

adam seçmek
pick up
adam öldürme
(Hukuk) homicide
adam öldürme
adam başı
adam öldürme

Tom is serving a ten-year sentence for manslaughter. - Tom kazara adam öldürme için on yıl hapis cezası çekiyor.

After a lengthy trial, the woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. - Uzun bir duruşmadan sonra, kadın kasıtsız adam öldürmekten beş yıl hapse mahkûm edildi.

adam akıllı
adam asmak
adam başına
for each person
adam başına
adam etmek
adam etmek
put in order
adam etmek
adam gücü
adam olmak
mend one's ways
adam olmak
grow into manhood
adam otu
(Tıp) mandragora autumnalis
adam sen de
never mind!
adam sen de
who cares?
adam seçmek (oyun için)
pick up
adam tutmak
mark a man
adam vermek
adam vurmak
commit murder
adam asmaca
by hatchet
adam kaçırmak
adam olma
be a man
Adam sen de
who cares?, never mind!
adam adama defans
sports man-to-man defense
adam adama savunma
sports man-to-man defense
adam almamak
(for streets) to be very crowded with people, be teeming with people
adam asma
hatchet job
adam asma
adam atamak
adam azmanı
strapping man
adam azmanı
enormously large person
adam başı
a/per head, apiece
adam başına
adam başına
apiece, for each person
adam başına
per head
adam başına düşen iş
adam beğenmemek
to be overcritical
adam beğenmemek
to be overcritical of people
adam boyu
the height of a man
adam değilim
I'll be damned if (I will/do)
adam değilim!
(Konuşma Dili) I'll be damned
adam etmek
1. to be the making of (someone); to mature, make a man/a woman of. 2. to put (something) in good repair, rejuvenate. 3. to set (a place, an organization) to rights, put (a place, an organization) on its feet; to make (a place, an organization) into something, make (a place, an organization) thrive
adam etmek
adam etmek
a) to chastise, to lick sb into shape; b) to put in order, to rectify, to better
adam evladı
well-mannered person
adam evladı
a person of good family and upbringing
adam gibi
adam gibi
1. properly, suitably, in the right way. 2. worthy, genuine, real
adam gibi

Tom seems to be a decent guy. - Tom iyi bir adam gibi görünüyor.

adam istemek
(for a project, for someone) to require a good man, need a person who's really worth his salt
adam içine çıkmak
to go out in public
adam içine çıkmak karışmak
to mix with people
adam kaldırmak
to kidnap someone, abduct someone
adam kayırma
favouritism [Brit.]
adam kayırma
adam kayırma
favouritsm, favoritism
adam kaçıran kimse
adam kaçıran kimse
adam kaçırma
adam kaçırma
(Hukuk) (bir erkek, kadın veya çocuğun zor kullanılarak kaçırılması) kidnapping, abduction
adam kaçırma

Sami and Layla were conspiring a kidnapping. - Sami ve Leyla bir adam kaçırma planlıyorlardı.

He's being accused of kidnapping. - O adam kaçırmakla suçlanıyor.

adam koymak
adam kullanmak
to know how to make sb work efficiently
adam kullanmak
1. to know how to use someone for one's own benefit. 2. to know how to get someone to work, know how to get work out of someone, know how to work someone
adam kökü
(Tabiat Doğa) (bitki, Fam: patlıcangiller,badincaniye) [syn.: adam kökü, adamotu, kankurutan] mandrake
adam kıtlığı
manpower shortage
adam kıtlığı yokluğu
shortage of qualified and capable people
adam olmak
adam olmak
grow into a man
adam olmak
a) to grow into manhood, to grow to be a man b); to mend one's ways
adam olmak
1. to grow up and become a responsible member of society. 2. (for something in disrepair) to be given a new lease on life, be put in good repair
adam olmamak
to come to no good
adam olmaz
hopeless, incorrigible, desperate
adam olmaz
adam olmaz
adam satmak
get rid of (someone)
adam sayılmayan kimse
non person
adam sağmak
to trick a man out of his money, milk people
adam sen de!
(Konuşma Dili) Don't worry./Take it easy!/Never mind
adam seçmek
to show favor, play favorites, not to give a fair chance to everyone
adam sırasına geçmek girmek
to win a place of respect and responsibility
adam tutmak
to mark a man
adam vurmak
to commit murder
adam yerine koymak
to hold in esteem
adam yerine koymamak
throw on the scrap heap
adam yerine koymamak
to treat sb like dirt
adam yerine koymamak
treat smb. like dirt
adam yerine koymamak
to think (someone) to be beneath consideration, consider (someone) to be of no importance
adam yerine koyulmayan kimse
adam yerleştirilmiş
adam yerleştirmek
adam yolu
adam öldürme
manslaughter, homicide, murder
adam öldürme
adam öldürme
adam öldürme suçu
(Hukuk) murder
adam öldürmek
commit homicide
adam öldürmek
to murder someone, commit murder
adam öldürmek
kill smb
adam öldürmeye meyilli
adam şeklinde bira bardağı
Toby mug
adam şeklinde bira bardağı
adam şeklinde bira bardağı
toby jug
adam/insan sarrafı
a good judge of people
(Ticaret) man-year
kötü adam

In this story, the hero is also the villain. - Bu hikayede kahraman da kötü adam.

The villain threatened to defenestrate the hostages. - Kötü adam rehineleri pencereden atmakla tehdit etti.

kardan adam

If it snows much tomorrow, let's make a snowman. - Eğer yarın çok kar yağarsa, bir kardan adam yapalım.

I heard that they found the footprints of an abominable snowman in the Himalayas. - İğrenç bir kardan adamın ayak izlerini Himalayalarda bulduklarını duydum.

balık adam
erkek adam
real man
kaba adam
kilit adam
küçük adam
küçük adam
önemli adam
aslan yürekli adam
baba adam
good hearted
beyaz adam
(Argo) honkie
beyaz adam
(Argo) honkey
duran adam
A new style of peaceful protest started by a Man who has been standing in İstanbul Taksim Square since Monday morning Jun 17th 2013
duran adam
standing man
ekonomik adam
(Ticaret) economic man
erkek adam
(deyim) man enough
fare adam
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) rat man
garip adam
genç (adam)
genç adam
(Argo) blighter
genç adam
(Argo) fellow
genç adam
(Argo) feller
genç adam
(Argo) lad
genç adam
(Argo) gent
genç adam
(Argo) chap
genç adam
(Argo) cuss
genç adam
(Argo) fella
genç adam
kilit adam
kilit adam
kurt adam
kötü adam
küçük adam
small man
saman adam
straw man
tembel adam
çirkin adam
ugly man
Ahmak adam söz bulamayınca bahse girer
(Atasözü) A wager is a fool's argument
aceleci ve uzun boylu adam
impatient and the tall man
birkaç iyi adam
a few good men
karayağız, siyah adam
Karayagiz black man
uzun boyunlu (adam
long neck Man
be adam
man alive



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈadəm/ /ˈædəm/


    [ "a-d&-m&n-(d)Ev ] (noun.) 1807. Latin Adam, Adamus Ancient Greek Ἀδάμ (Adam), Ἄδαμος (Adamos) Classical Hebrew אָדָם (adam, “earth, man, soil, light brown”) אדמה (adamah, “red earth, ground”).

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