never mind!

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Englisch - Türkisch
adam sen de
Siktir et!
Sağlık olsun

Onun ne dediğini boşver. - Never mind what she said.

salla gitsin
mühim değil

Aldırma. Herkes hata yapabilir. - Never mind. Anyone can make mistakes.

ziyanı yok
sağlık olsun
boş ver!

Hey, Tom. O ne? Ah aslında, boş ver - Hey, Tom. What is it Oh actually, never mind.

Boş ver, onu kendim yapabilirim. - Never mind, I can do it by myself.

zararı yok!
Zararı yok./Boş ver
takma kafana
zarar yok
Englisch - Englisch
It is not important; do not fret; used to reassure or comfort the person to whom it is said

Did you fall over and hurt your knee? Never mind, I’ll put a bandage on it.

Do not be concerned (about someone or something, or about doing something)

Here’s some money for you. Never mind about paying me back; you can keep it.

I withdraw my previous statement

You’re a fool. — What did you call me? — Never mind.

it doesn't matter, it's not important, it's all right, it's nothing, do not worry
never mind!


    ne·ver mind



    [ 'ne-v&r ] (adverb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English n[AE]fre, from ne not + [AE]fre ever; more at NO.


    ... weeks before the election, he's saying that his big, bold idea is "never mind." And the ...
    ... Never mind. ...

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