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İngilizce - Türkçe
sır tutma
{i} saklanma
(Askeri) GİZLEME: Gözetleme veya gözleme karşı korunma. Ayrıca bakınız: "camouflage; cover; screen"
gizli hal/gizleme
(Askeri) Gizleme, örtme
{f} gizlemek

Bu cümlenin yazarı söyleyecek bir şeyi olmadığı gerçeğini gizlemek için bir eksik bir girişimdi. - This was a lame attempt to conceal the fact that the author of this sentence has nothing to say.

Tom kimliğini gizlemek için bir maske takıyordu. - Tom was wearing a mask to conceal his identity.

concealment of what is said or done
gizlenmesi söylenenlerin veya bitmiş
concealment and improvement
(Askeri) Avcı çukurlarının kazılması, inşası, gizleme
{f} saklamak

Bayan Thompson milyoner olduğu gerçeğini saklamak istiyor. - Mrs. Thompson wants to conceal the fact that she is a millionaire.

{f} örtbas etmek
artificial concealment
(Askeri) kamuflaj
(Kanun) sükut etmek
idare etmek

Biz normalde düşüncelerimizi başkalarından gizleyebiliriz. - We can normally conceal our thoughts from others.

O, bir tezgahtar olduğu gerçeğini gizlemişti. - She concealed the fact that she used to be a salesgirl.

artificial concealment
(Askeri) Suni gizleme, kamuflaj
camouflage, concealment, and deception
(Askeri) kamuflaj, gizleme ve aldatma

Tom gizlenmiş bir silah taşıyordu. - Tom was carrying a concealed weapon.

gizli tutmak
sır tutma

Bayan Thompson milyoner olduğu gerçeğini saklamak istiyor. - Mrs. Thompson wants to conceal the fact that she is a millionaire.

in concealment saklı
data concealment
veri kamuflaji
natural concealment
(Askeri) Tabii gizleme
protective concealment
(Askeri) koruyucu gizleme
protective concealment
(Askeri) KORUYUCU GİZLEME; KAMUFLAJ: Düşmanı yanlış kola sevk etmek veya aldatmak için bir yer, eşya veya şahsın hal ve durumunu değiştirme. Koruyucu gizleme ile binaların, askeri teçhizat ve kıtaların mevcudiyeti, mahiyeti veya mevkii gizlenebilir. Buna, genel olarak, (camouflage) denir
protective concealment
(Askeri) koruyucu kamuflaj
İngilizce - İngilizce
The condition of being hidden or concealed
protection from observation or surveillance
The practice of keeping secrets
{n} the act of hiding, secrecy, shelter
the activity of keeping something secret
Failure of the insured to disclose to the company a fact material to the acceptance of the risk at the time application is made
Failure to disclose detail to the insurance company that might affect your insurance coverage
The concealment of information or a feeling involves keeping it secret. His concealment of his true motives was masterly I think there was deliberate concealment of relevant documents
The withholding of facts by an applicant for insurance that affects an insurance risk or loss
A place of hiding; a secret place; a retreat frem observation
The withholding of material facts from an insurer, either in applying for a policy or making a claim
Suppression of such facts and circumstances as in justice ought to be made known
Concealment is the state of being hidden or the act of hiding something. the concealment of weapons
Failure to disclose material facts on an application for insurance, or in the presentation of a claim   Concealment on the application can result in rejection of the application, or cancellation of your policy   Concealment in the presentation of a claim can result in denial of the claim, as well as cancellation of the policy   Concealment with intent to defraud is a crime in the State of Minnesota
The failure of an applicant to reveal, before the insurance contract is made, a fact that is material to the risk
In insurance, failure of the insured to disclose a material fact to the insurance company at the time application is made The telling of only part of the truth or hiding the truth altogether
A secret; out of the way knowledge
Any action taken to reduce the observed or measured concentrations of a pollutant in a gaseous effluent while, in fact, not reducing the total amount of pollutant discharged
The act of concealing; the state of being concealed
The failure to disclose a material fact See Material Fact (LE)
the condition of being concealed or hidden
Withholding material facts from an insurance company when applying for an insurance contract or making a claim, with the intention of deceiving the insurance company This action may be grounds for voiding the policy
A form of deception that tells only a portion of the truth
Intentionally withholding information on an insurance application to hide facts from the insurance company
The withholding of a material fact from the insurance company May void the policy
a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something; "they crouched behind the screen"; "under cover of darkness"
The withholding of a material fact involved in the contract on which the insurer relies
Deliberate failure of an applicant for insurance to reveal a material fact to the insurer
The protection from observation
{i} hiding, disguise, cover-up
The failure to disclose a material fact See Material Fact
Any circumstance other than physical cover that interferes with an attacker’s accuracy Degree of concealment depends upon the perception capabilities of the attacker, not the target For example, a creature in darkness may have full concealment from an attacker with normal vision, but none from an attacker with darkvision Likewise, all opponents of a blind attacker have full concealment There is a 50% miss chance for attacks against opponents with full concealment and a 20% miss chance against those with one-half concealment If this concealment roll indicates a miss, the attack roll is ignored
{n} latitancy
{n} latitation
concealment of assets
registering of property in someone else's name to avoid taxes
concealment of losses
manipulation of financial records in order to conceal a business deficit
{v} to hide, keep secret or close, cover
If something conceals something else, it covers it and prevents it from being seen. a pair of carved Indian doors which conceal a built-in cupboard
If you conceal a piece of information or a feeling, you do not let other people know about it. Robert could not conceal his relief She knew at once that he was concealing something from her. reveal
{f} hide, cover; keep secret
prevent from being seen or discovered; "Muslim women hide their faces"; "hide the money"
hold back; keep from being perceived by others; "She conceals her anger well
To hide or withdraw from observation; to cover; to cover or keep from sight; to prevent the discovery of; to withhold knowledge of
If you conceal something, you cover it or hide it carefully. Frances decided to conceal the machine behind a hinged panel Five people were arrested for carrying concealed weapons
hold back; keep from being perceived by others; "She conceals her anger well"
To hide something from view or from public knowledge, to try to keep something secret