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İngilizce - Türkçe
iptal etmek

Tom pikniği iptal etmek zorunda kalabilir. - Tom may have to cancel the picnic.

İptal etmek istemeyiz. - We don't want to cancel.


Yürüyüşü iptal etmeliyiz. - We should cancel the hike.

Tom'un uçuşunu iptal etmesi gerekiyor. - Tom needs to cancel his flight.

(Kanun,Ticaret) terkin etmek
iptal ettirmek

Rezervasyonumu iptal ettirmek istiyorum. - I'd like to cancel my reservation.

damgalamak pul
(Bilgisayar) vazgeç iptal
(Kanun) geri çekme
(Kanun) ilga etmek
(Bilgisayar) kur'dan çık
üstünü çizmek
iptal et

Yürüyüşü iptal etmeliyiz. - We should cancel the hike.

Tom'un uçuşunu iptal etmesi gerekiyor. - Tom needs to cancel his flight.

{f} geçersiz kılmak
(Askeri) İPTAL: Topçu ve Deniz top ateşi desteğinde, iptal değimi, mühimmat miktarı veya tipi için olan bir emirden başka evvelki bir emirle bağlantılı olduğu zaman bu emri feshetmektedir
{f} sadeleştirmek
iptal olunan şey
{f} damgalamak (pul)
tion iptal etme
{f} hükümsüz kılmak
geçersiz hale koymak
{f} boşa çıkarmak
{f} etkisiz hale getirmek
çizgi çekme
üstüne çizgi çekmek
{f} kısaltmak
{f} silmek
{f} mat. kısaltmak
(Politika, Siyaset) ertelemek
cancel a subscription
aboneyi kesmek
cancel all
(Bilgisayar) tümünü iptal et
cancel character
(Bilgisayar) vazgeç damgası
cancel link
(Bilgisayar) bağlantıyı kes
cancel my day
tüm randevularımı iptal et
cancel printing
(Bilgisayar) yazdırmayı iptal et
cancel refresh
(Bilgisayar) yenilemeyi iptal et
cancel an order
siparişi geri almak
cancel character
iptal karakteri
cancel entry
iptal maddesi
cancel out
iptal et
cancel a restriction
bir kısıtlama iptal
cancel account
hesabı kapatmak, hesabı iptal etmek
cancel an agreement
bir anlaşma iptal
cancel button
vazgeç düğmesi
cancel request
talebi iptal etmek
cancel a record
kaydı silmek
cancel a reservation
rezervasyonu iptal etmek
cancel accept
(Bilgisayar) onaylamayı iptal et
cancel an order
(Ticaret) siparişi iptal etmek
cancel and extinguish
(Ticaret) iptal etmek ve yok etmek
cancel button
İptal Düğmesi
cancel check firing
(Askeri) kontrol ateşine son verme
cancel check firing
(Askeri) ATEŞE ARA VERMENİN İPTALİ: "Ateşe ara verme" durumunu iptal eden emir
cancel clause
fesih yetkisi veren şart
cancel close
(Bilgisayar) kapatmayı iptal et
cancel converge
(Askeri) ATEŞ TOPLAMASI İPTALİ: Ateş toplamasını iptal etmekte kullanılan emir
cancel copy
(Bilgisayar) kopya iptal
cancel decline
(Bilgisayar) reddetmeyi iptal et
cancel download
(Bilgisayar) yüklemeyi iptal et
cancel edit
(Bilgisayar) düzenlemeyi iptal et
cancel exchange
(Bilgisayar) değiş tokuşu iptal et
cancel fax
(Bilgisayar) faksı iptal et
cancel find
(Bilgisayar) bul'u iptal et
cancel format
(Bilgisayar) biçimlendirmeyi iptal et
cancel key
(Bilgisayar) vazgeç anahtarı
cancel meeting
(Bilgisayar) toplantıyı iptal et
cancel merge
(Bilgisayar) birleştirmeyi iptal et
cancel message
(Bilgisayar) iletiyi iptal et
cancel one's reservation
rezervasyonunu iptal etmek
cancel one's reservation
rezervasyonu iptal etmek
cancel out
{f} dengeyi sağlamak
cancel out
{f} dengelemek
cancel receive
(Bilgisayar) almayı iptal et
cancel request
(Bilgisayar) isteği iptal et
cancel scanning
(Bilgisayar) taramayı iptal et
cancel selected task
(Bilgisayar) seçili görevi iptal et
cancel send
(Bilgisayar) göndermeyi iptal et
cancel setup
(Bilgisayar) kur'u iptal et
cancel signup
(Bilgisayar) kaydı iptal et
cancel standby
(Bilgisayar) beklemeyi iptal et
cancel task
(Bilgisayar) görevi iptal et
cancel the agreement
anlaşmayı iptal etmek
cancel the contract
sözleşmeyi feshetmek
cancel the project
projeyi durdurmak
cancel the registration
kaydı silmek
cancel this job
(Bilgisayar) bu işi iptal et
cancel update
(Bilgisayar) güncelleştirmeyi iptal et
cancel wizard
(Bilgisayar) sihirbazı iptal et
cancel out
iptal etmek
(Bilgisayar) iptal
iptal edilen
geçersiz kılınmış
(Kanun) mülga
(Bilgisayar,Sigorta) iptal edildi
iptal ederek
confirm cancel
(Bilgisayar) iptali onayla
confirm cancel
(Bilgisayar) iptal etmeyi doğrula
otherwise, click cancel
(Bilgisayar) aksi halde iptal'i tıklatın
would not cancel
(Bilgisayar) iptal edilemedi
{f} iptal et
iptal etmek
i'd like to cancel my reservation
Ben rezervasyon iptal etmek istiyorum
block cancel character
obek silme damgasi
iptal edildi

Yağmur nedeniyle toplantı iptal edildi. - The meeting was canceled because of the rain.

Toplantı iptal edildi. - The meeting has been canceled.

iptal edilmiş
İptal edilmiş/İptal edilen
{i} iptal

Gelecek hafta sınıfı iptal ediyorum. - I'm canceling class next week.

{i} iptal etme
(Of A Job) İptal Ediliyor
(sıfat) iptal edilmiş
{s} iptal edilmiş

Hava yağmurlu olduğundan dolayı, beyzbol oyunu iptal edilmişti. - The weather being rainy, the baseball game was cancelled.

{i} iptal etme
{i} iptal
fast cancel
(Bilgisayar) hızlı iptal
i want to cancel this ticket
bu bileti iptal etmek istiyorum
i would like to cancel my ticket to new york
(isim)w york biletimi iptal etmek istiyorum
i would like to cancel my ticket to new york
new york biletimi iptal etmek istiyorum
i'd like to cancel my reservation
rezervasyonumu iptal etmek istiyorum
partial cancel
(Bilgisayar) kısmen iptal
İngilizce - İngilizce
To mark something (such as a used postage stamp) so that it can't be reused

This machine cancels the letters that have a valid zip code.

To invalidate or annul something

He cancelled his order on their website.

A cancellation (US); (nonstandard in some kinds of English)
To stop production of a programme
To offset or equalize something

The corrective feedback mechanism cancels out the noise.

To remove a common factor from both the numerator and denominator of a fraction, or from both sides of an equation
To cross out something with lines etc
{v} to blot out, make void, destroy
A push button that removes a window without applying any changes made in that window
of cheques or tickets declare null and void; make ineffective; "Cancel the election results"; "strike down a law" postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled; "Call off the engagement"; "cancel the dinner party" make up for; "His skills offset his opponent's superior strength
remove or make invisible; "Please delete my name from your list"
To inclose or surround, as with a railing, or with latticework
a notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat
If someone in authority cancels a document, an insurance policy, or a debt, they officially declare that it is no longer valid or no longer legally exists. He intends to try to leave the country, in spite of a government order cancelling his passport She learned her insurance had been canceled by Pacific Mutual Insurance Company + cancellation can·cel·la·tion a march by groups calling for cancellation of Third World debt
make up for; "His skills offset his opponent's superior strength
make up for; "His skills offset his opponent's superior strength"
declare null and void; make ineffective; "Cancel the election results"; "strike down a law"
The act, of either party in an insurance contract, of ending the contract prior to its expiration Both parties are required to give written notice to the other party to effect such cancellation The insurer is required to give at least ten- (10) days notice prior written warning of such cancellation, if it is due to nonpayment of premium, or twenty (20) days for all other reasons
The suppression or striking out of matter in type, or of a printed page or pages
A command that will discontinue any canned cycles or seguence commands
of cheques or tickets declare null and void; make ineffective; "Cancel the election results"; "strike down a law"
To stop a command
{f} call off, repeal, revoke, erase
To suppress or omit; to strike out, as matter in type
(v ) In a window environment, to remove a window without applying any changes made in that window
of cheques or tickets
Halt an operation or process and return to the state before it was invoked
Used in the context of general equities Void an order to buy or sell from 1) the floor, or 2) the trader/salesman's scope In Autex, the indication still remains on record as having once been placed unless it is expunged
To cross and deface, as the lines of a writing, or as a word or figure; to mark out by a cross line; to blot out or obliterate
The part thus suppressed
A cancellation
Threads: A mechanism by which a thread informs either itself or another thread to terminate as soon as possible If a cancel arrives during an important operation, the canceled thread may continue until it can terminate in a controlled manner RPC: A mechanism by which a client thread notifies a server thread (the canceled thread) to terminate as soon as possible See also thread
divide by the same amount -- " cancel common factors, then multiply the rest " (140)
To withdraw an order before execution or to withdraw a new issue before it is officially brought to market
The termination of a Create or Change function such that no change to the EDB takes place All values on the screen are replaced with values as read from the EDB If the values on the EDB are blank, the blank is displayed
An inclosure; a boundary; a limit
The step that aborts a transaction When a transaction is canceled, all network configuration changes that have been made as part of the transaction are reversed For implicit transactions, the NSI or NSS-10 Firmware automatically cancels the transaction if it is reset before the service completes
A button in most dialogue boxes in a graphical user interface that will exit the box without making any changes Any settings that were changed will return to what they were before the box was open
postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled; "Call off the engagement"; "cancel the dinner party"
To annul or destroy; to revoke or recall
To remove an institution's OCLC symbol from a record in the database Batchloading cancels a record when a match is found and the Record Status element (Leader byte 5) contains the character 'd' This is equivalent to the delete holdings command (delhld) in the OCLC online system
To cancel a stamp or a cheque means to mark it to show that it has already been used and cannot be used again. The new device can also cancel the check after the transaction is complete. cancelled stamps
A call given to a broker to stop processing an order that was previously given
If you cancel something that has been arranged, you stop it from happening. If you cancel an order for goods or services, you tell the person or organization supplying them that you no longer wish to receive them. The Russian foreign minister yesterday cancelled his visit to Washington Many trains have been cancelled and a limited service is operating on other lines There is normally no refund should a client choose to cancel. + cancellation cancellations can·cel·la·tion Outbursts of violence forced the cancellation of Haiti's first free elections in 1987. passengers who suffer delays and cancellations on planes, trains, ferries and buses
A natural sign, used to remove a previously applied accidental
discard the entered values and close the dialog
Also known as Cancellation A marking intended to show a stamp has been used and is no longer valid as postage Modern cancels usually include the name of the original mailing location or a nearby sorting facility and the date of mailing Most cancellations also include a section of lines, bars, text or a design that prints upon the postage stamp to invalidate it
can·cel cancels cancelling cancelled in AM, use canceling, canceled
Instruction given to a broker to stop work on an order previously given If part of the order has already been executed, a cancel instruction stops work on the remainder of the order
To shut out, as with a railing or with latticework; to exclude
A label given to a PushButton in some DialogBoxes that performs the action of closing the DialogBox without implementing any changes
onwegascufan (2)
A part of the book that is a substitute for what was originally printed The most common type of cancel today is where an entire leaf has been removed and replaced, generally to correct a mistake that is too embarrassing or legally risky to ignore When well done, the cancel can be detected only upon close examination A title cancel is one of the more common cancels A cancel can be less than an entire leaf, however A small slip of paper with the corrected text may simply be glued on top of the offending text Minor errors are more often corrected by the inclusion of a an errata slip
uci A capability that regenerates or reinitializes the current display without processing or retaining any changes made by the user Cancel usually means omitting only the action of the last command [MIL-HDBK-1908B]
Order revoking a previous order to execute a security transaction
When insurance coverage ends Coverage may cancel because of non-payment of premium or for failure to meet the eligibility requirements of the contract Also called Terminate
To mark something (such as a used postage stamp) so that it cant be reused
cancel out
To neutralize the effect of something

The two filters cancelled each other out.

Cancel button
button for canceling a command in a dialog box
cancel out
wipe out the effect of something; "The new tax effectively cancels out my raise"; "The `A' will cancel out the `C' on your record
cancel out
{f} eliminate the effect of something
cancel out
If one thing cancels out another thing, the two things have opposite effects, so that when they are combined no real effect is produced. He wonders if the different influences might not cancel each other out The goal was cancelled out just before half-time by Craig McLurg
Alternative spelling of cancelled
Simple past tense and past participle of cancel
Marked over the stamp, to show that the stamp has been used
Simple past tense and past participle of cancel

The game was cancelled because of snow on the field.

dumb cancel
A postal cancellation that does not state any location or date, used in wartime to prevent the enemy gathering information about troop movements from captured mail
killer cancel
A cancellation mark that is so heavy that it defaces the postage stamp to which it is applied, devaluing it from a collector's point of view
mute cancel
A postal cancellation that does not state any location or date, used in wartime to prevent the enemy gathering information about troop movements from captured mail
{a} blotted out, erased, made void
Defacing a printing plate in some way in order to prevent further use after an edition is finished
To delete an own article from the newsserver The newsreader generates a special control message to tell the server to delete this article
In fractions, to divide out common factors from the numerator and denominator of a fractional expression before multiplying In equations, to subtract or divide out common factors or term from both sides of an equation or inequality
Present participle of to cancel
{i} cancellation, revocation, nullification

Tom canceled at the last moment. - Tom cancelled at the last moment.

Today's meeting has been canceled. - Today's meeting has been cancelled.

Newsgroup messages can be cancelled by issuing messages to the special newsgroup control cancel The user who cancels the message is supposed to be the same as the user who posted the message, but it only takes a couple of seconds changing a few settings in your news reading software to impersonate the poster well enough to cancel the messages (forge-cancel) Some news servers don't honor cancel messages, and if the message has already been archived by a service like DejaNews the cancellation would remove it from the archives See the Cancel FAQ for more information
Due to unforeseen circumstances the competition has been cancelled
The line item has been cancelled
The request has been stopped by the requester Note: the requester must action the request with "Cancel" and wait for a "Cancel Reply - Yes" or "Cancel Reply - No" action from the responder
No longer planned or scheduled
A Trade Mark is said to be cancelled when the Trade marks Office processes a request to cancel the registration or the federal Court of Canada has cancelled the mark under Section 55 of the TMA
A status change to an RFP, ITB or Contract, which includes STS and MMA, that indicates the termination of that RFP, ITB or Contract
The request has been cancelled by the Responder
(of events) no longer planned or scheduled; "the wedding is definitely off"
{s} repealed, called off, revoked
past of cancel
{s} annulled
{i} one who cancels, one who revokes, one who repeals (also canceler)
{i} cancellation, revocation, nullification
present participle of cancel
part of a book replaced from what was originally printed (eg the title page of Dornford Yates' 'Wife Apparent', 1956 - during printing it was discovered that the intended title was already in use and so the whole run had a new title tipped to the stub of the original)
To strike or cross out
plural of cancel
any part of a book substituted for what was originally printed It may be of any size, from a tiny scrap of paper bearing one or two letters pasted on over those first printed, to several sheets replacing the original ones The most common form is a single leaf Original leaf = cancellandum; replacement leaf = cancellans