cancel out

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İngilizce - Türkçe
iptal et
{f} dengeyi sağlamak
{f} dengelemek
iptal etmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To neutralize the effect of something

The two filters cancelled each other out.

wipe out the effect of something; "The new tax effectively cancels out my raise"; "The `A' will cancel out the `C' on your record
{f} eliminate the effect of something
If one thing cancels out another thing, the two things have opposite effects, so that when they are combined no real effect is produced. He wonders if the different influences might not cancel each other out The goal was cancelled out just before half-time by Craig McLurg
cancel out


    can·cel out

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    känsıl aut


    /ˈkansəl ˈout/ /ˈkænsəl ˈaʊt/


    [ 'kan(t)-s&l ] (verb.) 14th century. Middle English cancellen, from Middle French canceller, from Late Latin cancellare, from Latin, to make like a lattice, from cancelli , diminutive of cancer lattice, probably alteration of carcer prison.

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