to describe

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İngilizce - Türkçe
tarif etmek

Bazı duyguları tarif etmek zordur. - Some feelings are difficult to describe.

{f} tanımlamak

O, atmosferdeki karbon dioksit miktarlarının artmasından dolayı Dünyanın ısınmasını tanımlamak için kullanılan bir terimdir. - It is a term used to describe the warming of the earth due to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

1950'li yıllarda şehir Buenos Aires'in milangolarında yaygın olan tangoyu dans etme stilini tanımlamak için 'Milonguero stili tango' terimi 1990'ların başında uyduruldu. - The term ‘milonguero style tango’ was coined in the early 1990s to describe the style of dancing tango that was prevalent in the milongas of downtown Buenos Aires in the 1950s.

tasvir etmek
(Bilgisayar) tanıt
tarif et

Tom'a görevi nasıl tarif ettin? - How did you describe the mission to Tom?

Tom onun kilitli bir odadan nasıl kaçabildiğini tarif etti. - Tom described how he was able to escape from the locked room.

{f} ifade etmek
describe çiz/tanımla
tavsifi mümkün

Bunu kelimelerle anlatmak olanaksız. - It's impossible to describe that in words.

Tom Mary'ye olan hislerini anlatmak için doğru sözleri bulamıyor. - Tom can't find the right words to describe his feelings for Mary.

{f} resmini yapmak
(as ile) görmek
gözüyle bakmak
tasvir etmek
resmini çizmek
tanımla,tarif et
{f} çizmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To scientifically reveal a new species by technically explaining its characteristics and particularly how it differs from other species

The fungus was first described by a botanist.

give a description of; "He drew an elaborate plan of attack
Provide characteristics and features
Merely states what is going on
To give an account in words
This requires you to state in words (using diagrams, where appropriate) the main points of the topic It is often used with reference either to particular phenomena or to particular experiments
To represent by words written or spoken; to give an account of; to make known to others by words or signs; as, the geographer describes countries and cities
give the reader a visual impression of; or to give a detailed account of
To report a system or component by its type or other observed, significant characteristics to distinguish it from other systems or components
To use the faculty of describing; to give a description; as, Milton describes with uncommon force and beauty
Asks candidates to give a portrayal of a given situation It is a neutral request to present a detailed picture of a given situation, event, pattern, process or outcome, although it may be followed by a further opportunity for discussion and analysis
To represent in words
If a person describes someone or something as a particular thing, he or she believes that they are that thing and says so. He described it as an extraordinarily tangled and complicated tale Even his closest allies describe him as forceful, aggressive and determined He described the meeting as marking a new stage in the peace process
If you describe a person, object, event, or situation, you say what they are like or what happened. We asked her to describe what kind of things she did in her spare time She read a poem by Carver which describes their life together Just before his death he described seeing their son in a beautiful garden
make a mark or lines on a surface; "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand"
To distribute into parts, groups, or classes; to mark off; to class
to represent or give an account of in words The key word here is represent When I ask you to describe something, I expect to see the use of sensory details I may also use this word when I want to hear about a series of actions or events that lead to a certain outcome (for example, describe how King maintains suspense in his novels) Strictly speaking, such an account is actually a narration of events or a discussion of the use of particular strategies The meaning should be clear from the context of a question or scenario, but if you are ever in doubt, ask
give a description of; "He drew an elaborate plan of attack"
to give an account or representation of in words; "Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental"
{f} depict, give an account of
picture, tell details
identify as in botany or biology, for example
To represent by drawing; to draw a plan of; to delineate; to trace or mark out; as, to describe a circle by the compasses; a torch waved about the head in such a way as to describe a circle
Give a detailed and comprehensive account of something
Report in writing a system or component by its type, or other observed characteristics, to distinguish it from other components used for the same purpose
To give rise to a geometrical structure
In a descriptive answer you should recount, characterize, sketch or relate in narrative form
An invocation current_definitions() returns the list of definitions stored in the current theory segment Every definition is automatically stored in the current segment by the primitive definition principles Advanced definition principles are built in terms of the primitives, so they also store their results in the cuurent segment However, the definitions may be quite far removed from the user input, and they may also store some consequences of the definition as theorems
Describe requires candidates to state in words (using diagrams where appropriate) the main points of the topic
to describe


    to de·scribe

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    tı dîskrayb


    /tə dəˈskrīb/ /tə dɪˈskraɪb/


    ... my favorite thing, is how you can convey a thought or a story or completely describe ...
    ... describe exactly what it is that you intend to do, not just saying, I'll sit down, but ...

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