run in

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İngilizce - Türkçe
motoru alıştırmak
motoru alıştırma
rodaj yapmak
(motoru) alıştırmak
içeriye koşmak
(Fiili Deyim ) koşarak içeri girmek , şöyle bir uğramak
göğüs göğüse savaşmak
(deyim) run someone in tutuklamak,karakola götürmek. run (yeni makina araç vb.) ilk başta dikkatli kullanmak,alıştırmak
içeri akmak
yakalayıp hapse atmak
metne ilave edilen kısım
hız alma
run something in
İngilizce - İngilizce
Alternative spelling of run-in
To arrest

The guys who robbed the bank last week have finally been run in.

To drive a car carefully when it is new so the engine is not damaged in any way

I have to drive slowly for the first 1,000 miles to run the engine in.

An encounter; a scrape or brush; especially one involving trouble or difficulty

I heard his brother had a run-in with the police the other day.

Interrference by a non-participant in a match A run in will usually occur when the referee has been knocked out or is distracted
Interference by a non-participant in a match
text type following head type on the same line In this Glossary, the definition is run in after the term run-in head Heading or caption which does not stand apart from the text it heads, but acts as the first part of the text running head (or foot) The line either above text (head) or below it (foot) that reflects the section, part, chapter, or current head, usually aligned with the folio
Interference by a non-participant in a match save n a run-in to protect a wrestler from being beat up after a match is over
The last leg into the Finish
When a perfomer other than the ones in a particular match come out during the match and interfere
A proofreader's notation to indicate that the text should not be broken, as with a new paragraph
n interference by a non-participant in a match
an angry dispute; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words"
A run-in is an argument or quarrel with someone. I had a monumental run-in with him a couple of years ago. = row. an argument or disagreement, especially with someone in an official position run-in with
run in