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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} polis memuru

Bir polis memuru olduğunu Tom'a söyleme. - Don't tell Tom you're a cop.

{i} aynasız
{i} tutuklama
{i} konik iplik yumağı
{f} yakalamak
performans katsayısı
(Askeri) genel harekat resmi (common operational picture)
oyunbozanlık etmek
konik iplik yumağ
f aşırmak
{f} çalmak
{f} enselemek
cop yakala
cop out argo çekilmek
{i} polis

Polisler binanın içine gaz bombaları attılar. - The cops threw tear-gas bombs into the building.

Bir polis memuru olduğunu Tom'a söyleme. - Don't tell Tom you're a cop.

i., k.dili. polis, aynasız
(Tekstil) kops, masura Açıklama: Kops; masuranın fitil ile dolmuş halinin ismidir
{f} aşırmak
cop out
yan çizmek
cop it
(Konuşma Dili) cezalandırılmak
cop it
(Konuşma Dili) aşağılanmak
cop out
sorumluluktan kaçmak
cop out
(deyim) ötmek
cop out
(deyim) oyunbozanlık etmek
cop dyed
masurada boyanmış
cop it
fırça yemek
cop off
Cinsel ilişkide bulunmak
cop out
Yan çizmek, kıvırmak
cop out
(fiil) mesuliyetten kaçınmak
cop out
(isim) mesuliyetten kaçınma
cop to
polis için
cop bridge
(Tekstil) kops koprüsü
cop build
(Tekstil) kops oluşumu
cop diameter
(Tekstil) kops çapı
cop dyeing machine
(Tekstil) kops boyama makinesi
cop ejector
(Tekstil) kops çıkarıcı
cop it
başı derde girmek
cop it
cop monitoring
(Tekstil) kops gözlemi
cop out
kaçamak yapmak
cop out artist
sorumluluktan kaçan kimse
cop removing station
(Tekstil) kops çıkarma istasyonu
cop winder
(Tekstil) bobin makinesi
motorcycle cop
motorsikletli devriye
beat cop
Devriye polisi
beat cop
devriye gezen polis memuru
it is no great cop
o büyük bir polistir
(Askeri) muhabere harekat planlama sistemi (communications operational planning system)
Tube loading and cop removing station
(Tekstil) Masura takma ve kops alma istasyonu
a cop shop
(Konuşma Dili) polis karakolu
cop out
kaçamak yol
cop out
cop out
sorumluluktan kaçan kimse
cop out
cop out
glau cop hane
(Madencilik) glokofan
it's a fair cop
(deyim) yemin ederim suçsuzum
it's a fair cop
(deyim) valla suçsuzum
it's a fair cop
(deyim) valla bir suçum yok
it's a fair cop
(deyim) valla temizim
not be much cop
(Konuşma Dili) sonuç getirmeyen
not be much cop
(Konuşma Dili) ilgilenmeye değmez
the cop shop
(Konuşma Dili) polis karakolu
İngilizce - İngilizce
The top, summit, especially of a hill
to receive, especially blame or punishment for a particular instance of wrongdoing
To capture, get hold of, take

Heroin appeared on the streets of our town for the first time, and Innie watched helplessly as his sixteen-year-old brother began taking the train to Harlem to cop smack.

The ball of thread wound on to the spindle in a spinning machine
A police officer
The head
to admit, especially to a crime

I already copped to the murder. What else do you want from me?.

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman
The top of a thing; the head; a crest
Coefficient Of Performance compares the heating capacity of a heat pump to the amount of electricity required to operate the heat pump in the heating mode COPs vary with the outside temperature: as the temperature falls, the COP falls also, since the heat pump is less efficient at lower temperatures
Same as Merlon
COP compares the heating capacity of a heat pump to the amount of electricity required to operate the heat pump in the heating mode
Committee of Practitioners A federally mandated advisory body to state departments of education
{f} catch; steal; plead guilty
command observation post SACLOS – SemiAutomatic Line Of Sight
A cop is a policeman or policewoman. Frank didn't like having the cops know where to find him. Coptic. copyright
Finished cotton thread formed into a cylindrical package with conical ends
common operational picture
command observation post
The ranger on the public golf course-the guy whose job it is to make sure the flow of play is smooth and all golfers are observing the game's etiquette He's never around when the fivesome in front of you is too slow, but always around to watch you hit a tee shot out of bounds or into a lake
To capture, get hold of take
Coefficient of Performance is a measurement of comparison of a heat pump's heating capacity to the amount of electricity required to operate it The COP decreases as the temperature drops since a heat pump is less efficient at lower outside temperatures
The COP is the governing body of the CBD and advances implementation of the CBD through decisions it takes at its periodic meetings
Code of Practice – on Identification and Assessment of SEN – A guide to schools and local education authorities (LEAs) on the staged approach they must follow when identifying children with special educational needs Schools and LEA’s must have regard to the Code when they deal with a child with SEN The Code suggests 5 stages; stages 1 to 3 being the responsibility of the school, stages 4 and 5 being the responsibility of the school, LEA and other relevant agencies e g health
Conference of the [Contracting] Parties
take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!"
A conical or conical-ended mass of coiled thread, yarn, or roving, wound upon a spindle, etc
Coefficient Of Performance A ratio that compares a heat pump system's heating efficiency to that of electric resistance heat For example, a heat pump system with a COP of 3 0 provides heat at 3 times the efficiency of electric resistance heat A heat pump's system COP will decrease as outdoor temperatures drop, eventually providing little or no efficiency advantage over electric resistance heat - and that's when your auxiliary heat strips start to heat your home
A tube or quill upon which silk is wound
- The "Conference of Parties," made up of the signers of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) The COP holds periodic meetings to develop and refine rules and techniques for meeting the goals of the UNFCCC
Coefficient of Performance, COP, is the ratio of energy input to heating capacity This is the instantaneous measurement of the heating performance of your heat pump It is comparable to knowing how many miles per gallon of gasoline your car gets when it is going full speed You can find the COP on the nameplate of your heat pump
Certificate of Permission
Council of Presidents of actuarial professional organizations in North America
A unit of measurement for determining the energy efficiency of heating equipment It is determined by dividing the total heating provided by the system (BTUH) by the total electricity used to produce this heat A minimum of 3 0 COP is recommended
{i} police officer
Coefficient of Performance of a heat pump means the ratio of the rate of useful heat output delivered by the complete heat pump unit (exclusive of supplementary heating) to the corresponding rate of energy input, in consistent units and under operating conditions
Conference of the Parties The supreme body of the UNFCCC, charged with the task of regularly reviewing implementation of the Convention and any related instruments, such as the Kyoto Protocol The COP meets annually
take into custody; "the police nabbed the suspected criminals"
A policeman
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The ratio of heating or cooling provided by a heat pump (or other refrigeration machine) to the energy consumed by the system under designated operating conditions The higher the COP, the more efficient the system
Coefficient of Performance For cooling systems, the ratio of the rate of heat removed to the rate of energy input For heat pumps, the ratio of the rate of heat delivered to the rate of energy input, both expressed in consistent units
cop a feel
to stealthily fondle someone in a sexual manner
cop a plea
To plead guilty to a lesser criminal charge than one had been charged with
cop it
To get into trouble; to be punished

I suppose he must have been all right, because you don't half cop it for killing a soldier.

cop off
(followed by with) To successfully engage the company of someone, usually of the opposite sex, for a period of time

Who was that bird you copped off with at the pub last night?.

cop on
Common sense

That idiot has no cop on.

cop on
Behave. (figuratively) grow up

You'll get in trouble with the boss if you don't cop on.

cop out
To avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner

Faced with the prospect of cooking for himself, his first thought was to cop out and order a pizza.

cop shop
A police station

1977: Cop Shop — title of Australian television series.

cop shops
plural form of cop shop
cop the bun
To take the biscuit

Tell me, he demanded, how to throw a man over my head and break his neck, for I am going to kill you, and I wish to know this thing before you die. Of all the ingenuous declarations I have ever heard, this one copped the proverbial bun.

a Teflon coated bullet
Avoidance or inadequate performance of a task or duty; the action of copping out

His disappearance on the day of the audition was just a cop-out.

An excuse made in order to avoid performing a task or duty; a reason offered when someone cops out

It was a cop-out to say he couldn't sign the petition because he sprained his wrist.

A person who cops out

He's always a cop-out when there's hard work to be done.

cop out
Not do something that you intended to do, because you do not feel brave enough, strong enough etc
cop out
(noun) an instance of avoiding a commitment or responsibility
cop out
(verb) Avoid doing something that one ought to do
cop out
choose not to do something, as out of fear of failing; "She copped out when she was supposed to get into the hang glider"
cop out
evade a problem, avoid a difficult situation; renege on a commitment, neglect a duty
disapproval If you refer to something as a cop-out, you think that it is a way for someone to avoid doing something that they should do. To decline to vote is a cop-out The film's ending is an unsatisfactory cop-out. something you do or say in order to avoid doing or accepting something
the cops: The police, considered as a group entity

Maybe he'll git the cops after you, Jack. I'll watch out fer dat, Nick, an' you must watch out too, answered Jack Sagger.

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cop
plural form of cop Police officers

All the cops in the donut shops say, Way-oh-way-oh-way-ooo-aaa-ooo.

death by cop
A method of suicide where a person points a firearm at an armed police officer, forcing them to shoot
deaths by cop
plural form of death by cop
motor cop
A policeman driving a motorcycle

I kept my speedometer at forty or under; Wolfe had told Anderson this would be unostentatious, and besides, I wasn't in the mood for repartee with a motor cop.

not much cop
Not very good; unimpressive

I'm not much cop at the decorating lark, am I, Floss? Never mind, Dad..

a private security guard
suicide by cop
The method of suicide where a person deliberately acts in a threatening way towards a police officer, with the purpose of being shot as response
suicides by cop
plural form of suicide by cop
{a} rising to a top or head, sharp
beat cop
A beat cop is a police officer who walks, rides, cycles, or drives in a specific neighborhood, known as a “beat.” Because the officer routinely patrols in the same area, he or she becomes well-known in the community, creating a positive relationship between law enforcement and the community
Rising to a point or head; conical; pointed; crested
past of cop
Common Open Policy Service
Computerised Operational Policing System
The connecting crook of a harrow
(Computer Oracle Password and Security) This is known as the programs that are used to monitor various computer security vulnerabilities
(Certificates of Participation)-Funds freed up on existing COPS Notes substituting insurance policy for a cash reserve fund to guarantee payment to the note holders
Competitive Opportunities Proceeding
third-person singular of cop
Community Oriented Policing Services, a program of the Department of Justice
Community Oriented Policing Services (WSP program)
Comprehensive Occupational Pay Survey; A one-time survey conducted on Utah in 1995 by the Labor Market (Workforce) Information division of the Utah Department of Workforce Services It provides wage data for roughly 250 occupations statewide and data for six state areas
Common Open Policy Service This is a protocol developed by IETF to provide a common methodology for policy services to communicate with devices that apply priority to traffic Named as a proposed standard in February 2000
Common Open Policy Service is an IETF standard to supply network switches and hubs with policy rules to help maintain Quality of Service
Certificates of Participation
Common Open Policy Service A QoS policy exchange protocol that allows communication between a Policy Decision Point (PDP) and a Policy Enforcement Points (PEP) such as switches, routers and gateways
Police officers
Computer Oracle and Password System - a collection of security tools that are designed specifically to aid the typical UNIX System Administrator in the oft neglected are of computer security COPS does not attempt to correct or exploit any of the potential problems it finds
Computer Oracle Password and Security is a free system scanner for UNIX See TCP/IP Network Administration section 12 4 3 1
motorcycle cop
a policeman who rides a motorcycle (and who checks the speeds of motorists)
speed cop
{i} cop who rides a motorcycle
traffic cop
a policeman who controls the flow of automobile traffic
Türkçe - İngilizce

The policeman pulled out his baton. - Polis, copunu çıkardı.

{i} truncheon
billy, billy club, nightstick
truncheon, cosh, baton
cop ile yere sermek
cop çekmek
draw baton
cop kutusu