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İngilizce - Türkçe
üzerine hücum etmek
üzerine hücum
(at/out ile) saldırmak
{f} saldır
hamle yapmak
{i} saldırı
{f} at terbiye etmek
{f} saldırmak
{i} at -in üzerine hücum/saldırı
eskrim veya boksta hamle etmek
kılıç ile hamle
hamle yap
{i} saldırma
{f} at -in üzerine hücum etmek/saldırmak
{i} akciğer

Amcam, akciğer kanserinden öldü. - My uncle died of lung cancer.

O akciğer kanserinden öldü. - He died of lung cancer.

lunge at
ileri atılmak
{i} ciğer

Sigara içmek ciğerlerine zarar verdi. - Smoking has affected his lungs.

Ciğerlerinde fazla su vardı. - He had excess water in his lungs.

flip, lunge
Hamle flip
long lunge
(Askeri) UZUN HAMLE: Bak. "long thrust"
at the top of his lungs avazı çıktığı kadar
lungs i
akcierlerin her biri
short lunge
to lunge
hamle yapmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
To make a sudden forward movement (present participle: lunging)
To longe or work a horse in a circle around a handler (present participle: lunging or lungeing)
A sudden forward movement, especially with a sword
An exercise performed by stepping forward one leg while kneeling with the other leg, then returning back to a standing position
A long rope or flat web line, more commonly referred to as a lunge line, approximately 20-30 feet long, attached to the bridle, lungeing cavesson, or halter of a horse and is used to control the animal while lungeing
{n} a full thrust in fencing
{n} a thrust, a sudden push
An attack made by extending the rear leg and landing on thebent front leg
To work a horse in a circle around a handler
A long step forward with the front foot [ Return to Top ]
{f} move forward abruptly, make a sudden thrusting movement
A reaching forward of the front foot combined with the driving extension of the rear leg
an attack made by extending the rear leg and landing on the bent front leg
A weight transfer to a bent leg with the other leg extended
If you lunge in a particular direction, you move in that direction suddenly and clumsily. He lunged at me, grabbing me violently I lunged forward to try to hit him. Lunge is also a noun. The attacker knocked on their door and made a lunge for Wendy when she answered. to make a sudden strong movement towards someone or something, especially to attack them lunge at/forward/towards/out etc (allonger )
The basic attack in fencing where a fencer closes the distance between foes by moving the front leg forward while the back leg remains stationary and straightens out
make a thrusting forward movement
the act of moving forward suddenly
To cause to go round in a ring, as a horse, while holding his halter
A sudden thrust or pass, as with a sword
A rope-like piece of tack, more commonly referred to as a lunge line, that is attached to the bridle, lungeing cavesson, or halter of a horse and is used to control the animal while lungeing
an extension of the guard position, made after the offensive blade action in order for one to reach the opponent's target
To make a sudden forward movement
Rope or lead measuring 8 meters (about 25') with a tie on one side and a loop on the other It allows to lunge the horse on a chosen circle
Same as Namaycush
To make a lunge
{i} abrupt forward movement, sudden thrusting motion
(30) - Flip a coin If tails, this attack does nothing Pokémon with this attack: Houndour L16
A connecting move whose position is that of a lunge in fencing, in which one leg is bent at the knee and the other leg is extended to the rear, with the foot of the extended leg dragged behind on the ice
An attack in which the fencer moves the front leg quickly forward while the back leg remains stationary and straightens out
lunge line
A rope-like piece of equipment, usually 20 feet or longer in length, attached to the bridle, lungeing cavesson, or halter of a horse to provide control while lungeing
A biological organ that extracts oxygen from the air
{a} having lungs, like or resembling lungs
(Tib ) This is a Tibetan word for ritual reading In order to perform a vajrayana practice, one must have a holder of the lineage read the text straight through (Tib lung), give an explanation of the practice (Tib tri) and give the empowerment for the practice (Tib wang)
An organ for aërial respiration; commonly in the plural
Women's Cancer Juvenile Diabetes
is in charge of repiration, water metabolism, blood circulation and some functions of the immune system
n paru-paru
Either of the pair of organs occupying the cavity of the thorax that effect the aeration of the blood
The organ of external respiration in which gas from the atmosphere is exchanged with the gaseous byproducts of cellular metabolism
either of two saclike respiratory organs in the chest of vertebrates; serves to remove carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the blood
{i} one of two saclike respiratory organs responsible for transferring oxygen into the bloodstream
one of a pair of respiratory organs functioning to supply oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide
Balloon-like structures in the chest that bring oxygen into the body and expel carbon dioxide from the body
Your lungs are the two organs inside your chest which fill with air when you breathe in. Either of two light, spongy, elastic organs in the chest, used for breathing. Each is enclosed in a membrane (pleura). Contraction of the diaphragm and the muscles between the ribs draw air into the lungs through the trachea, which splits into two primary bronchi, one per lung. Each bronchus branches into secondary bronchi (one per lobe of lung), tertiary bronchi (one per segment of lung), and many bronchioles leading to the pulmonary alveoli. There oxygen in the inspired gas is exchanged for carbon dioxide from the blood in the surrounding capillaries. Adequate tissue oxygen supply depends on sufficient distribution of air (ventilation) and blood (perfusion) in the lungs. Lung injuries or diseases (e.g., emphysema, embolism, pneumonia) can affect either or both. lung collapse brown lung disease Hei lung chiang Hei lung Chiang Lung men caves Lung shan culture lung cancer lung congestion Ch'ien lung emperor Ya lung River
Having lungs, or breathing organs similar to lungs
past of lung
plural of lunge
present participle of lunge