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İngilizce - İngilizce
To become flat or flatter
To knock down or lay low

The prize fighter quickly flattened his challenger.

To make something flat or flatter

Mary would flatten the dough before rolling it into pretzels.

To be knocked down or laid low
{v} to make flat, beat down, dispirit, fall
{f} make level or smooth; become level; make flat; beat flat; knock down; make insipid or dull
To throw down; to bring to the ground; to prostrate; hence, to depress; to deject; to dispirit
lower the pitch of (musical notes) become flat or flatter; "The landscape flattened" make flat or flatter; "flatten a road"; "flatten your stomach with these exercises
lower the pitch of (musical notes)
To make vapid or insipid; to render stale
A good bodycheck
If you flatten someone, you make them fall over by hitting them violently. `I've never seen a woman flatten someone like that,' said a crew member. `She knocked him out cold.'
Synonymous with de-marshal
If you flatten something or if it flattens, it becomes flat or flatter. He carefully flattened the wrappers and put them between the leaves of his book The dog's ears flattened slightly as Cook spoke his name. the pitiful shacks built of cardboard boxes, corrugated iron sheets and flattened oil drums. Flatten out means the same as flatten. The hills flattened out just south of the mountain Peel off the blackened skin, flatten the pepper out and trim it into edible pieces
lower the pitch of (musical notes) become flat or flatter; "The landscape flattened"
become flat or flatter; "The landscape flattened"
If you flatten yourself against something, you press yourself flat against it, for example to avoid getting in the way or being seen. He flattened himself against a brick wall as I passed
To flatten something such as a building, town, or plant means to destroy it by knocking it down or crushing it. explosives capable of flattening a five-storey building. areas of flattened corn
To combine all visible layers into a single layer
To lower the pitch of; to cause to sound less sharp; to let fall from the pitch
To reduce to an even surface or one approaching evenness; to make flat; to level; to make plane
To become or grow flat, even, depressed, dull, vapid, spiritless, or depressed below pitch
make flat or flatter; "flatten a road"; "flatten your stomach with these exercises"
make flat or flatter; "flatten a road"; "flatten your stomach with these exercises
to carry on with (a process or question) until it no longer produces a reaction
flatten out
become flat or flatter; "The landscape flattened"
Made flat by something

We removed the fallen tree from the flattened car.

Simple past tense and past participle of flatten

The tree fell on the car and flattened it.

A flattened part of something

The Earth is a sphere that has flattenings at the poles.

The act, or the result of making something flat of flatter
having been flattened
{s} leveled; straightened; made flat; knocked down; made insipid or dull
past of flatten
{i} something which makes flat, leveler
present participle of flatten
f = (a-b)/a = 1-(1-e2)1/2 where: a = Semimajor axis b = Semiminor axis e = Eccentricity
leveling operation of steel strip through a unit housing a series of small diameter rolls
Of the earth, the ratio of the difference between the equatorial radius (major semiaxis) and the polar radius (minor semiaxis) of the earth to the equatorial radius Also called compression See astronomical constants
(Organizational): Referring to the process of flattening the organizational hierarchy through the intentional and calculated reduction or streamlining of processes by eliminating waste and redundant functions, often while decentralizing decision-making While Flattening represents a fundamental shift from a functional form of management to that of a process form of management (which is typically more effective), this shift often results in a reduction of the layers of management which increases the span of control of managers at various levels to the point where organizational efficiency and effectiveness may become compromised Flattening to this extreme, without regard for maintaining adequate levels of span of control or without regard for the inherent benefits and functionality of each layer of management has been referred to as "dumbsizing " [see also Dumbsizing, Horizontal Hierarchical Structure and Vertical Hierarchical Structure]
Flattening consists of taking multiple instances of a single object and converting them into separate objects (deinstancing) and then applying any static transformations defined by pfSCS nodes to the copied geometry; this action improves performance at a cost in memory space
Conversion of nested queries into semi-joins
{i} act of leveling, straightening, making flat
third-person singular of flatten