knock down

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İngilizce - İngilizce
To demolish

We knocked down the garden shed when we moved.

At an auction, to declare (something) sold with a blow from the gavel

The picture was knocked down for £50.

To drink fast

I love to go down the pub and knock down pints of lager.

To reduce the price of

They knocked it down by another £5, so we bought it.

To hit or knock (something), intentionally or accidentally, so that it falls

As I took the can off the shelf, I knocked down the one beside it.

To hit a fence, gate, or any other obstacle, causing it to fall
cause to come or go down; "The policeman downed the heavily armed suspect"; "The mugger knocked down the old lady after she refused to hand over her wallet"
cause to fall over; defeat
Furniture sold unassembled or partially assembled
Any parts of a building which can be easily assembled, installed, or removed, such as certain types of window frames, partitions, etc
To knock down a building or part of a building means to demolish it. Why doesn't he just knock the wall down? They have since knocked down the shack. = pull down
To knock down a price or amount means to decrease it. The market might abandon the stock, and knock down its price It manages to knock rents down to $1 per square foot
This term refers to a hit fence, gate, or any other obstacle, causing it to fall
When dog dislodges pole from hurdle or brick from top of wall
knock down with force; "He decked his opponent"
To reduce the flame or heat on the more vigorously burning parts of a fire edge
Portable window frames or partitions which are easily taken apart moving
If someone is knocked down or is knocked over by a vehicle or its driver, they are hit by a car and fall to the ground, and are often injured or killed. He died in hospital after being knocked down by a car A drunk driver knocked down and killed two girls A car knocked him over. = run over
The use of a reagent such as an oligonucleotide with sequence complementary to an active gene or its mRNA transcript, to interfere with the expression of said gene
reduced in price
a short pass played downwards, for example from the head onto someone's feet
knock something down
Destroy something or a part of it

1. The Council plans to knock the library down and replace it with a hotel complex. 2. (FIGURATIVE) She easily knocked down every argument he put up.

knock someone down
make someone lose their balance and fall, knock someone over; stun someone, astound someone
strong enough to knock down or overwhelm; "a knock-down blow
a knock-down-drag-out argument or fight is an extremely angry or violent one
The condition of a sailboat being pushed abruptly to horizontal, with the mast parallel to the water surface
An act of knocking down or the condition of being knocked down
a blow that knocks the opponent off his feet (furniture) easily assembled and dismantled; "I bought a knockdown chest at the do-it-yourself store
Of or pertaining to the act of knocking down at an auction; specif
Made or constructed so as to be capable of being knocked down or taken apart, as for transportation
designating the price below which an article will not be disposed by the auctioneer
Of force sufficient to fell or completely overthrow; as, a knockdown blow; a knockdown argument
Term for a shot that is hit with an abbreviated follow-through to produce a low-trajectory, slight fade, and plenty of spin A knockdown shot usually doesn't travel as far as a normal shot This shot is employed when control is paramount (See also punch ')
(also "knockdown shot, punch, punch shot, half shot") a shot played with less than a full swing, mainly to control distance, trajectory and spin Example: A common variation on the knockdown/knockdown shot/punch/punch shot/half shot is where the hands reach shoulder height on the backswing and also finish shoulder high in the follow-through
a kind of ale or beer that is very strong
An alteration of a gene so that it may be expressed conditionally
A felling by a knock, as of a combatant, or of an animal
An overwhelming blow
(aka: "knockdown shot", "punch", "punch shot", "half shot") a shot played with less than a full swing Also see 'half shot'
A genetically modified organism that carries one or more genes in its chromosomes that has been made less active or had its expression reduced
{i} knockout, act of striking and causing to fall; lowering of prices; object which can be easily taken apart (for storage, etc.)
A knocking down; a felling by a knock; a blow that overwhelms; also, a fist fight
A design feature that allows a piece of furniture to be easily disassembled by the use of special hardware or joinery
Of such force as to fell or overthrow; overwhelming; as, a knockdown blow
Designating a rivet end to be formed into a head by upsetting in fastening
Something that knocks down, or takes apart, for packing or removal, as a piece of furniture; also, state of being knocked down, or taken apart
powerful enough to overwhelm or knock down
A method of expressing the total effect of a compound before mortality has occurred The test insect is unable to maintain its normal position in relation to the environment Sometimes test insects recover from knockdown effects, although ordinary mortality occurs
(furniture) easily assembled and dismantled; "I bought a knockdown chest at the do-it-yourself store"
A knockdown price is much lower than it would be normally. the chance to buy it now at a knockdown price. a knockdown price is very cheap. when a boxer falls down when he is hit
That which knocks one down; something that overpowers or overwhelms, as strong liquor; specif
a blow that knocks the opponent off his feet
{s} overwhelming, amazing; easily disassembled, made to be taken apart without difficulty (for storage, shipping, etc.)
knock down


    knock Down

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    näk daun

    Eş anlamlılar

    knock over, demolish, destroy, sell, reduce


    /ˈnäk ˈdoun/ /ˈnɑːk ˈdaʊn/


    [ 'näk ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English knoken, from Old English cnocian; akin to Middle High German knochen to press.