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Englisch - Englisch
trashy, trivial, of little value

She made some paltry excuse and left.

meager; worthless; pitiful; trifling

Student grants these days are paltry, and many students have to take out loans.

{a} mean, pitiful, despicable, low
A paltry amount of money or of something else is one that you consider to be very small. a paltry fine of £150
{s} worthless, having no value; petty, trivial; contemptible, mean, base
not worth considering; "he considered the prize too paltry for the lives it must cost"; "piffling efforts"; "a trifling matter"
Mean; vile; worthless; despicable; contemptible; pitiful; trifling; as, a paltry excuse; paltry gold
contemptibly small in amount; "a measly tip"; "the company donated a miserable $100 for flood relief"; "a paltry wage"; "almost depleted his miserable store of dried beans"
{n} meanness, pititfulness, baseness
The characteristic of being paltry
worthlessness due to insignificance
The state or quality of being paltry
{i} worthlessness, state of having no value; trivialness, insignificance