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To move house (especially a sudden move to avoid debts)
A particular, unexpected, short lived change of state

My computer just had a flit.

A homosexual
To move quickly from one location to another
To move about rapidly and nimbly

There were many apes with faces similar to his own, and further over in the book he found, under M, some little monkeys such as he saw daily flitting through the trees of his primeval forest. But nowhere was pictured any of his own people; in all the book was none that resembled Kerchak, or Tublat, or Kala.

To unpredictably change state for short periods of time

My blender flits because the power cord is damaged.

A fluttering or darting movement
Fast, nimble

And in his hand two darts exceeding flit, / And deadly sharpe he held .

{v} to flutter, fly, move, pass, go
Appear suddenly and briefly in someone's mind or on their face
If an expression flits across your face or an idea flits through your mind, it is there for a short time and then goes again. He was unable to prevent a look of interest from flitting across his features Images and memories of the evening flitted through her mind. to move lightly or quickly and not stay in one place for very long (flytja )
If something such as a bird or a bat flits about, it flies quickly from one place to another. the parrot that flits from tree to tree
Nimble; quick; swift
To move with celerity through the air; to fly away with a rapid motion; to dart along; to fleet; as, a bird flits away; a cloud flits along
a secret move (to avoid paying debts); "they did a moonlight flit" a sudden quick movement move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
{i} quick light movement; fluttering; change of residence (Scottish); homosexual (derogatory)
To unpredictably change state for short periods of time. Eg. "My blender flits because the power cord is damaged
A particular, unexpected, short lived, change of state. Eg."My computer just had a flit
To pass rapidly, as a light substance, from one place to another; to remove; to migrate
To be unstable; to be easily or often moved
If someone flits from one thing or situation to another, they move or turn their attention from one to the other very quickly. She flits from one dance partner to another He's prone to flit between subjects with amazing ease
Small unit of information at link layer, of size of one or several words
a secret move (to avoid paying debts); "they did a moonlight flit"
(n ) A flow control unit - the basic unit of information sent through a message passing system that uses virtual cut-through or wormhole routing
{f} fly; flutter; dart; move quickly; change location; escape in secret
a sudden quick movement move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
a sudden quick movement
If you flit around or flit between one place and another, you go to lots of places without staying for very long in any of them. Laura flits about New York hailing taxis at every opportunity He spends his time flitting between Florence, Rome and Bologna
To remove from one place or habitation to another
To flutter; to rove on the wing
move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
to move quickly from one condition or location to another
to move about rapidly and nimbly
{n} a rag, tatter, loosepiece, pancake
{n} a fluttering
third-person singular of flit
plural of , flit
past of flit
move back and forth very rapidly; "the candle flickered"
{i} person or thing which flits; fluttering movement; metal fragment used for decoration
To flutter
to flutter or quiver
A rag; a tatter; a small piece or fragment
To flutter; to move quickly; as, to flitter the cards
A removal from one habitation to another
{i} act of moving house (English usage); strife (Scottish usage); flying lightly and rapidly
present participle of flit
Contention; strife; scolding; specif
a kind of metrical contest between two persons, popular in Scotland in the 16th century
A flying with lightness and celerity; a fluttering
moonlight flit
{i} (British) act of secretly leaving a rented house during the night to avoid paying rent
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spray gun
(insecticide) spray gun
spray insecticide; spray gun (for insecticides)