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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} demet

Tom bir sinir demeti. - Tom is a bundle of nerves.

O demetlerin içine ince dallar bağladı. - He tied the twigs into bundles.

{i} tomar
{i} bohça

O bir bohça giysi taşıdı. - He carried a bundle of clothes.

{i} deste
{f} kundaklamak
palas pandıras yollamak
{i} yığın
acele ettirmek
paldır küldür gitmek
paldır küldür yollamak

Seyyar satıcı sırtında büyük bir paket taşıyordu. - The peddler carried a big bundle on his back.

Elinde bir paket giysi ile dışarı çıktı. - He went out with a bundle of clothes in his hand.

bir yığın
{f} paket yap

Bu giysilerden bir paket yap. - Make a bundle of these clothes.


O bir kıskançlık çıkınıydı. - She was a bundle of jealousy.

soyunmadan aynı yatakta yatmak
{f} sepetlemek
(Tıp) Yol (tractus)
bundle up sarınıp sarmalanmak
(Tıp) Küme>
acele olarak bir yere göndermek
{f} sarmak
(Tıp) Hüzme
{i} çok para

Pachinko salonunda çok para yaptıktan sonra Jiro mutlu olurdu. - Jiro was all smiles after he made a bundle at the pachinko parlor.

sarıp sarmalamak
slang sepetlemek
{f} bohçalamak
veda etmeden aceleyle gitmek
(Tıp) Lif
(Tıp) bundle
paket yapmak
bundle jam detector
demet sıkışma detektörü
bundle of fibres
lif demeti
bundle of rays
ışın demeti
bundle pricing
(Ticaret) paket fiyat
bundle somebody off
(deyim) başından atmak
bundle somebody off
(deyim) başından savmak
bundle somebody up
sarıp sarmalamak
bundle someone off
birini apar topar göndermek
bundle someone up
(deyim) birini sarıp sarmalamak
bundle up
sarınıp sarmalanmak
bundle up
(deyim) sarıp sarmalamak
bundle of
bundle of his
his hüzmesi
bundle of rights
yasal haklar
bundle off
alelacele göndermek
bundle off
bundle sb up
birini sarıp sarmalamak
bundle of joy
sevinç paket
bundle sb up
sarıp sarmalamak
bundle sheath
demet kılıf
bundle end flux peaking
(Nükleer Bilimler) demet ucu akı yükselmesi
bundle extremities
(Nükleer Bilimler) demet uçları
bundle of nerves
sinir küpü
bundle off
{f} göndermek
bundle off
{f} sepetlemek
bundle off
{f} apar topar gitmek
bundle off
{f} acele ile gitmek
bundle out
apar topar gitmek
bundle s.o. off
birini apar topar göndermek: As soon as his wife was certified insane, Berkant bundled her off to an asylum. Karısının deliliği resmen tasdik
bundle up
sıkı giyinmek, sarınıp sarmalanmak: It's cold out; you'd better bundle up. Dışarısı soğuk; sıkı giyinsen iyi olur
bundle up
sıkı giyinmek
go a bundle on
(Konuşma Dili) bayılmak
a bundle of nerves
sinir küpü
{f} paket yap
his bundle
his hüzmesi
fiber bundle
lif demeti
fin tube bundle
fin tüp paket
make a bundle
Bir paket yapmak
medicine bundle
tıp paket
bead bundle
(Otomotiv) damak teli paketi
bilateral bundle branch block
(Tıp) biblok
door bundle
(Askeri) paraşüt bohça demeti
door bundle
(Askeri) KAPI YÜKÜ, MALZEME: Uçuş halinde elle fırlatmaya yarayan bir yük olup paraşütçüler tarafından kullanılır
equipment bundle
(Askeri) HAVADAN İKMAL AMBALAJI: Bak. "aerial delivery container"
equipment bundle
(Askeri) havadan ikmal ambalajı
fuel bundle
(Nükleer Bilimler) yakıt demeti
hose bundle
hortum demeti
kent bundle
(Tıp) kent demeti
wrap up in a bundle
bohçe etmek
Englisch - Englisch
To tie or wrap together
A group of objects held together by wrapping or tying
A package wrapped or tied up for carrying
A cluster of closely bound muscle or nerve fibres
To hastily or clumsily push, put, carry or otherwise send something into a particular place

Why, I didn't know that she meant that, until the Captain gave me an explanation, because I was dull of comprehension ; for he bundled me out of the house.

A large amount, especially of money
To dress warmly. Usually bundle up
To hustle; to dispatch something or someone quickly
An application bundle; a directory or file suffixed with .app and containing related resources such source code
To hurry
To sell hardware and software as a single product
To dress someone warmly
{v} to tie, put or throw up in a bundle
{n} a parcel of things bound up together
A package of shingles There are 3, 4 or 5 bundles per square
a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
A packaging method, designed with economy in mind, which uses a cellophane overwrap It usually contains 25 or 50 cigars, traditionally without bands Bundles, oftentimes seconds of premium brands, are usually less expensive than boxed cigars
compress into a wad; "wad paper into the box"
Two or more packages banded or tied together to form a single unit Periodicals are bundled and bundle breakage may be the cause of soaring Periodicals costs
Computer components are usually sold separately, but some suppliers package together the most popular combinations of hardware and software to make things easier for the buyer This is a bundle Similarly, a word processor often comes bundled with the basic computer
A directory in the file system that stores executable code and the software resources related to that code Applications, plug-ins, and frameworks are types of bundles Except for frameworks, bundles are file packages, presented by the Finder as a single file
a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing
n A group of pine needles growing from the same base
Several data fields, all of which share the same domain, grouped together in one data structure
The grouping together of needles on a pine tree into a unified cluster, bound by a sheath (or fascicle) at the base, and attached at a single point to the twig Individual species of pine trees are known by the number of needles in a bundle; for example, White Pine has five, Loblolly Pine has three, and Scotch Pine has two
A package of shingles in which 3, 4 or 5 bundles may comprise a square, depending on coverage
To sell two products as one unit In computers, this usually means including crucial software such as an operating system, and possibly applications as well, in the purchase of computer hardware
To bundle software means to sell it together with a computer, or with other hardware or software, as part of a set. It's cheaper to buy software bundled with a PC than separately
Specific number of sheets which equals 1 unit of production Number is determined by multiplying sheets/Packages/BUNDLE For example, an order calls for 112 sheets/package According to the maximum height allowed for a lift Therefore, multiplying 15 packages X 112 sheets = 1680 sheets/bundle
A number of things bound together, as by a cord or envelope, into a mass or package convenient for handling or conveyance; a loose package; a roll; as, a bundle of straw or of paper; a bundle of old clothes
A buffer that stores screen data sent by JPL's send command or sm_append_bundle_data Panther can maintain up to ten bundles Bundle data can be read by the receive command or sm_get_bundle_data
To dress warmly
make into a bundle; "he bundled up his few possessions"
To tie or bind in a bundle or roll
An individual package of shingles or shakes
To collect directory structures and application files in preparation for sharing the application with another user of Host Publisher Studio (See also application bundler ) (Contrast with assemble and package )
A bundle of things is a number of them that are tied together or wrapped in a cloth or bag so that they can be carried or stored. He gathered the bundles of clothing into his arms I have about 20 year's magazines tied up in bundles
sleep fully clothed in the same bed with one's betrothed
To sleep on the same bed without undressing; applied to the custom of a man and woman, especially lovers, thus sleeping
Two or more screens that are functionally connected such that all screens in the set comprise a logical entity For example, the "New Hire" function may contain several screens needed to collect the information for a new employee The screen set has a Function Code, such as "HIRE", associated with it It is also possible for a group of related data elements which may appear on only one screen to be designated as a functional bundle For example, (1) a campus may want to offer "Change of Address" as a unique function On the EDP1 screen (Employee Personal Data 1), a campus could highlight the appropriate fields a user should review when updating an employee's address When the user specifies a Function Code which represents a screen set, navigation is limited to the screens within the screen set; the user cannot specify an entry/update Function Code outside of the screen set without first updating the EDB or canceling the update process
gather or cause to gather into a cluster; "She bunched her fingers into a fist"; "The students bunched up at the registration desk"
bundle name, contents & notes
emphasis If you describe someone as, for example, a bundle of fun, you are emphasizing that they are full of fun. If you describe someone as a bundle of nerves, you are emphasizing that they are very nervous. I remember Mickey as a bundle of fun, great to have around Life at high school wasn't a bundle of laughs, either
To send off abruptly or without ceremony
A package of shingles Normally, there are 3 bundles per square and 27 shingles per bundle
emphasis If you refer to a bundle of things, you are emphasizing that there is a wide range of them. The profession offers a bundle of benefits, not least of which is extensive training. = package
a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit); "she made a bundle selling real estate"; "they sank megabucks into their new house"
A package of shingles There are typically 3, 4, or 5 bundles per square
{f} gather together, bind together; make into a bundle, package
a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing sleep fully clothed in the same bed with one's betrothed make into a bundle; "he bundled up his few possessions
A prank where many people jump (from ground level) on top of their victim(s)
The three cryptographic keys (K1, K2, K3) used with a TDEA mode [X952][X965] (see also key bundle, Data Encryption Algorithm)
To prepare for departure; to set off in a hurry or without ceremony
Many individual fibers contained within a single jacket or buffer tube Also, a group of buffered fibers distinguished in some fashion from another group in the same cable core
If someone is bundled somewhere, someone pushes them there in a rough and hurried way. He was bundled into a car and driven 50 miles to a police station
{i} number of objects that have been gathered together; package
  A group of optical fibers or electrical conductors, such as wires and coaxial cables, usually in a single jacket   (188)  Note:  Multiple bundles of optical fibers or electrical conductors may be placed in the same cable [After 2196]
the unit of photogrammetric triangulation after each point measured in an image is connected with the perspective center by a straight light ray There is one bundle of light rays for each image
– a less expensive method of packaging than boxes in which cigars are wrapped in cellophane
A collection of axons that run together but do not necessarily have the same origin and destination; e g , medial forebrain bundle [which connects a variety of cells within the cerebrum and brain stem] Also called a fasiculus
- A unit containing two or more packages A unit is considered standard if consisting of 10, 12, or 15 packages (package considered standard if consisting of 112 sheets per package )
bundle buggies
plural form of bundle buggy
bundle buggy
A bag on wheels with an extendable handle. Usually used for grocery shopping
bundle of His
Specialized heart muscle cells that transmit electrical impulses from the AV node in the heart to the muscle cells of the heart wall, which contract in response producing the heart beat
bundle of energy
One who is especially lively, continually active, or industrious

Anyone looking for a kitten should consider that it is a tiny bundle of energy.

bundle of energy
The energy associated with being lively, continually active, or industrious

But Dubielewicz has a bundle of energy and the fans and his teammates feed off it.

bundle of joy
A pet
bundle of joy
A newborn baby

Nature took its course, and Marie did give birth to a bundle of joy, but she soon discovered that motherhood was not all bliss.

bundle of laughs
Something or someone very funny or fun

Eddie Murphy once said he's worked on films where it has been a bundle of laughs, and other times it has been absolute hell, and you can not tell whether the film will be any good, or terrible based on the experience.

bundle of nerves
A lively, continually active person

He found Pesita pacing back and forth before his tent—an energetic bundle of nerves which no amount of hard riding and fighting could tire or discourage.

bundle of nerves
A person with an especially nervous, excitable, or fearful disposition

She is a jittery bundle of nerves rather than the tough stoic she ought to be.

bundle theory
(Felsefe) Theory advanced by David Hume to the effect that the mind is merely a bundle of perceptions without deeper unity or cohesion, related only by resemblance, succession, and causation. Hume's well-argued denial of a substantial or unified self precipitated a philosophical crisis from which Immanuel Kant sought to rescue Western philosophy
bundle up
Wear warm clothes
bundle of nerves
very nervous person, anxious person
bundle of nerves
An extremely nervous person
bundle of rewards
salary and benefits received by an employee
bundle of rights
rights which accompany the owning of a business
bundle off
{f} send off in an informal manner
bundle off
send off unceremoniously
bundle scar
A small mark on a leaf scar indicating a point where a vein from the leaf was once connected with the stem
bundle sheath
A layer or region of cells surrounding a vascular bundle
bundle up
dress warmly; "Mother bundled up the children for the long way to school"
bundle up
make into a bundle; "he bundled up his few possessions"
bundle up
dress warmly; "Mother bundled up the children for the long way to school
bundle up
dress warmly, wear many layers to keep warm
fiber bundle
A topological space that, if one examines only a small part of it at a time, looks consistently like some product space
fibre bundle
Alternative spelling of fiber bundle
get one's undies in a bundle
Alternative form of get one's knickers in a twist
hair bundle
a group of cellular processes resembling hair, characteristic of hair cells

To test this model, we measured the stiffness of hair bundles during mechanical stimulation.

vascular bundle
A strand of xylem, phloem, and their associated tissues within a eustele or atactostele
medial forebrain bundle
(Tıp, İlaç) The Medial forebrain bundle (MFB) is a bundle of the axon that carries information between the ventral tegmentum and the nucleus accumbens. It is commonly accepted that the MFB is involved in the integration of reward and pleasure
A bundle
a bundle
(Informal) large sum of money (e.g.: "My new fur coat cost me a bundle!"), a lot of money
atrioventricular bundle
a bundle of modified heart muscle that transmits the cardiac impulse from the atrioventricular node to the ventricles causing them to contract
(adj ) Characteristic of smaller software programs sold with larger programs
{s} bound, packaged, wrapped
Refers to the practice of automatically including an additional application or capability in the sale or delivery of a computing component that is not ordinarily associated with that component
A term describing a computer system that includes all necessary hardware and software that will allow the system to operate as advertised
Bundled service is provided when CLEC has requested a combination of loop and port services
Several small diameter lines inside a large sleeve pipe
All charges included in one price This usually means combining, Energy Delivery, with Energy Supply, and Metering
past of bundle
{i} one who makes bundles, packer
a machine that bundles
plural of bundle
Members of pine family (not other evergreens!) have groups of needles held together at the base by a small papery wrap called a "fascicle " In Michigan, white pine has five needles per bundle, and other pine species have two Tamarack and larch appear to have many needles in bundles, but they are really clusters of needles at the end of short stubby twig
third-person singular of bundle
A collection of filesets that are encapsulated for a specific purpose By specifying a bundle, all products or filesets under that bundle are automatically included in the operation
A measured unit of casings ready for sale in salted, pre-flushed, or tubed form; bundles will be either hog casings or sheep casings consisting of 91 meters (100 yards) Bundles can also refer to a customer-defined specification
Pre shrink wrapped or strapped bundles of magazines or publications supplied on pallets
Term associated with practice of packaging NPS 1-1/2" and smaller pipe Pieces per bundle vary depending upon size
to sleep in the same bed while fully clothed, a practice commonly practiced by engaged couples in early New England It also houses an extensive collection of written manuscripts including family histories, local histories, indexes, periodicals, and aids to help in genealogical research
Offering of services, like cable modems and an online service, so that if the consumer buys one, they must get the other Seen as an impediment to Open Access since the consumer must pay for two ISP services if they don't like the one bundled by the cable provider
to sleep in the same bed while fully clothed, a practiced commonly by engaged couples in early New England
The practice of selling other stuff along with the bare-bones computer Today, basic programs --like a word processor, Web browser, and spreadsheet -- come bundled with most computers
When several products or services are sold together as a package, or "bundle," for one price
An occurrence where two or more products are combined into one transaction for a single price
the act of shoving hastily; "she complained about bundling the children off to school"
Grouping various telecommunications services as a package to reduce expenses associated with delivering services
The practice of pooling individual contributions from various people -- often those employed by the same business or in the same profession -- in order to maximize the political influence of the bundler Typically, all of the checks collected in this way are sent or delivered to candidates on the same day PACs and political party committees that have already given the maximum allowed by law often bundle individual contributions as a way of delivering even more money to candidates
Combining generation, transmission, and distribution and other services under one entity and one unified electric bill Unbundling means separating those services among different suppliers
The practice of allowing an engaged couple to sleep in the same bed before the marriage The idea was to see if they were compatible, not to encourage sex A wooden slat was usually set between the couple though that didn't always keep the two apart This practice was common in New England
bundling refers to a pricing arrangement under which the supplier offers substantial discounts to customers if they buy several of the firm's products, so that the price of the bundle of products is less than the sum of the prices of the products if they were bought separately
- Grouping of related services and items together for the purpose of contracting and managing health care costs Top
The merging of more than one service rate into a single rate For example, paying for a particular service and receiving another service at a reduced cost The two services are only sold as a unit and not individually
the act of binding something into a bundle
Combining two forms of insurance into one policy, for example vision and dental, or medical and dental Commonly occures with non core benefits Life/AD&D, LTD, STD and FSA Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts are excluded under COBRA, unless they are bundled with the group health plan
Grouping various telecommunications services--wireline and/or wireless--as a package to increase the appeal to potential customers and reduce advertising, marketing and other expenses associated with delivering multiple services For example, a bundled package could include long distance, cellular, Internet and paging services (Back to top )
the packaging of a number of services together such that the price of the bundle is less than the price of the individual services or smaller bundled packages of those services
The setting of an inclusive package price or global fee for all the medical services required for a specific procedure (usually includes both professional and institutional services), for example, maternity care or coronary artery bypass graft
The combining of either network functionalities or end-user services into one integrated package for provision by a supplier to a customer In the former case, major operators of public networks have often required that competing service providers seeking inter-network connection purchase all the necessary functionalities (e g , switching and signalling) in one package, rather than providing some of these elements on their own Hence, "unbundling" has become an important issue in market liberalization programs In the latter case, operators may offer a package of services such as basic telephone, cellular telephone, Internet access, and cable television to customers These "one-stop shopping" offerings are expected to become strategically important as the range of services continues to grow in a competitive environment
present participle of bundle
The practice of marketing two or more product or service items in a single package with one price
The combining together of products and services for marketing purposes (marketing)
the act of binding something into a bundle a one-time custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing
Pressing and storing folded signatures between boards to flatten folds and prevent wrinkles and waves that may appear due to changes in temperature and humidity
Finished printed material is counted into sets (usually 50 or 100) then packaged together using elastic bands
a one-time custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing
The practice of grouping several individual procedures or services together for the purpose of paying for them as one package
fiber bundle
a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)
make a bundle
earn a large fortune, earn a lot of money
medicine bundle
A covered or wrapped parcel containing items of personal or tribal religious significance, used by certain Native American peoples
vascular bundle
A strand of primary conductive plant tissue consisting essentially of xylem and phloem. Also called fibrovascular bundle
vascular bundle
a unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem
Türkisch - Englisch
(Tıp) bundle