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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} sekmek
{f} sektirmek
{i} sıçrama
{f} fırlamak
{i} sekme
{f} zıplatmak
{i} zıplama

Zıplamadan sonra topa vur. - Hit the ball after the bounce.

{f} sıçramak
{i} yüksekten atma
(Ticaret) karşılıksız çıkmak
(Bilgisayar) geri dönme
{f} yansı
(çek) karşılıksız olduğu için geri çevrilmek
{i} yansıma
{i} övünme
{i} işten atma
zıplamak gürültüyle veya hızla bir yere dalmak
{i} canlılık
Elektronik postanın gönderilen adrese ulaşmadan geri gelmesi
{f} dalmak
karşılıksız olduğu gerekçesiyle çeki iade etmek
{f} işten çıkarmak
{f} kovmak
{i} palavra
{i} kovma
{i} martaval
{f} k.dili. (çek) karşılıksız çıkmak
{f} girivermek
dili ha
{f} zıpla

Onlar yukarı aşağı zıpladı. - They bounced up and down.

Zıplamadan sonra topa vur. - Hit the ball after the bounce.

{f} sepetlemek (Argo)
(Argo) aferin
işten cıkarmak
bounce back
bounce back
kendini toplamak
bounce back
kendini toparlamak
bounce for a contact circuit
(Bilgisayar) sıçrama kontak
bounce off the goal post
(Spor) direkten dönmek
bounce off the goal post
(Spor) direkte patlamak
bounce off the goal post
(Spor) direğe takılmak
bounce back
bounce off
çarpıp geri yankılamak

It records IOP by detecting the deceleration of a rod probe as it is bounced off the cornea. As the IOP increases, the rod probe bounces off the cornea faster.

bounce off
çarpıp geri sıçramak
bounce off
kapalı çıkma
bounce off
bounce out
dışarı çıkma
(Otomotiv) zıplama
(Otomotiv) sallanma
(bebek) sağlıklı
contact bounce
kontak sekmesi
key bounce
tuş tutukluğu
de bounce
sıçrama de
dead cat bounce
(Finans) Hisse senedi piyasalarında önemli bir düşüşten sonra, düşüş eğilimini değiştirmeyen, geçici ve kısa dönemli küçük toparlanma
dead cat bounce
ölü kedi zıplama
get the bounce
zıplama olsun
grand bounce
büyük sıçrama
key bounce
tus tutukluğu
moon bounce
(Elektrik, Elektronik) (Earth-Moon-Earth - Dünya-Ay-Dünya)Dünyadan gönderilen radyo dalgalarının aydan yansıyarak yeniden dünyaya dönmesiyle gerçekleştirilen haberleşme yöntemi
on the bounce
zıplama üzerinde
valve bounce
supap sıçraması
{s} gürbüz
{s} gürültücü
{s} hareketli
{s} sağlam

Tom yatağın üstünde yukarı aşağı sıçramaya başladı. - Tom started bouncing up and down on the bed.

Çocuklar kanapenin üstünde yukarı aşağı sıçramaya başladı. - The children started bouncing up and down on the couch.

bounce zıpla/zıplat
{s} sağlıklı
{s} sıçrayan
İngilizce - İngilizce
A bang, boom
To attack unexpectedly

The squadron was bounced north of the town.

An email return with any error
To be refused by a bank because it is drawn on insufficient funds

We can’t accept further checks from you, as your last one bounced.

The sack, licensing
A change of direction of motion after hitting an obstacle
A 'good' beat
A talent for leaping

Them pro-ballers got bounce!.

A genre of New Orleans music
To leave

Let’s wrap this up, I gotta bounce.

To return undelivered

The girl in the bar told me her address is [email protected], but my mail to that address bounced back to me.

To cause to move quickly up and then down, or vice versa, once or repeatedly

He bounced the kid on his knee.

To turn power off and back on; to reset

See if it helps to bounce the router.

To have sexual intercourse
To change the direction of motion after hitting an obstacle

The tennis ball bounced off the wall before coming to rest in the ditch.

To move quickly up and then down, or vice versa, once or repeatedly

He bounces nervously on his chair.

A movement up and then down (or vice versa), once or repeatedly
To fail to cover (have sufficient funds for) (a draft presented against one's account)

He tends to bounce a check or two toward the end of each month, before his payday.

leap suddenly; "He bounced to his feet"
{n} a leap, kick, sudden noise, or blow, boast
{v} to leap, spring, crack, boast, bully
Email which cannot be delivered for any reason and is returned to the sender
To eject violently, as from a room; to discharge unceremoniously, as from employment
When a user sends e-mail and it fails to reach the recipient for any reason (for example, an incorrect address, network failure, etc ), the message will return to the user - it "bounces" back An undelivered e-mail message will usually come back with a subject line saying something like "Undeliverable Mail" or "Message Undeliverable "
If sound or light bounces off a surface or is bounced off it, it reaches the surface and is reflected back. Your arms and legs need protection from light bouncing off glass They work by bouncing microwaves off solid objects
Of a cheque/check, to be refused by a bank because it is drawn on insufficient funds
The return of a piece of mail because of an error in the delivery process Mail can be bounced for various reasons
An explosion, or the noise of one
If an e-mail or other electronic message bounces, it is returned to the person who sent it because the address was wrong or because of a problem with one of the computers involved in sending it
the quality of a substance that is able to rebound
A term applied to an e-mail message when it is returned to you as undeliverable
rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts)
This term refers to when you send an e-mail to a non-existent recipient and the e-mail is "bounced" back to you
A dogfish of Europe (Scyllium catulus)
To be attacked unexpectedly
The return of a piece of mail because of an error in its delivery [Source: ZEN] [RFC 1983]
spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
move up and down repeatedly
If you bounce your ideas off someone, you tell them to that person, in order to find out what they think about them. It was good to bounce ideas off another mind Let's bounce a few ideas around
If a cheque bounces or if a bank bounces it, the bank refuses to accept it and pay out the money, because the person who wrote it does not have enough money in their account. Our only complaint would be if the cheque bounced His bank wrongly bounced cheques worth £75,000
The return of a piece of email because it could not be delivered to the specified address
What e-mail does when it doesn't go through to the recipient
{i} hop, skip; boasting, bragging
hit something so that it bounces; "bounce a ball"
If something bounces or if something bounces it, it swings or moves up and down. Her long black hair bounced as she walked Then I noticed the car was bouncing up and down as if someone were jumping on it The wind was bouncing the branches of the big oak trees. = bob
To return undeliverable mail to sender, just as is done with real mail Just as with real mail, there is some work involved with taking the returned message and re-sending it to the correct address; however, unlike paper mail, there is no need for electronic mail to bounce this way; it's just that most MTAs are too dumb to do it well
To cause to bound or rebound; sometimes, to toss
The return of a piece of mail because of an error in its delivery
If someone bounces somewhere, they move there in an energetic way, because they are feeling happy. Moira bounced into the office
The return of a piece of mail because of an error in its delivery [Source: ZEN]
come back after being refused; "the check bounced
Returned, undeliverable mail Also the act of returning undeliverable mail Bounces are returned to the sender address in the envelope* of the mail; the sender given in the header* is not used
To drive against anything suddenly and violently; to bump; to thump
move up and down repeatedly leap suddenly; "He bounced to his feet"
With a sudden leap; suddenly
A bit like a bouncing check If and e-mail is returned to sender because the e-mail address was invalid the e-mail has bounced
come back after being refused; "the check bounced"
If you send email and it fails to arrive at its intended recipient for any reason (incorrect user name, network failure, etc ), the message "bounces" and returns to you The subject line in a bounced message usually says something like: Undeliverable Mail or Message Undeliverable
When an object such as a ball bounces or when you bounce it, it moves upwards from a surface or away from it immediately after hitting it. I bounced a ball against the house My father would burst into the kitchen bouncing a football. a falling pebble, bouncing down the eroded cliff They watched the dodgem cars bang and bounce. Bounce is also a noun. The wheelchair tennis player is allowed two bounces of the ball
If you bounce on a soft surface, you jump up and down on it repeatedly. She lets us do anything, even bounce on our beds
{f} jump; skip; hop; make jump
eject from the premises; "The ex-boxer's job is to bounce people who want to enter this private club"
refuse to accept and send back; "bounce a check"
A heavy, sudden, and often noisy, blow or thump
To return as undeliverable or redeliver to the appropriate address
To strike or thump, so as to rebound, or to make a sudden noise; a knock loudly
A sudden leap or bound; a rebound
What email does when it can't reach its intended recipient, for whatever reason
bounce back
To recover from a negative without seemingly any damage

We thought he'd die from the crash, but he bounced back to normal after 10 days in hospital.

bounce house
bouncy castle
bounce houses
plural form of bounce house
bounce off the walls
To be overly active relative to the enclosed space in which one is
bounce ideas off
suggest ideas to someone to get feedback

Let's bounce some ideas off the boss and see what he thinks about them.

bounce ideas off
to suggest ideas to another person to get feedback
bounce against the wall
rebound after hitting the wall (like a ball); throw against the wall (of a ball)
bounce back
An offer enclosed with a mailing sent to fulfil a customer order
bounce back
improve in health; "He got well fast"
bounce back
A subsequent offer by a mail order operator sent to the most recent buyers in the same package with merchandise just ordered Catalog operators often supply another copy of the catalog which created the order as the bounce back (Outside offers are package inserts not bounce backs )
bounce back
An additional offer enclosed with a product shipment made to your customer
bounce back
If you bounce back after a bad experience, you return very quickly to your previous level of success, enthusiasm, or activity. We lost two or three early games in the World Cup, but we bounced back He is young enough to bounce back from this disappointment. = recover
bounce off
rebound off, bounce against and spring back, ricochet off
bounce out
bounce a ball so that it becomes an out
Brown bounce
The increase in popularity of the Labour Party following the change of Prime Minister from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown in June 2007
air bounce
A throw at a downward angle with an upward attitude causing the disc to descend during the beginning of the flight and then rise

He threw a textbook air bounce, under the marker's arms, over the cup's heads.

healthy; vigorous
Present participle of bounce
dead cat bounce
A temporary recovery in the price of an instrument whose price has fallen rapidly and is expected to fall further in the long run
moon bounce
bounce house
on the bounce
consecutively, in succession
{n} a great or sudden noise, a crack
dead cat bounce
(Finans) (Stock Exchange) A temporary recovery in share prices after a substantial fall
moon bounce
(Elektrik, Elektronik) Earth-Moon-Earth, also known as moon bounce, is a radio communications technique which relies on the propagation of radio waves from an earth-based transmitter directed via reflection from the surface of the moon back to an earth-based receiver
past of bounce
{s} returned by a bank due to insufficient funds (of a bank check)
plural of bounce
The process of combining several tracks together and re-recording them onto another track is called bouncing This is normally done to free up tracks for more recording For example, you might have three background vocals recorded on tracks 1 to 3 By combining these tracks with a mixer, and routing them to track 5, tracks 1 to 3 can be erased and used to record other materials Keep in mind that bouncing does require that you pre-decide on levels, EQ, etc for the tracks being bounced - once they are combined, it is impossible to adjust their relative levels (overall level and EQ of the bounced track can, of course, still be adjusted)
{s} robust, strong, healthy
v Technique used for making progress up a route where the climber is below the last piece of protection and has no holds or contact with the rock, such a situation could be in the middle of the roof of a cave where the climber has fallen off and dropped a fair distance The technique involves the climber climbing the rope with their hands then letting go and the slack is taken in by the belayer before the climber begins to fall This technique is not easy and should be practiced! Also: to boink, to superman
Excessive; big
Alternate name for Ping-Ponging (playing several tacks with sync playback through a console to mix them together and record them on an open track)
A process by which the processor computes all audio tracks, effects and VST instruments into a single audio file In Cubase VST and Cubasis VST, the Export Audio function is used to bounce tracks
marked by lively action; "a bouncing gait"; "bouncy tunes"; "the peppy and interesting talk"; "a spirited dance"
Present participle of to bounce
If you say that someone is bouncing with health, you mean that they are very healthy. You can also refer to a bouncing baby. They are bouncing with health in the good weather Derek is now the proud father of a bouncing baby girl. see also bounce. healthy and full of energy
Stout; plump and healthy; lusty; buxom
vigorously healthy; "a bouncing baby
rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts)
Bouncing is the copying of tracks onto other tracks Typically, this is done to combine a greater number of tracks into a fewer tracks, though there are other reasons to bounce Some people call bouncing "ping-ponging "
marked by lively action; "a bouncing gait"; "bouncy tunes"; "the peppy and interesting talk"; "a spirited dance" vigorously healthy; "a bouncing baby
Bouncing a message, means to re-send the message "as is" to someone, while making it appear that the new message is still from the person who sent the original message See section 8 1 Commands for Sending Mail
vigorously healthy; "a bouncing baby"
dead cat bounce
(Finance) quick and temporary rise in the price of a stock following a very steep decline
get the bounce
be fired, get fired (Slang)
on the bounce
on the rebound, bouncing back, returning to a previous location or state (Slang)