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İngilizce - Türkçe

Bu eski model bir araba mı? - Is this a vintage car?

Onu eski giysi dükkanından aldım. - I bought it at the vintage clothing store.

(Bilgisayar) mahsul
bağ mahsulü
(Gıda) üzüm hasadı
eski tip
bağ bozumu
başarılı bir dönemde yapılmış
(otomobil) 1919-1930 yılları arasında üretilmiş
{s} belirli bir yılın ürünü olan (şarap)
başarılı sene
vintagerüzüm toplayan kimse
{i} kaliteli şarap
{i} imal
{i} tip
modası geçmiş
vintage year kaliteli şarabın elde edildiği yıl
bir mevsimin bağ mahsulü
{i} model

Bu eski model bir araba mı? - Is this a vintage car?

Bunları bir model giyim mağazasında mı buldun? - Did you find these at a vintage clothing shop?

bir mevsimde çıkarılan şarap
{s} kaliteli

Mary, kaliteli bir etek ve yün bir şapka giyiyordu. - Mary was wearing a vintage skirt and a wool hat.

iyi mevsimden kaliteli
{i} mahsul (üzüm)
vintage advertisements
eski reklamlar
vintage car
20. yüzyılın başlarına ait eski model araba
vintage car
{i} eski model araba
vintage car
(isim) eski model araba
vintage wash
(Tekstil) eski görünümlü yıkama
vintage wine
kaliteli şarap
a vintage year
1. kaliteli şarabın elde edildiği yıl. 2. başarılı bir yıl
what vintage is the best
hangi bağbozumu en iyisi
İngilizce - İngilizce
The year or place in which something is produced
The yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard or district during one season
of a motor car built between the years 1919 and (usually) 1930 (or sometimes 1919 to 1925 in the USA)
To make (wine) from grapes
Wine, especially high-quality, identified as to year and vineyard or district of origin
having an enduring appeal; high-quality, classic (such as video or computer games from the 1980s and early 1990s, or old magazines, etc.)
To harvest (grapes)
The harvesting of a grape crop and the initial pressing of juice for winemaking
of or relating to a vintage, or to wine identified by a specific vintage
{i} wine from a particular harvest; act of gathering ripe grapes; year in which the grapes of a particular wine were harvested; particularly excellent bottle or year and make of wine; group of similar people or things from the same time period
{n} the produce of vines, time of gathering grapes
Vintage wine is good quality wine that has been stored for several years in order to improve its quality. If you can buy only one case at auction, it should be vintage port
Indicates the season, the year the grapes were grown and the wine was made
A commissure uniting the two main tendons in the foot of certain birds
A description for when a particular liquor was conceived
The harvest time and also the year in which the wine was made
The act or time of gathering the crop of grapes, or making the wine for a season
A straight, horizontal mark placed over two or more members of a compound quantity, which are to be subjected to the same operation, as in the expression x2 + y2 - x + y
The year in which a wine's grapes grew and were harvested
Generally, beads and crystals dating from the 1930's to the 1980's
A wine term which describes the year the grapes were harvested, but used only if the wine was made only from grapes grown that year Wines made from grapes harvested in various years is called "non-vintage " Recipe: Wine Vintage Charts
A band or bundle of fibers; a frænum
To gather the vintage
Items released at the time of and just after the original three films, with action figures this is 1978-1985
The operation of gathering grapes
Items that are believed to be less than 100 years old and that are believed to be of not current manufacture
The year in which a wine was bottled
Year or season of grape growing Vintage wine is wine that is produced primarily from grapes harvested in a single year
Vehicles built from 1915 to 1942 Vis a Vis--Seating arrangement where passengers face one another
How old is vintage? Generally at least 25 years old is considered vintage If an item is roughly a 100 years old or more it's antique and 1000 years old is considered ancient
Vintage cars or aeroplanes are old but are admired because they are considered to be the best of their kind. The museum will have a permanent exhibition of 60 vintage cars
A bond of union; a tie
Of or pertaining to a vintage, or grape harvest
the oldness of wines
The year of origin or age since the construction of a unit of capital stock (e g , a building, a car)
The year of fund formation and first takedown of capital
Year of vinification
Capable of being vindicated
Leaves that share the same harvest
the oldness of wines a season's yield of wine from a vineyard A binding
The year the wine was made Laws vary in other countries, but in the United States, for a wine to carry a vintage date, 95 percent of it must come from grapes grown in that year
A print is considered vintage if the positive image was made from the original negative by the photographer, or overseen by the photographer, at approximately the same time the negative was made This term is used for historical prints
a season's yield of wine from a vineyard
The year in which a wine was bottled, often displayed on the label (May also refer to a "good" year )
The vintage of a good quality wine is the year and place that it was made before being stored to improve it. You can also use vintage to refer to the wine that was made in a certain year. This wine is from one of the two best vintages of the decade in this region
of a motor car built between the years 1919 and 1930
The year they picked the tobacco
{s} choice, high quality; classic; from a good year
You can use vintage to describe something which is the best and most typical of its kind. This is vintage comedy at its best
The produce of the vine for one season, in grapes or in wine; as, the vintage is abundant; the vintage of 1840
of a watch produced between the years 1870 and 1980
To lay claim to; to assert a right to; to claim
{f} harvest grapes to make wine; gather grapes for wine-making; make wine from grapes
vintage car
{i} old car that was built between the years 1919 and 1930
vintage car
a car made between 1919 and 1930
vintage wine
fine wine, quality wine, very old wine
presumptuous vintage
of a great vintage, of an excellent vintage
plural of vintage