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İngilizce - Türkçe
e kadar

Yaklaşık 3:00 a.m. e kadar kitap okuduğu için Tom yatmamıştı. - Tom was up until about 3:00 a.m. reading a book.

-e kadar
{e} bağ. -e kadar, -e değin, -e dek
{e} kadar

O gelene kadar burada bekleyeceğim. - I'll wait here until she comes.

İnekler eve gelene kadar bekleyebilirsin! - You can wait until the cows come home!

conj. inceye kadar
{e} değin

Bunu yapan kişiyi bulana değin dinlenmeyeceğim. - I won't rest until I find the person who did this.

O zamana değin, gerçeği bilmiyordu. - It was not until then that he learned the truth.

(İnşaat) -ye kadar
{e} dek

köye ulaşıncaya dek beraber yuruduler fakat sonra yolları ayrıldı - They walked along the road together until they reached the village, but then their paths diverged.

Tom geri dönene dek burada kalmak zorundayız. - We have to stay here until Tom gets back.

(bağlaç) inceye kadar, kadar
-e dek

Benim ilacım hazır olana kadar burada bekleyeceğim. - I'll wait here until my medicine is ready.

-e değin
(Bilgisayar) bitiş

Tom üç ay öncesine kadar bize bitişikte yaşadı. - Tom lived next door to us until three months ago.

- inceye kadar
Preposition Until means up to a time or before. İt can be followed by a time expression or an ındependent clause

There were visa applicants in our waiting room until 7 p.m.

inceye kadar
until satisfied
doya doya
until hell freezes over
(Konuşma Dili) hep
until now
şu ana kadar

Üzgünüm, şu ana kadar yorumunuzu okumadım. - Sorry, I didn't read your comment until now.

Bazı nedenlerden dolayı mikrofon şu ana kadar çalışmıyordu. - For some reason the microphone wasn't working until now.

until recently
son zamanlara kadar
until then
o zamana kadar

Yarın gece yağmur bekleniyor,öyleyse o zamana kadar şemsiyelerimizi bırakalım. - It's supposed to rain tomorrow night, so let's leave our umbrellas until then.

O zamana kadar ne yapmalıyım? - What should I do until then?

until this time
bu zamana kadar
until today
günümüze kadar
until tomorrow
yarına kadar
until when
o zamana kadar
until when
ne zamana kadar?
until now
şimdiye kadar

Şimdiye kadar neredeydin? - Where have you been until now?

Bu gerçek şimdiye kadar bilinmiyordu. - This fact was not known until now.

Until when ...?
Ne zamana kadar ...?
until end
sonuna kadar
until even
until recently
Bugünlere dek, son zamanlara dek
until recently
Yakın zamana kadar

Yakın zamana kadar o odada ne olduğu hakkında hiç bir fikrim yoktu. - I had no idea what was in that room until recently.

until the day i die
kadar gün olurum ben
until the end
sonuna kadar
until the end of his days
Onun gün sonuna kadar
until then
o zamana dek
until then, meanwhile
O zamana kadar, bu arada
until when. Until when?
Ne zamana kadar?
Until when ...
Ne zamana kadar ...? until when. Until when? Ne zamana kadar?
Until when? till when
{k} bak
until a further order is made
ikinci bir emre kadar
until a short while ago
kısa bir süre önceye kadar
until death do us part
ölüm bizi ayırana kadar
until further notice
yeni bir ihbara kadar
until further notice
ikinci bir habere kadar
until further notice
ikinci bir emre kadar
until further notice
bir sonraki bildirime kadar
until further notice
yeni bir bildiriye kadar
until further notice
yeni bildiriye kadar
until further order
yeni bir talimata kadar
until further order
yeni bir emre kadar
until maturity
(Ticaret) vade tarihine kadar
until now
şimdiye dek
until now
bu yana
until quite recently
çok yakın zamana kadar
until satiated
until set
(Gıda) kıvamına gelinceye kadar
until such time as
inceye kadar
until the last minute
yumurta kapıya dayanamadan
until the very last minute
(deyim) son dakikaya kadar
until time
(Bilgisayar) bitiş zamanı
until we meet again
yeniden buluşuncaya kadar
until we meet again
tekrar buluşuncaya kadar
until when
o zamana kadar: She will come on 31 December, until when I advise you just to be patient. O 31 Aralık'ta gelecek. O zamana kadar sadece
not until
meden önce
even until
last until evening
akşamı bulmak
stay until evening
stay until evening
akşamı etmek
eat until it comes out of one's ears
tıka basa yemek
Until after
sonrasına kadar
banned until
'a kadar yasaklı
don't count your chickens until they're hatched
(deyim) Dereyi görmeden paçaları sıvama
eat until it comes out of one's ears
tika başa yemek
it is not over until the fat lady sings
(Atasözü) Dereyi görmeden paçaları sıvama
talk until one is blue in the face
dili damagi kurumak/dili damağına yapışmak
up to this time, until now
up bu kez, şimdiye kadar
up until
e kadar

Yaklaşık 3:00 a.m. e kadar kitap okuduğu için Tom yatmamıştı. - Tom was up until about 3:00 a.m. reading a book.

up until now
su ana kadar
up until then
O zamana dek, o ana kadar

Up until then, I hadn't seen how seriously we were in trouble.

valid until
e kadar geçerlidir
(up) until this point
bu noktaya kadar
loop until next
(Bilgisayar) sonraki sese kadar
not until
den önce değil
stay up until
(belirli bir saate) kadar yatmamak
İngilizce - İngilizce
Before (a condition becoming true)
Before (a time)
Up to the time that (a condition becomes true)
Up to the time of (something happening)
{a} to the time that, to the place that
Iterates {param body} until {param test} is true
2/98OS-friendly dialect of Forth
conj. up to the time which
a reserved word, used in an absolute delay statement 3 12, A 1
To; up to; till; before; used of time; as, he staid until evening; he will not come back until the end of the month
{e} up to
If something happens until a particular time, it happens during the period before that time and stops at that time. Until 1971, he was a high-ranking official in the Central Communist Committee. consumers who have waited until after the Christmas holiday to do that holiday shopping. = till Until is also a conjunction. I waited until it got dark Stir with a metal spoon until the sugar has dissolved. = till
up until: see up
See Till, conj
To; unto; towards; used of material objects
As far as; to the place or degree that; especially, up to the time that; till
jis, jiska, jiskaske
You use until with a negative to emphasize the moment in time after which the rest of your statement becomes true, or the condition which would make it true. The traffic laws don't take effect until the end of the year It was not until 1911 that the first of the vitamins was identified. = till Until is also a conjunction. The EU will not lift its sanctions until that country makes political changes. = till
till 1,conjunction preposition
until Kingdom come
Until death, until the afterlife

I will love you until Kingdom come.

until Kingdom come
At overly frequent intervals

He pestered me until Kingdom come about the concert.

until hell freezes over
forever; One will never in their life get the results that they want, no matter what they're doing involving the situation

They can be bellyaching to me about their life's problems until hell freezes over, but it doesn't mean that they'll ever get my sympathy.

until one is blue in the face
Forever; for a hopelessly long time

You can explain it until you're blue in the face, but he will never understand.

until the cows come
Alternative form of until the cows come home
until the cows come home
For a very long period of time

You can crank the engine until the cows come home, but it won't start without fuel.

until further notice
until a future announcement is made
until hell freezes over
forever (relating to something that will never happen no matter what - for e.g.: "She can practice singing until hell freezes over but she will never sing in a band because she is tone-deaf")
until his last moments
until he died, until his soul left his body, all the days of his life
until now
up to the present moment
until now
used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time; "So far he hasn't called"; "the sun isn't up yet"
until recently
up until lately, up until a short time ago, until not so long ago
until the end
until the final moment, until the completion
until the end of his days
until his dying day, until his last day on earth
until the end of the world
forever, eternally; unceasingly, unrelentingly, with all effort
until the last moment
down to the wire, until the end, until the point when one couldn't continue any more
until the roof caves in
until the very end, until the last possible moment
until the very end
up to the bitter end, up to the grand finale
until when?
up to which time?, when will this end?
through until
During an indicated time period and until
be held innocent until proven guilty
be regarded as innocent unless proven to be guilty of a crime
don't cross the bridge until you come to it
do not anticipate problems, do not worry about something until it happens
innocent until proven guilty
principle of law holding that a person is innocent unless evidence is presented that demonstrates his guilt
remand until the trial ends
in custody until the end of the trial, in jail until the end of the legal proceedings
Türkçe - İngilizce

until teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

süzme yoğurt yogurt which has been strained until it has reached
the consistency of cream cheese