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Türkçe - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A person's relative
I love animals
In-Line Amplifier At ILA sites on Interoute's i-21 network, the optical signals are amplified using EDFAs so they can reach the next site without electrical regeneration
Individual Learning Account
Integrated Logic Analysis (as in ChipScope ILA debugging tool)
vt: to halve, to cut in half
[Ved ]: the goddess of the Truth-vision; a faculty of the rtam representing truth-vision or revelation; the highest Word, premier energy of the Truth-Consciousness; she who is the direct revealing vision in knowledge and becomes in that knowledge the spontaneous self attainment of the Truth of things in action, result and experience [Puranas]: Mother of the Lunar dynasty
International Longshoremen's Association
Israeli government agency responsible for the planning and distribution of the country's land reserves
Türkçe - İngilizce
up to; until
from... to ..., between ... and ...: beş ila on kişi between five and ten people
up to

The conquest of America cost between 60 and 70 million lives. - Amerika kıtasının fethi 60 ila 70 milyon cana mal oldu.

The evening meal is served between 9 and 12. - Akşam yemeği saat 9 ila 12 arasında servis edilir.


I'll wait here until my medicine is ready. - Benim ilacım hazır olana kadar burada bekleyeceğim.

ila ç
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