to sweep

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İngilizce - Türkçe
süpürmek için

Ben odamı süpürmek zorundayım. - I have to sweep my room.

Yapmak zorunda olduğun bütün şey zemini süpürmektir. - All you have to do is sweep the floor.

baca temizleyicisi

Tom bir baca temizleyicisidir. - Tom is a chimney sweep.

akın etmek
geniş kıvrım
geniş dönemeç
hızla ve gururla ilerlemek
açısal hareket uzantısı
istila etmek
üzerinden geçmek (bir yerin)
çevirmek (bir alanı)
sıkı arama
tek bir hareket (el, kol)
geniş kavis
çok geniş bir alan
hışımla yürümek
çevrelemek (bir alanı)

Bana süpürge ve faraşı ver lütfen. Yere bazı kırıntılar döktüm. - Pass me the broom and dustpan, please. I spilled some crumbs on the floor.

Bu süpürgeyi ödünç almam gerekiyor. - I need to borrow this broom.

hızla ilerlemek
hız ve gururla ilerlemek
{f} süpür

Tom Mary'den yeri süpürmesini istedi. - Tom asked Mary to sweep the floor.

Tozu süpürmemiz gerekir. - We need to sweep up the dust.

(at yarışı/vb.) bahis
(bir alanı) çevrelemek
süpürerek temizlemek

Tom Mary'den yeri süpürmesini istedi. - Tom asked Mary to sweep the floor.

Yapmak zorunda olduğun bütün şey zemini süpürmektir. - All you have to do is sweep the floor.

şiddetle ilerlemek
(Askeri) ARAMA: Yerleştirilen mikrofonları veya diğer gözlem cihazlarını ortaya çıkartmak için teknik vasıtalar kullanmak. Bak. "technical survey"
to sweeps
Piyango için
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) katır tırnağı çiçeği
{i} (Botanik) katırtırnağı
{i} saplı süpürge
{i} katırtırnağı [(Botanik) ]
etki alanı
hızla yayılmak
mayın taramak
salınarak geçmek
ortadan kaldırmak
{i} geniş alan
silip süpürmek
azametle yürümek
{f} uzamak (sokak)
sert esmek
süpürüp atmak
{f} kıvrılmak (sokak)
mayın tarama
önüne katmak
ezip geçmek
İngilizce - İngilizce

We broomed the dirt floor clean with spruce branches, brought our gear inside, and moved in.

A chimney sweep
A batsman's shot, played from a kneeling position with a swinging horizontal bat
To clean (a surface) by means of a stroking motion of a broom or brush
To travel quickly
To search (a place) methodically
A person who stands at the stern of a surf boat, steering with a steering oar and commanding the crew
A search (typically for bugs )
A single action of sweeping
To clean (a floor, etc) using a broom or brush
{v} to clean with a besom, pass quickly over, rush over, pass with pomp, fetch a long stroke
{n} the direction of a motion, destruction, a large oar, a range
{f} clean or clear away with a broom; remove forcefully; brush lightly; quickly pass over or through; scan, search; achieve an overwhelming victory; move lightly and gracefully; move rapidly
clean by sweeping; "Please sweep the floor"
In the game of casino, a pairing or combining of all the cards on the board, and so removing them all; in whist, the winning of all the tricks (thirteen) in a hand; a slam
make a big sweeping gesture or movement
Direction or departure of a curve, a road, an arch, or the like, away from a rectlinear line
A long pole, or piece of timber, moved on a horizontal fulcrum fixed to a tall post and used to raise and lower a bucket in a well for drawing water
To sweep the threshold To announce to all the world that the woman of the house is paramount When the procession called “Skimmington” passed any house where the woman was dominant, each one gave the threshold a sweep with a broom or bunch of twigs (See Skimmington )
If someone sweeps something bad or wrong under the carpet, or if they sweep it under the rug, they try to prevent people from hearing about it. For a long time this problem has been swept under the carpet
The compass of any turning body or of any motion; as, the sweep of a door; the sweep of the eye
(American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running around the end of the line
A long plank, usually three inches by five inches, radiating out from the center pole Connected by cable to the top of the center pole, sweeps suspend the platform by means of steel rods
Curve in a stem or log as distinct from an abrupt bend as defined by a crook; usually due to environmental conditions
To brush swiftly over the surface of anything; to pass with switness and force, as if brushing the surface of anything; to move in a stately manner; as, the wind sweeps across the plain; a woman sweeps through a drawing- room
To pass a broom across (a surface) so as to remove loose dirt, dust, etc
cover the entire range of
or to clear away dust, dirt, litter, etc
A running play where two or more offensive linemen leave their stances and run toward the outside of the line of scrimmage (see "pull") The ball carrier takes the handoff from the quarterback and runs parallel to the line of scrimmage, waiting for his blockers to lead the way around the end The run is designed to attack the defensive end, outside linebacker, and cornerback on a specific side The fullback often also leads for a sweep
The sweeping of workshops where precious metals are worked, containing filings, etc
An arrangement to maximize the interest earned by a customer who has both a high-interest rate account and a low- or no-interest account at the same financial institution Funds not being immediately used in the low-interest account are automatically transferred (swept) to the high-interest account, where they remain until the balance in the low-interest account drops below a certain minimum and the funds are transferred back to the first account The funds may be swept to the high-interest account overnight, or for longer periods of time
win an overwhelming victory in or on; "Her new show dog swept all championships"
with a broom, brush, or the like
time-dependent information created by the electron beam moving across a CRT screen
Used also figuratively
To clean rooms, yards, etc
A movable templet for making molds, in loam molding
to brush, or rub over, with a broom for the purpose of cleaning; as, to sweep a floor, the street, or a chimney
If something sweeps from one place to another, it moves there extremely quickly. An icy wind swept through the streets The car swept past the gate house
Base, boss, or cut feature created by sweeping an open or closed profile sketch along one or more path curves Options may include the ability to scale, rotate, or offset the profile as it is swept Additional options may include the ability to control the location and orientation of the datum plane on which the sketch is located in relation to the path curves or other curves or datums Some systems combine the sweep and loft features into a single function
  The motion employed in moving the searchcoil across the ground See SCAN (def 2)
a movement in an arc; "a sweep of his arm" a long oar used in an open boat a wide scope; "the sweep of the plains" win an overwhelming victory in or on; "Her new show dog swept all championships" sweep with a broom or as if with a broom; "Sweep the crumbs off the table"; "Sweep under the bed" clean by sweeping; "Please sweep the floor" move with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions; "The diva swept into the room"; "Shreds of paper sailed through the air"; "The searchlights swept across the sky" cover the entire range of
the curvature of a gouge in cross section, being an arc of a circle Gouges are identified by how much curve there is, from 'flat' (almost, but definitely not, a chisel) to 'deep' (or 'quick', the quickest being a semi-circle), with 'medium' in between
If wind, a stormy sea, or another strong force sweeps someone or something along, it moves them quickly along. landslides that buried homes and swept cars into the sea Suddenly, she was swept along by the crowd
Rider who stays at rear to give assistance
Refers to gradual bends in the trunk of a tree leaving the trunk less than straight [To return to previous page, click your browser's BACK button then scroll through the page to your last location]
If someone makes a sweep of a place, they search it, usually because they are looking for people who are hiding or for an illegal activity. Two of the soldiers swiftly began making a sweep of the premises see also sweeping, chimney sweep
a wide scope; "the sweep of the plains"
Direction and extent of any motion not rectlinear; as, the sweep of a compass
Originally called Sweep, this is now the Lathe tool Another tool that can do more than just its basic function The Lathe tool lets you "sweep" a 2D template polygon around an axis to create a 3D object that is symmetrical around that axis, as if you'd created it on a machine lathe You can also cause the object to spiral as you go, or to taper in size
A search (typically for bugs [electronic listening devices])
The oar used in a sweep-oared boat; as an adjective, descriptive of the boat itself
If you make a clean sweep of something such as a series of games or tournaments, you win them all. the first club to make a clean sweep of all three trophies
(i) Tillage with a shallow knife, blade, or sweep cultivating tool which is drawn slightly beneath the soil surface cutting plant roots and loosening the soil without inverting it, resulting in minimum incorporation of residues into the soil (ii) A type of cultivator shovel which is wing-shaped
internal cylinder surface area over which a piston of a reciprocating compressor moves during its stroke Total piston sweep is a consideration in the determination of oil-feed rates for some reciprocating compressor cylinders, and may be determined as: length of stroke x cylinder circumference diameter x 2 x no of cylinders x rpm x minutes of operation
To drive or carry along or off with a broom or a brush, or as if with a broom; to remove by, or as if by, brushing; as, to sweep dirt from a floor; the wind sweeps the snow from the hills; a freshet sweeps away a dam, timber, or rubbish; a pestilence sweeps off multitudes
Last hiker in a group -- by design Person follows all others, ensuring that no one falls behind or is left needing assistance
A lottery, usually on the results of a sporting event, where players win if their randomly chosen team wins
To pass over anything comprehensively; to range through with rapidity; as, his eye sweeps through space
If you sweep an area of floor or ground, you push dirt or rubbish off it using a brush with a long handle. The owner of the store was sweeping his floor when I walked in She was in the kitchen sweeping crumbs into a dust pan Norma picked up the broom and began sweeping
To strike with a long stroke
force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action; "They were swept up by the events"; "don't drag me into this business"
A hit executed towards his leg or on side, by "sweeping" his bat around his body
If you sweep things off something, you push them off with a quick smooth movement of your arm. With a gesture of frustration, she swept the cards from the table `Thanks friend,' he said, while sweeping the money into his pocket
If a person or group sweeps an election or sweeps to victory, they win the election easily. a man who's promised to make radical changes to benefit the poor has swept the election In both republics, centre-right parties swept to power
to sweep the board: see board
To play a sweep shot
To move through an (horizontal) arc or similar long stroke
to sweep

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