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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} kırılmak
{f} yıkmak
tuzla buz etmek
{f} zarar vermek
{f} yok etmek
paramparça olmak
parçalara ayrılmak

Tom'un öz güveni, patronu iş arkadaşlarının yanında kendisini haşlayınca kırıldı. - Tom's self-confidence was shattered after his boss dressed him down in front of his workmates.

suya düşürmek
paramparça etmek
(İİ) yorgunluktan öldürmek
dengesini kaybettirmek
{f} parçalanmak
darma dağın olmak
darmadağın etmek
{f} parçalamak
{f} harap etmek
shatter sb's hopes
birinin ümitlerini kırmak
shatter a record
rekora imza atmak
shatter a record
rekor kırmak
shatter one's faith
(deyim) ilkelerinden vazgeçmek
shatter one's faith
(deyim) düşüncesini değiştirmek
shatter somebody's hopes
(deyim) birinin ümitlerini kırmak
shatter strength
(Madencilik) dağılma dayanımı
{s} İng. çok yorgun, canı çıkmış, bitkin
{s} mahvolmuş; bozulmuş
{s} paramparça

Tüp, patlama sonucu paramparça oldu. - The tube was shattered by the explosion.

Sami'nin güveni paramparça oldu. - Sami's confidence was shattered.

{f} kır

Tom'un öz güveni, patronu iş arkadaşlarının yanında kendisini haşlayınca kırıldı. - Tom's self-confidence was shattered after his boss dressed him down in front of his workmates.

{i} kırma
{f} kır
to shatter
paramparça etmek
tahrip edici
bozucu bir şekilde
İngilizce - İngilizce
to destroy or disable something
to violently break something into pieces
to smash, or break into tiny pieces
to dispirit or emotionally defeat

The marriage, of course, was long broken but Munoz knew that asking her for a divorce would shatter her.

{v} to break into pieces, shake, be broken
{f} break to pieces, splinter, smash; be broken into pieces; damage, harm; ruin, destroy
To disorder; to derange; to render unsound; as, to be shattered in intellect; his constitution was shattered; his hopes were shattered
break into many pieces; "shatter the plate"
break into many pieces; "The wine glass shattered"
to smash, or break into pieces
A fragment of anything shattered; used chiefly or soley in the phrase into shatters; as, to break a glass into shatters
If something shatters or is shattered, it breaks into a lot of small pieces. safety glass that won't shatter if it's broken The car shattered into a thousand burning pieces in a 200mph crash One bullet shattered his skull. + shattering shat·ter·ing the shattering of glass
To be broken into fragments; to fall or crumble to pieces by any force applied
The percentage of open pods as estimated at the time of harvest
The drying up and falling of unsuccessfully pollenated pistils leaving a nearly bare stem skeleton (with few berries attached) where a fully populated cluster should be
break into many pieces; "The wine glass shattered" break into many pieces; "shatter the plate
If someone is shattered by an event, it shocks and upsets them very much. He had been shattered by his son's death. the tragedy which had shattered his life. see also shattered, shattering
Precipitation that causes the grape blooms or skins to shatter, which reduces the total crop
To scatter about
Another condition occurring in early grape development The tiny grapes have a small "cap" on the end Normally, as they start to grow, this cap pops off However, in a cool, wet spring, such as in 1995, the grape fails to develop early and the cap toughens When warmer weather finally hits and the grape grows, it pushes against this tough cap Instead of the cap popping off, the grape shatters Again, this drastically reduces yields and leads to very low berry count and bunches with only a few grapes Shatter was a major factor in the very low yields of the 1995 harvest
To break at once into many pieces; to dash, burst, or part violently into fragments; to rend into splinters; as, an explosion shatters a rock or a bomb; too much steam shatters a boiler; an oak is shattered by lightning
break into many pieces; "shatter the plate
with reference to joke structure, the point at which the audience realized that their assumption is incorrect
If something shatters your dreams, hopes, or beliefs, it completely destroys them. A failure would shatter the hopes of many people Something like that really shatters your confidence
shatter boxes
plural form of shatter box
shatter cone
A conical fragment of rock that is formed from the high pressure of volcanism or meteorite impact and has striations radiating from the apex
shatter hopes
destroy optimism, make good expectations seem hopeless
Simple past tense and past participle of shatter
emotionally defeated or dispirited

Yes, he had gotten his revenge for my rejection. I was shattered but remained silent.

If you say you are shattered, you mean you are extremely tired and have no energy left. He was shattered and too tired to concentrate on schoolwork. = exhausted
{s} broken into pieces, splintered, smashed; damaged, harmed; ruined, destroyed, devastated
broken into sharp pieces; "shattered glass"; "your eyeglasses are smashed"; "the police came in through the splintered door"
ruined or disrupted; "our shattered dreams of peace and prosperity"; "a tattered remnant of its former strength"; "my torn and tattered past
If you are shattered by something, you are extremely shocked and upset about it. It is desperately sad news and I am absolutely shattered to hear it. = devastated
past of shatter
{i} one who smashes, one who breaks into pieces
the act of breaking something into small pieces
{i} breaking into pieces, smashing; destroying, devastating
present participle of shatter
seemingly loud enough to break something; violently rattling or clattering; "shattering rain striking the windowpanes"; "the shattering tones of the enormous carillon"; "the shattering peal of artillery
1. Something that is shattering shocks and upsets you very much. The experience of their daughter's death had been absolutely shattering = devastating see also shatter, earth-shattering
in a manner which shatters; destructively, in a devastating manner
third-person singular of shatter
{i} splinters, fragments, shards