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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} safsata
{i} saçmalık

Bu tür saçmalık için vaktim yok. - I don't have time for this kind of nonsense.

Saçmalıklarından bıktım. - I am fed up with your nonsense.


Ona uğraşmak anlamsız. - It's nonsense to try that.

Tom anlamsız konuşuyordu. - Tom was talking nonsense.


Bu saçmalığın dik alası. - That's absolute nonsense!

O çok saçma. Bir aptalın dışında ona kimse inanmaz. - That's nonsense. Nobody but a fool would believe it.

abuk sabuk
boş laf
kuru gürültü
anlamsız söz
aptalca davranış
{i} fasa fiso
ipe sapa gelmez
saçma sapan

O saçma sapan konuşuyordu. - He was talking nonsense.

Onu dinleme, o saçma sapan konuşuyor. - Don't listen to him, he's talking nonsense.

hava gazı

O çok sarhoştu, onun açıklamaları saçma sapandı. - He was so drunk, his explanations were nonsensical.

Kesinlikle bu dünyada saçma sapan şeyler oluyor. - Absolutely nonsensical things happen in this world.

nonsense correlation
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) anlamsız ilinti
nonsense verse
anlamsız şiir
nonsense form
(Dilbilim) anlamsız biçim
no nonsense
aptalca olmayan
no nonsense
stuff and nonsense
(deyim) saçma sapan
stuff and nonsense
(deyim) fasa fiso
stuff and nonsense!
devenin nalı
stuff and nonsense!
devenin başı
absolute nonsense
tam bir saçmalık
stuff and nonsense
saçma sapan laf
talk nonsense
talk nonsense
talk nonsense
çene yormak
roaring nonsense
kükreyen saçmalık
stuff and nonsense !
saçma sapan!
Stuff and nonsense
{k} Ne saçma!
a pack of nonsense
bir yığın saçmalık
absolute nonsense
saçmalığın dik âlâsı
arrant nonsense
saçmalığın dik alâsı
clotted nonsense
saçmalığın dik alâsı
make nonsense of
etkisini azaltmak
make nonsense of
berbat etmek
{s} ipe sapa gelmez
{s} saçma sapan

Kesinlikle bu dünyada saçma sapan şeyler oluyor. - Absolutely nonsensical things happen in this world.

O çok sarhoştu, onun açıklamaları saçma sapandı. - He was so drunk, his explanations were nonsensical.

{s} abuk sabuk
{s} abes
saçma bir şekilde
pack of nonsense
bir yığın saçmalık
pack of nonsense
yalan dolan
pack of nonsense
bir yığın yalan
rank nonsense
saçmalığın alâsı
stark nonsense
saçmalığın dik alâsı
stark nonsense
tam saçmalık
stuff and nonsense
saçma sapan (lâf)
stuff and nonsense
(deyim) sacma sapan laf,bastan asagi sacma
talk nonsense
saçma sapan konuşmak
the veriest nonsense
son derece saçma
utter nonsense
deli saçması
İngilizce - İngilizce
To joke around, to waste time

When he meant go and get one he said to go and get one, with no nonsensing around about liking to get one.

Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or seem to have no meaning

After my father had a stroke, every time he tried to talk, it sounded like nonsense.

Expresses an incredulous answer

Nonsense! They couldn't have done that!.

An untrue statement

He says that I stole his computer, but that's just nonsense.

A damaged DNA sequence whose products are not biologically active, that is, that does nothing
To make nonsense of

At the Haymarket all this is nonsensed by an endeavor to steer between Mr. Stanley Weyman's rights as author of the story and the prescriptive right of the leading actor to fight popularly and heroically against heavy odds.

Something foolish

and central banks lend vast sums against marshmallow backed securities, or other nonsenses creative bankers dreamed up.

To attempt to dismiss as nonsense

He further nonsensed press suggestions that the Petroleum Unit was set up to assist in the administration of sporting activities.

A type of poetry that contains strange or surreal ideas, as, for example, that written by Edward Lear
{i} making no sense, senselessness, absurdity; words or actions that have no meaning or importance, foolishness, gibberish, folly; (Genetics) DNA sequence that does not code for an amino acid and which products are not biologically active
{n} words without connected meaning
n The objections that are urged against this excellent dictionary
disapproval You can use nonsense to refer to something that you think is foolish or that you disapprove of. Surely it is an economic nonsense to deplete the world of natural resources I think there is a limit to how much of this nonsense people are going to put up with
{s} of or pertaining to a mutation in a structural gene that changes a nucleotide triplet into a stop codon and resulting in early termination of the polypeptide chain during protein synthesis
Trifles; things of no importance
{ü} expression of opposition used to contradict what a person has said or written
That which is not sense, or has no sense; words, or language, which have no meaning, or which convey no intelligible ideas; absurdity
ornamental objects of no great value
To make a nonsense of something or to make nonsense of it means to make it seem ridiculous or pointless. The fighting made a nonsense of peace pledges made in London last week
You can refer to spoken or written words that do not mean anything because they do not make sense as nonsense. a children's nonsense poem by Charles E Carryl. see also no-nonsense
a message that seems to convey no meaning
"Religious nonsense "
disapproval If you say that something spoken or written is nonsense, you mean that you consider it to be untrue or silly. Most orthodox doctors however dismiss this as complete nonsense. all that poetic nonsense about love `I'm putting on weight.' --- `Nonsense my dear.' = rubbish
Genetic information consisting of one or more codons that do not code for any amino acid and usually cause termination of the molecular chain in protein synthesis
having no intelligible meaning; "nonsense syllables"; "a nonsensical jumble of words"
{i} tommyrot
{i} bosh
{i} bunkum
{i} baloney
{i} claptrap
{i} fiddlededee
{i} balderdash
nonsense mutation
A point mutation that generates either a premature stop codon, or a codon that does not specify any amino acid
nonsense mutations
plural form of nonsense mutation
nonsense verse
Verse characterized by humor or whimsy and often featuring nonce words. Humorous or whimsical verse that features absurd characters and actions and often contains evocative but meaningless words coined for the verse. It is unlike the ritualistic gibberish of children's counting-out rhymes in that it makes such words sound purposeful. It differs from other comic verse in its resistance to any rational or allegorical interpretation. Most nonsense verse has been written for children and is modern, dating from the beginning of the 19th century. Examples include Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense (1846), Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" (1871), and Hilaire Belloc's Bad Child's Book of Beasts (1896). See also limerick
having no intelligible meaning; "nonsense syllables"; "a nonsensical jumble of words
Practical, not concerning oneself with anything silly or unimportant

Her no-nonsense way of resolving issues impressed her superiors.

not tolerating irrelevancies; "the no-nonsense tones of a stern parent"
approval If you describe someone as a no-nonsense person, you approve of the fact that they are efficient, direct, and quite tough. She saw herself as a direct, no-nonsense modern woman
approval If you describe something as a no-nonsense thing, you approve of the fact that it is plain and does not have unnecessary parts. You'll need no-nonsense boots for the jungle. fancy. very practical and direct, without wasting time on unnecessary and unimportant things
not tolerating irrelevancies; "the no-nonsense tones of a stern parent
abstract nonsense
Details which are straightforward but so tedious that an author or lecturer would rather skip them (especially those of a category theoretical nature)
abstract nonsense
Details which involve diagram chasing
Without sense; unmeaning; absurd; foolish; irrational; preposterous
stuff and nonsense
rubbish, foolishness, poppycock
{a} unmeaning, foolish, silly, trifling
downright nonsense
absolute senselessness, complete foolishness
flat nonsense
complete nonsense, absurdity, ridiculousness
completely devoid of wisdom or good sense; "the absurd excuse that the dog ate his homework"; "that's a cockeyed idea"; "ask a nonsensical question and get a nonsensical answer"; "a contribution so small as to be laughable"; "it is ludicrous to call a cottage a mansion"; "a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history"; "her conceited assumption of universal interest in her rather dull children was ridiculous"
disapproval If you say that something is nonsensical, you think it is stupid, ridiculous, or untrue. It seemed to me that Sir Robert's arguments were nonsensical There were no nonsensical promises about reviving the economy. = absurd. ideas, actions, or statements that are nonsensical are not reasonable or sensible
having no intelligible meaning; "nonsense syllables"; "a nonsensical jumble of words"
{s} absurd, ridiculous; foolish; meaningless
In a nonsensical manner
in a nonsensical manner, in an absurd manner, meaninglessly; foolishly
sheer nonsense
total stupidity, illogical information
spoke nonsense
spoke of trivial matters, spoke drivel, babbled
stand no nonsense
not be able to suffer nonsense, have no patience for trivial matters
stuff and nonsense
hooey; senseless talk; foolish ideas
stuff and nonsense
stuff: senseless talk; "don't give me that stuff"
stuff and nonsense !
nonsense, total rubbish, fiddlesticks
talk nonsense
say silly or stupid things
what nonsense
what crap!, what silly business!, Fiddlesticks!