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İngilizce - İngilizce
The state, or measure of being clear, either in appearance, thought or style; lucidity
{n} brightness, clearness
The clarity scale is used to describe how few inclusions a gemstone has For diamonds, the clarity scale ranges from flawless (FL), meaning a gemstone has no internal or external flaws, to severely included (I3), meaning there are many flaws clearly visible to the unaided eye
Describes the depth of color
the characteristic of a transparent material such that distinct images may be observed through it
{i} clearness
Relative distinctness or sharpness of perceived scene elements
A major goals of the FPS programme is the development of communication skills teams will be scored on their clarity in Step One - ie, their ability to clearly communicate their ideas
how far sunlight will penetrate into water for plant growth; limited by plankton, sediment particles, water color, etc; measured with a secchi disk
The quality or state of being clear; refers to silicate clearness
the quality of clear water; "when she awoke the clarity was back in her eyes"
The degree of insoluble material removed from a feedstock Clarity is usually measured by optically based methods
A diamond's relative position on a flawless to imperfect scale Clarity characteristics are classified as inclusions (internal) or blemishes (external) The size, number, position, nature, and color or relief of characteristics determine the clarity grade Very few diamonds are flawless, that means, show no inclusions or blemishes when examined by a skilled grader under 10X magnification If other factors are equal, flawless diamonds are most valuable
The presence or absence of inclusions within the diamond and blemishes on its surfaces These slight birthmarks of nature generally do not affect the beauty of a stone, but they almost always affect its price When a diamond is examined, the size, type, position, number, color, and relief of clarity features are observed The diamond is always viewed with the trained unaided eye to check for relative visibility of clarity features
The clearness of the wine
The clearness of a liquid
The clearness of the water in the stream
Overhanging or instream structures (such as tree roots, undercut streambanks, or boulders) that offer protection from predators, shelter from strong currents, and/or shading
the quality or state of being clear
degree to which MRF is free of contaminant Clarity should include weight or volume of particulate in parts per million (PPM) A description of particle count by size may also be determined A description or specification of the test method is also required
"the quality or state of being clear : LUCIDITY"
The term used to describe the transparency or clearness of a mead Mead should be clear and sparkling, not cloudy
The clarity of something such as a book or argument is its quality of being well explained and easy to understand. the ease and clarity with which the author explains difficult technical and scientific subjects. = lucidity
Clarity is the quality of being clear in outline or sound. This remarkable technology provides far greater clarity than conventional x-rays. = precision
The degree to which one is responsible and free from non-optimum reactions within a certain domain Being conscious and operating at cause
A term describing the clearness of water The absence of suspended matter which affects transmission of light
Clarity is the ability to think clearly. In business circles he is noted for his flair and clarity of vision
Clearness; brightness; splendor
refers to a camera's ability to focus on and capture fine detail Jurors looked for fine definition in areas like the subject's hair in our talking-head clip and the printed text and grain on the wooden box we placed in the scene
free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
Freedom of haze or cloudiness in a plastic material
Referring to pool water Clarity is the clearness of the water Good clarity is brought about by a combination of sanitisation and filtration
The degree of transparency of the water