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Englisch - Türkisch

Kayaklarını ne kadar sıklıkta mumlarsın? - How often do you wax your skis?

Zemini tekrar mumlamayı unuttun mu? - Did you forget to wax the floor again?

{f} büyümek
{i} ağda

Halının üstünde ağda var. - There is wax on the carpet.

Mary'nin en yakın arkadaşı bir Brezilya bikini ağdası aldı. - Mary's best friend got a Brazilian bikini wax.

{f} mumla

Kayaklarını ne kadar sıklıkta mumlarsın? - How often do you wax your skis?

Benim hizmetçi haftada bir kez evimi mumlar. - My maid waxes my house once a week.

kulak kiri

Kulaklarınızdaki kulak kirini çıkarmak için ne kullanırsınız? - What do you use to pick wax out of your ears?


Bu balmumu heykel çok gerçekçi. - This wax sculpture is very realistic.

Balmumu epilasyon yöntemlerinden biridir. - Waxing is one method of hair removal.

balmumu sürmek
bal mumu
{f} artmak
bal mumu,v.mumla: n.balmumu
plak doldurmak
{i} öfke
öfke nöbeti/balmum
{i} kızgınlık
kunduracı zifti veya mumu
{f} ağda yapmak
{f} 1. cilalamak
balmumuna benzer herhangi bir madde
{f} artmak; gelişmek; uzamak
{f} (gittikçe) ... olmak: It was waxing late. Vakit geç olmuştu
plak yapmak
{f} büyümek; gelişmek
wax bean sarı ka
kırmızı balmumu
{f} haline gelmek
{i} (parlatma işlerinde kullanılan bir tür) cila; mum cilası
{f} birden ... olmak
(Argo) vinyl (plak)
birden ..olmak
mum cilası
mum cilası sürmek
(ay) giderek büyümek
(Gıda) mum benzeri
cila sürmek
petrol mumu

Yarın öğleden sonra arabamı cilalayacağım. - I'm going to wax my car tomorrow afternoon.

Ben sadece zemini cilaladım. - I just waxed the floor.

wax bean
yer fasulyesi
wax light
mum ışığı
wax palm
hurma ağacı
wax paper
mumlu kağıt
wax and wane
büyümek ve küçülmek
wax crayon
mum pastel boya
wax crayon
mum boya
wax dummy
mumdan yapılma oyuncak

The policeman and the criminal were wax dummies, but they looked real.

wax embed
mum içine gömülü doku
wax figure
balmumu rakam
wax lyrical
Bir şeyi coşku dolu ve heyecanlı biçimde anlatmak/aktarmak
wax poetic
(deyim) Şiir diliyle konuşmak
wax beautiful
wax beautiful
(Fiili Deyim ) gittikçe güzelleşmek
wax doll
güzel ama ifadesiz yüzlü kimse
wax doll
mum bebek
wax fat
wax fat
wax finishing
(Tekstil) mum apresi
wax paper
parafinli kâğıt
wax paper
yağlı kâğıt
wax plant
bot. mumçiçeği, hoya
wax resist
(Tekstil) batik rezerve
wax strong
wax strong
hair wax
Saç vaksı, saç şekillendirici krem
{i} balmumu

Balmumu epilasyon yöntemlerinden biridir. - Waxing is one method of hair removal.

earth wax
lost wax process
cable wax
kablo mumu
candelilla wax
kandelilla balmumu
carnauba wax
Brezilya balmumu
earth wax
yer mumu
japan wax
japon balmumu
lac wax
reçineli mum
lamp wax
parafin mumu
microcrystalline wax
mikrokristalin mum
paraffin wax
paraffin wax
parafin mumu
sealing wax
mühür mumu
vegetable wax
sebze özü
{f} mumla
{i} mumlama
baseplate wax
(Demiryolu) Kaide plağı mumu
car wax
araba balmumu
get into a wax
Bir balmumu girmek
get the wax out of your ears
(deyim) Aç kulaklarını da iyi dinle!
grafting wax
aşı macunu
liposoluble wax
sır ağda
pisang wax
balmumu pisang
white wax
Kozmetik ve ilaç sanayisinde kullanılan, beyazlatılmış balmumu
white wax
beyaz balmumu
apply epilating wax to
ağda yapıştırmak
auto wax
balmumlu cila (kaporta)
be in a wax
kızgın olmak
be in a wax
öfkeli olmak
cold wax
soğuk ağda
crumbs of wax
(Arılık) petek kırıntıları
floor wax
(Marangozluk) parke cilası
greater wax moth
(Arılık) büyük mum kurdu
melting wax
eriyen balmumu
mould bee wax
(Arılık) balmumu küfü
please use wax
cila kullanın lütfen
polishing wax
döşeme cilası
polishing wax
cila mumu
protecting wax
koruyucu cila
seal wax
mühür mumu
sealing wax
sealing wax
kırmızı balmumu
stack wax
gevşek mum
the whole ball of wax
{k} her şey
thermo wax
(Otomotiv) termo vaks
virgin wax
(Arılık) işlenmemiş balmumu
{s} mumlanmış; parafinli
{s} cilalı, cilalanmış
(isim) balmumu
Englisch - Englisch
An outburst of anger

That's him to a T,’ she would murmur; or, ‘Just wait till he reads this’; or, ‘Ah, won't that put him in a wax!’.

To increasingly assume the specified characteristic

to wax lyrical; to wax eloquent.

Any oily, water-resistant substance; normally long-chain hydrocarbons, alcohols or esters
To appear larger each night as a progression from a new moon to a full moon
Any preparation containing wax, used as a polish
To kill, especially to murder a person

Just who pulled the trigger or who ordered it to be pulled?.

To apply wax to (something, such as a shoe, a floor, a car, or an apple), usually to make it shiny
To grow

For nature, crescent, does not grow alone / In thews and bulks, but, as this temple waxes, / The inward service of the mind and soul / Grows wide withal.

A phonograph record
Made of wax
The process of growing
To remove hair at the roots from (a part of the body) by coating the skin with a film of wax that is then pulled away sharply
{n} a tenacious matter gathered from bees, or formed artificially
{v} to smear over with wax, grow, become
{i} solid or semi-solid substance that is greasy to the touch and pliable when heated (i.e. beeswax, earwax); petroleum based substance often used to coat or polish surfaces (i.e. car wax, paraffin); burst of anger (British)
an ester similar to a fat or a phospholipid but containing a monohydroxy alcohol instead of glycerol
Comes in two types: kick and glide Kick wax is used for grip in the Classic technique Both Stick wax in a tin and klister are common varieties of kick wax Kick was is applied exclusively to the middle third of Classic skis Glide wax is used on the tips and tails of Classic skis and the entire length of Skating skis Glide wax helps protect the base of a ski and adapt the base to the temperature of the snow for superior glide
To pass from one state to another; to become; to grow; as, to wax strong; to wax warmer or colder; to wax feeble; to wax old; to wax worse and worse
This is an old technique for doll-making and can be worked in many ways including modeling, carving and casting
When you apply wax onto a curb or rail to allow for easier grinding Any type of wax for paraffin wax to soap to candles works
Its natural color is pale or dull yellow
See Wax insect, below
{f} rub or polish with wax, treat with wax, cover with was; remove hair from a part of the body by applying wax and then pulling it off with the hairs; increase gradually in quantity or intensity; grow, swell; make a recording of, record records; become more illuminated (as does the moon)
To smear or rub with wax; to treat with wax; as, to wax a thread or a table
Wax is a solid, slightly shiny substance made of fat or oil which is used to make candles and polish. It melts when it is heated. There were coloured candles which had spread pools of wax on the furniture She loved the scent in the house of wax polish
A clear wax used to prevent your braces from irritating your lips when your braces are first put on, or at other times
To appear larger each night as it goes from being a new moon to a full moon
If you wax a surface, you put a thin layer of wax onto it, especially in order to polish it. We'd have long talks while she helped me wax the floor
Hence, any substance resembling beeswax in consistency or appearance
See Vegetable wax, under Vegetable
To apply wax to (something, such as a shoe, a floor, a car or an apple), usually to make it shiny
cover with wax; "wax the car"
A soft substance applied to the base of a ski for protection and to improve its snow-going properties See glide wax; grip wax
{s} made of wax; resembling wax
One of the staple mediums of sculpting and doll making, wax can be used in any variety of ways
Thick sirup made by boiling down the sap of the sugar maple, and then cooling
If something waxes and wanes, it first increases and then decreases over a period of time. Portugal and Spain had possessed vast empires that waxed and waned. Any of a class of pliable substances, organic compounds of animal, plant, mineral, or synthetic origin, less greasy, harder, and more brittle than fats. Waxes contain mostly compounds of high molecular weight (fatty acids, alcohols, and saturated hydrocarbons). Many melt at moderate temperatures and form hard films that can take a high polish. Animal and plant waxes are esters of fatty acids and either a sterol (see steroid) or a straight-chain higher alcohol (e.g., cetyl alcohol). Animal waxes include beeswax; wool wax (lanolin), used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; and sperm oil and spermaceti (from sperm whales), used as lubricants. Plant waxes include carnauba wax, candelilla wax, and sugarcane wax, used in polishes. About 90% of the waxes in commerce are recovered by dewaxing petroleum. There are three main types: paraffin (used in candles, crayons, paper coating, and industrial polishes and as a protective sealant, lubricant, insulating agent, and antifrothing agent), microcrystalline wax (used in paper coating), and petrolatum (used in ointments and cosmetics). Synthetic waxes (carbowaxes), derived from ethylene glycol, are commonly blended with petroleum waxes. carnauba wax lost wax casting wax sculpture
To become
An adhesive material used to affix typeset copy and artwork to a paste-up board
It is first excreted, from a row of pouches along their sides, in the form of scales, which, being masticated and mixed with saliva, become whitened and tenacious
Cerumen, or earwax
Wax is the sticky yellow substance found in your ears
any of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water go up or advance; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"
A fatty, solid substance, produced by bees, and employed by them in the construction of their comb; usually called beeswax
To increase in size; to grow bigger; to become larger or fuller; opposed to wane
A waxlike composition used for uniting surfaces, for excluding air, and for other purposes; as, sealing wax, grafting wax, etching wax, etc
A waxlike composition used by shoemakers for rubbing their thread
any of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water
increase in phase; "the moon is waxing"
Prevents braces from rubbing the cheeks and lips
go up or advance; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"
If you say that someone, for example, waxes lyrical or waxes indignant about a subject, you mean that they talk about it in an enthusiastic or indignant way. He waxed lyrical about the skills and commitment of his employees My mother waxed eloquent on the theme of wifely duty
If you have your legs waxed, you have the hair removed from your legs by having wax put on them and then pulled off quickly. She has just had her legs waxed at the local beauty parlour She could go shopping, and wax her legs
Waxes are complex mixtures of heavy hydrocarbons and fatty acids combined with esters They are harder, less greasy and more brittle than their close relatives fats, and are very resistant to moisture, oxidization and microbial attack Waxes come from four major sources - plants, mineral oils, animals and synthetic (man made) All the waxes used in Nikwax products are highly refined synthetic mineral waxes
A temporary protective coating similar to polish but softer in composition Must be buffed to achieve maximum gloss
cover with wax; "wax the car
A substance similar to beeswax, secreted by several species of scale insects, as the Chinese wax
A waxlike product secreted by certain plants
A substance, somewhat resembling wax, found in connection with certain deposits of rock salt and coal; called also mineral wax, and ozocerite
[1] A substance resembling beeswax in appearance and character, and in general distinguished by its composition of esters and higher alcohols, and by its freedom from fatty acids; used for underbody sealing, cavity sealing, and paintwork care
A clear wax used to prevent your braces from irritating your lips when your braces are first put on, or at other times top
{i} cera
wax and wane

The manifestation of such philosophy seemed to wax and wane, being the most common one time, but virtually without followers at another, apparently disappearing.

wax and wane
To progress through phases
wax apple
the fruit of this plant
wax apple
a tropical plant, Syzygium samarangense, bearing an edible fruit
wax bean
Any of several forms of string bean having a yellow or other coloured pod; the butter bean
wax end
Same as waxed end
wax gourd
A green, fuzzy melon fruit taken from this vine that has sweet white flesh
wax gourd
A vine of the genus Benincasa cultivated throughout Asia
wax museum
A museum featuring lifelike statues made of wax
wax museums
plural form of wax museum
wax myrtle
An evergreen bayberry, especially the common Myrica cerifera of the southern U.S. The wax covering its nutlets is used for making scented candles
wax myrtles
plural form of wax myrtle
wax paper
A semi-translucent, moisture-proof paper made with a waxy coating, used primarily for cooking and packaging
The yellowish colour of wax
Alternative spelling of wax end
Alternative spelling of wax myrtle
A nose made of wax
wax and wane
Grow stronger and then weaker again: "His commitment to democracy and free markets has waxed and waned with his political fortunes."
wax crayon
Writing implement consisting of a colored stick of composition wax used for writing and drawing. (synonym) crayon
wax poetic
(deyim) Speak in an increasingly enthusiastic and poetic manner
wax bean
snap beans with yellow pods
wax bean
snap beans with yellow pods a common bean plant grown for its edible golden pod
wax bean
A variety of string bean having yellow pods. Also called butter bean
wax bean
a common bean plant grown for its edible golden pod
wax begonia
hybrid fibrous-rooted begonia having broad-ovate green to bronze- or black-red leaves and small clusters of white or pink or red flowers; widely used as a bedding plant
wax bite
(Dentistry) process to measure how well the teeth come together (the person bites a sheet of wax and leaves a bite mark in the wax)
wax candle
device which melts in order to maintain a flame
wax cloth
{i} cloth coated with a coating of wax (usually used as a table cover)
wax insect
Any of various scale insects that secrete a waxy substance, especially a Chinese species (Ericerus pe-la) bred commercially for the production of candles
wax insect
any of various insects that secrete a waxy substance
wax museum
museum which exhibits wax figures of famous people
wax museum
A place where life-size wax figures, usually of famous people, are exhibited
wax myrtle
any shrub or small tree of the genus Myrica with aromatic foliage and small wax-coated berries
wax myrtle
An evergreen shrub (Myrica cerifera) of the southeast United States, having usually serrate leaves and small berrylike fruit with a waxy coating
wax palm
caranday: South American palm yielding a wax similar to carnauba wax
wax palm
palm of the Andes yielding a resinous wax which is mixed with tallow to make candles
wax palm
carnauba: Brazilian fan palm having an edible root; source of a useful leaf fiber and a brittle yellowish wax
wax palm
Any of several palm trees that yield wax, as Copernica prunifera, the source of carnauba wax, or Ceroxylon alpinum of South America
wax paper
paper that has been waterproofed by treatment with wax of paraffin
wax paper
Wax paper is paper that has been covered with a thin layer of wax. It is used mainly in cooking or to wrap food. = waxed paper. Paper that has been made moistureproof by treatment with wax, used especially in cooking and for wrapping food for storage
wax paper
translucent paper coated with paraffin to make it waterproof
wax plant
A southeast Asian tropical vine (Hoya carnosa) having waxy white or pinkish flowers
wax plant
succulent climber of southern Asia with umbels of pink and white star-shaped flowers
wax replica
likeness made from wax, copy made from wax
wax sculpture
Figures modeled or molded in beeswax, either as finished pieces or for use as forms for casting metal (see lost-wax casting) or creating preliminary models. At ordinary temperatures, beeswax can be cut and molded easily, it melts at a low temperature, it mixes with any colouring matter and takes surface tints well, and its texture can be modified by a variety of additives. The ancient Egyptians used wax figures of deities in their funeral rites, and the Romans used wax images as presents in the Saturnalia. Michelangelo used wax models in making preliminary sketches for his statues. Wax medallion portraits, popular in the 16th century, enjoyed renewed popularity in the 18th century. John Flaxman made many wax portraits and relief figures which Josiah Wedgwood translated into pottery. Exhibitions of wax figures are still popular, the most famous being those of Madame Tussaud's museums in London and other international cities
one who deals in wax candles
bikini wax
The use of hot wax to remove pubic hair so that it may be easier to wear a bikini
bone wax
beeswax with the addition of paraffin, or some other agent, to soften it, used to stop bleeding from bones during surgery
candelilla wax
a yellow-brown wax obtained from leaves of several plants of the Euphorbia genus
candle wax
Any material, such as stearin or tallow, used to make the body of candles
carnauba wax
A yellow-brown wax obtained from the leaves of the Brazilian carnauba palm (Copernicia prunifera); used in cosmetics, polishes etc
close as wax
grafting wax
a composition of rosin, beeswax, tallow, etc., used in binding up the wounds of newly grafted trees
grave wax
A waxy substance found on corpses; adipocere
green wax
An estreat from the Exchequer, delivered to a sheriff, sealed upon green wax
lost wax
A method of casting a sculpture in which a model of the sculpture is made from wax; the model is used to make a mould; when the mould has set, the wax is made to melt and is poured away, leaving the mould ready to be used to cast the sculpture
microcrystalline wax
a wax produced by removing oil from petrolatum; used in cosmetics etc
none of your bee's wax
Alternative form of none of your beeswax
none of your bees' wax
Alternative form of none of your beeswax

None of your bees’ wax!” the boy returned impudently. But his eyes blinked with a funny, frightened rapidity. His bare feet, filthy beyond description….

paraffin wax
A waxy white solid hydrocarbon mixture used to make candles, wax paper, lubricants, and sealing materials
sealing wax
Wax formerly melted onto a letter to seal it; the picture of the sender's seal was often pressed into the wax as evidence that the letter had not been opened
Alternative spelling of sealing wax
ski wax
A material applied to the bottom of skis or snowboards, in order to improve their gliding and gripping properties
Of an object, coated or treated with wax in order to make it shiny or waterproof, or to protect it
Simple past tense and past participle of wax
Something that waxes (grows larger as opposed to waning)
Present participle of wax
a cosmetic procedure in which hair is removed from the body by the application and removal of wax
the action of the verb to wax
whole ball of wax
the entire or overall plan, concept or action

In my opinion the whole ball of wax depends on what she'll say.

whole ball of wax
everything of a similar or related nature

We've got pots, pans, the food and cooking utensils—the whole ball of wax.

wool wax
{a} 102 made of wax, grown
ball of wax
An unspecified set of items or circumstances: "She went shopping, had dinner, saw a play, the whole ball of wax."
the application of wax to a surface
white wax
Bleached yellow wax used especially in cosmetics, ointments, and cerates, called also beeswax or cera alba
Japan wax
A pale yellow solid wax obtained from the berries of certain plant species of the genus Rhus and used in wax matches, soaps, and food packaging and as a substitute for beeswax
ader wax
a waxy mineral that is a mixture of hydrocarbons and occurs in association with petroleum; some varieties are used in making ceresin and candles
bayberry wax
a fragrant green wax obtained from the wax myrtle and used in making candles
candelilla wax
a hard brown wax that occurs as a coating on candelilla shrubs
carnauba wax
hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes
carnauba wax
Very hard wax obtained from fronds of the carnauba tree, Copernicia cerifera, a fan palm of Brazil. During the regular dry seasons in Brazil, where it is called the tree of life, the carnauba palm protects its fanlike fronds from loss of moisture by secreting a coat of carnauba wax. Carnauba has been used in high-gloss polishes, phonograph records, and explosives. Synthetics have replaced it for many applications
cobbler's wax
resin used to wax thread
ear wax
Wax in the external ear canal; syn: cerumen
ear wax
A yellow secretion from glands in the outer ear (cerumen) that keeps the skin of the ear dry and protected from infection
ear wax
yellow secretion from glands in the outer ear (cerumen) that keeps the skin of the ear dry and protected from infection
ear wax
waxy yellowish substance secreted in channel of the ear (in animals and humans)
ear wax
wax in the external ear; see also cerumen
epilating wax
a mixture of resins and waxes to remove cosmetically undesirable hair; mixture is applied hot to the surface and after cooling is pulled away taking the hairs with it
floor wax
{i} special wax for polishing and preserving floors
floor wax
a preparation containing wax and used to polish and preserve the finish of floors
ghedda wax
wax from Indian and African bees
gondang wax
a hard cream-colored wax obtained from a Javanese fig tree
japan wax
a yellow wax obtained from sumac berries; used in polishes
lost-wax casting
Traditional method of producing molds for metal sculpture and other castings. It requires a positive, a core made of refractory material and an outer layer of wax. The positive can be produced either by direct modeling in wax over a prepared core (direct lost-wax casting), or by casting in a piece mold or flexible mold taken from a master cast. The wax positive is invested with a mold made of refractory materials and heated to melt the wax, leaving a narrow cavity between the core and the investment. Molten metal is poured into this cavity. When the metal has solidified, the investment and core are broken away. See also investment casting
melt like wax
turn into liquid when exposed to heat
mineral wax
montan wax
a hard wax obtained from lignite
paraffin wax
from crude petroleum; used for candles and for preservative or waterproof coatings
pisang wax
a wax obtained from the leaves of a plantain
scale wax
partly refined paraffin wax
sealing wax
type of wax used for sealing letters
sealing wax
used as a material for seals, as for letters, documents, etc
sealing wax
Sealing wax is a hard, usually red, substance that melts quickly and is used for putting seals on documents or letters. a red substance that melts and becomes hard again quickly, used for closing letters, documents etc, especially in the past
sealing wax
A compound of the resinous materials, pigments, etc
sealing wax
fastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm; used for sealing documents and parcels and letters
shellac wax
a hard wax separated from shellac by its insolubility in alcohol
ski wax
wax used on the bottom of skis
soft as wax
lenient, yielding, wimpy, spineless, weak in character
the whole ball of wax
everything, the whole thing, the entire thing
vegetable wax
a waxy substance obtained from plants (especially from the trunks of certain palms)
vegetable wax
A waxy substance of plant origin, as that obtained from certain palm trees
treated with wax; "waxed floors"; "waxed mustache
Of an obejct, coated or treated with wax in order to make it shiny or waterproof, or to protect it
treated with wax; "waxed floors"; "waxed mustache"
past of wax
A person who applies wax
A device used to place a thin coating of melted wax adhesive on the back of original copy for pasteup or on film for set-ins on a base page negative to top
A device used to apply wax
A machine that melts and applies a thin coating of adhesive wax to a paper Once often used to create camera ready artwork, this process has been largely replaced by computerized film, paper, or plate devices
{i} one who applies wax
most are esters of long chain alcohols and carboxylic acids with an even number of carbons (16 - 34)
third-person singular of wax
Solid or semisolid materials derived from petroleum distillates or residues Light-colored, more or less translucent crystalline masses, slightly greasy to the touch, consisting of a mixture of solid hydrocarbons in which the paraffin series predominates Included are all marketable waxes, whether crude scale or fully refined Used primarily as industrial coating for surface protection
plural of wax
Organic compound generally similar in composition to fats and oils, except it contains no glycerides Solid at room temperature
a gradual increase in magnitude or extent; "the waxing of the moon"
This means growing in size; the moon waxes during some of the lunar phases
Increasing Also most commonly used in reference to the lunar cycle
(of the moon) pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon increases; "the waxing moon passes from new to full
becoming full
{i} application of wax on a surface; method of hair removal by applying wax to the body and then pulling it off with the hairs; gradual increase in size or strength or extent; manufacturing of a phonograph record
The removal of body hair with hot wax
Warm wax is applied, allowed to harden, and then vigorously ripped off to remove unwanted hair from the face, arms, legs, or body
Coating or impregnating of paper or board with paraffin or wax
[1] The formation of wax crystals in diesel fuel in freezing conditions, thus clogging the fuel filter and stopping the engine; avoided by the use of a fuel heater or fuel additives
The lunar phase when the moon is getting "larger" (nearing the full moon) This is the time when magick that involves growth and bringing things to you is best performed Opposite of waning
{s} of or pertaining to the period when becoming full, of or pertainging to the time during which the mood increases in size, of or pertaining to the period ruing which becoming larger (of the moon)
(of the moon) pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon increases; "the waxing moon passes from new to full"
the application of wax to a surface a gradual increase in magnitude or extent; "the waxing of the moon"