whole ball of wax

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the whole ball of wax
{k} her şey
Englisch - Englisch
the entire or overall plan, concept or action

In my opinion the whole ball of wax depends on what she'll say.

everything of a similar or related nature

We've got pots, pans, the food and cooking utensils—the whole ball of wax.

ball of wax
An unspecified set of items or circumstances: "She went shopping, had dinner, saw a play, the whole ball of wax."
the whole ball of wax
everything, the whole thing, the entire thing
whole ball of wax


    whole Ball of wax

    Türkische aussprache

    hōl bôl ıv wäks


    /ˈhōl ˈbôl əv ˈwaks/ /ˈhoʊl ˈbɔːl əv ˈwæks/

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