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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} hızlı yürümek
{i} hızlı yürüme
{i} koşuş

Yaşlı adam hızlı bir koşuşturmayla yola çıktı. - The old man set off at a quick trot.

{f} acele etmek
{f} hızlı yürü

At yolun aşağısına doğru tırıs gitti. - The horse trotted down the road.

Atların üç yürüyüşü vardır: yürüyüş, tırıs ve dörtnal. - Horses have three gaits: Walking, trotting and galloping.

tırıs gitmek
tırısa kaldırmak
{i} hızlı yürüyüş
kopya cevap anahtarı
{f} koşmak
{i} cevap anahtarı
{i} tek atlı araba yarışı
{i} kopya (sınav)
{i} kırıtarak yürüme
trot out
{f} göstermek
trot off
koşar gibi git
trot away
tırıs uzakta
trot line
tırıs hattı
trot along
yola koyulmak
trot off
yola koyulmak
trot out
(Fiili Deyim ) başkalarını imrendirmek için bir şeyi çıkarıp göstermek
trot out
{f} tırısa kaldırmak
trot out
{f} bilgi satmak
trot out
{f} teşhir etmek
trot out
{k} ileri sürmek, öne sürmek: You always trot out the same old excuses. Hep aynı bahaneleri ileri sürüyorsun
trot out knowledge
bilgi satmak
trot round
trot round
on the trot
(deyim) arka arkaya
on the trot
art arda
fox trot
fokstrot dansı
jog trot
ağır hareketlilik
ağır gidiş
on the trot
üst üste
{f} koş
{i} koşu
turkey trot
hindi koşuşu
be on the trot
koşuşturma halinde olmak
jog trot
tırıs jog
turkey trot
hindi koşusu
at a trot
at a trot
hızlı adımlarla
on the trot
koşuşturma halinde
on the trot
(deyim) cok meskul
to trot
tırıs gitmek
to trot
tırısa kaldırmak
Englisch - Englisch
To walk rapidly
A moderately common abbreviation, a mildly negative epithet for Trotskyist
A gait of horses between walk and canter, a diagonal gait, i.e., in which diagonal pairs of legs move together
The trots: diarrhoea/diarrhea
A run of luck or fortune

He's had a good trot, but his luck will end soon.

An ugly old woman
A gait of a person faster than a walk
A moderately rapid dance
To move at a gait between a walk and a canter
A toddler
If you trot somewhere, you move fairly fast at a speed between walking and running, taking small quick steps. I trotted down the steps and out to the shed A small shabby man was trotting beside Bardi trying to get his attention. Trot is also a noun. He walked briskly, but without breaking into a trot
{v} to ride in a trot, to walk fast
{n} a jolting high pace of a horse, walk, old
the trots: Diarrhea
To run; to jog; to hurry
a gait faster than a walk; diagonally opposite legs strike the ground together
ride at a trot
To cause to move, as a horse or other animal, in the pace called a trot; to cause to run without galloping or cantering
cause to trot; "She trotted the horse home"
If something happens several times on the trot, it happens that number of times without a break. She lost five games on the trot = in a row
To proceed by a certain gait peculiar to quadrupeds; to ride or drive at a trot
When an animal such as a horse trots, it moves fairly fast, taking quick small steps. You can also say that the rider of the animal is trotting. Alan took the reins and the small horse started trotting Pete got on his horse and started trotting across the field. Trot is also a noun. As they started up again, the horse broke into a brisk trot
{i} gait between a walk and a run, jog; gait of a horse between a walk and a canter; (Archaic) old woman
a gait faster than a walk; diagonally opposite legs strike the ground together run at a moderately swift pace cause to trot; "She trotted the horse home"
radicals who support Trotsky's theory that socialism must be established throughout the world by continuing revolution
{f} move briskly; move with a gait between a walk and run (usually of a horse); cause to trot
a slow pace of running
run at a moderately swift pace
a literal translation used in studying a foreign language (often used illicitly)
The pace of a horse or other quadruped, more rapid than a walk, but of various degrees of swiftness, in which one fore foot and the hind foot of the opposite side are lifted at the same time
See Trot, n
A jogging pace, as of a person hurrying
One who trots; a child; a woman
trot out
To list or recite quickly
trot out
bring out and show for inspection and admiration; "His novel trots out a rich heiress"; "always able to trot out some new excuse
trot out
{f} display something again and again; bring out something or someone and display for admiration; bring out and show the gaits of a horse
To travel all over the world for pleasure and sightseeing
A trip around the world

Can we this quote? Luminous French actress Eva Green melts the screen as the Eve-figure in Bond mythology, who rides shotgun for 007’s first globe-trot, beginning in the toy soldier kingdom of Montenegro and going all the way to an oceanside Bahamas vista, and further.

hot to trot
Eager for sexual activity

She's nowhere close to relinquishing her crown as the queen of dance-pop—or abandoning her favorite role as pop music's most hot-to-trot coquette.

hot to trot
Eager to begin; anxious to get going

At the moment, Justice Department lawyers are cool to the idea. We're not hot to trot on this thing, says one Justice official.

Alternative spelling of hot to trot
rough trot
A series of difficult circumstances

Fred is experiencing a rough trot.

A trotting race meet; harness racing

He went to the trots in Yonkers.

plural form of trot
Present participle of trot
The action of the verb to trot

Trotting along the avenue was relaxing.

disapproval trot out
If you say that a person trots out old ideas or information, you are criticizing him or her for repeating them in a way that is not new or interesting. Was it really necessary to trot out the same old stereotypes about Ireland?
fox trot
type of dance
a ballroom dance in quadruple time; combines short and long and fast and slow steps fixed sequences
If someone spends their time globe-trotting, they spend a lot of time travelling to different parts of the world. The son of a diplomat, he has spent much of his life globe-trotting. + globe-trotting globe-trotting globe-trotting academic superstars. + globe-trotter globe-trotters globe-trotter TV globe-trotter Alan Whicker was nearly burned alive by an angry mob in Egypt
travel all over the world for pleasure and sightseeing
jog trot
jerky gait of a horse that is between a walk and a canter; habitual set of actions
jog trot
an easy gait of a horse; midway between a walk and a trot
on the trot
always busy, constantly working
rising trot
the rider rises from the saddle every second stride
sitting trot
the rider sits still in the saddle
{i} (Slang) diarrhea ("the trots")
A trotting race meet. Harness racing
past of trot
Of an animal that trots
turkey trot
A ragtime dance marked by a springy walk with the feet well apart and a swinging up-and-down movement of the shoulders
turkey trot
an early ragtime one-step

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    /ˈträt/ /ˈtrɑːt/


    [ 'trät ] (noun.) 14th century. From Middle English trotten, from Old French trotter, troter (“to go, trot”), from Medieval Latin *trottāre, *trotāre (“to go”), of Germanic origin, from Frankish *trottōn (“to go, run”), from Proto-Germanic *trudōjanan, *trudanan, *tradjanan (“to go, step, tread”), from Proto-Indo-European *dreu-, *derə-, *drā- (“to run, escape”). Cognate with Old High German trottōn (“to run”), Modern German trotten (“to trot, plod”), Gothic

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