to cause

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Englisch - Türkisch
(Hukuk) sebebiyet vermek
(Hukuk) neden olmak

Ben herhangi bir rahatsızlığa neden olmak istemiyorum. - I don't want to cause any inconveniences.

Ben hiç kimse için daha fazla derde neden olmak istemem. - I don't want to cause anyone any more trouble.

sebep olmak

Biz mümkün olan en az zarara sebep olmak istiyoruz. - We want to cause the least possible harm.

Bir olaya sebep olmak istemedim. - I didn't want to cause a scene.

neden olmak

Tom bize daha fazla soruna neden olmak istemedi. - Tom didn't want to cause us any more trouble.

Daha fazla soruna neden olmak istemiyorum. - I don't want to cause any more trouble.


İnsan ölümlerinin çoğuna, sigara dumanı neden olmuştur. - A lot of human deaths are caused by smoking cigarettes.

Richter ölçeğine göre 8.9 büyüklüğünde bir deprem Japonya'yı vurdu ve ağır bir tsunamiye neden oldu. - An earthquake, 8.9 on the Richter scale, hits Japan and causes a massive tsunami.


Bu kazaya neyin sebep olduğu tam bir sır. - It is a complete mystery what caused the accident.

Genellikle öngörülemeyen hava tarafından kazaya sebep olundu. - The accident was caused chiefly by the unpredictable weather.

{f} yol açmak

Paniğe yol açmak istemiyoruz. - We don't want to cause a panic.

Herhangi bir soruna yol açmak istemiyoruz. - We don't want to cause any trouble.

{f} neden olmak, sebep olmak, yol açmak: What's caused this? Buna yol açan ne? Will it really cause my camellias to bloom earlier? Gerçekten
{i} gaye
{f} meydan vermek

İşçilerimiz buz fırtınasının neden olduğu hasarı onarmak için gece gündüz çalışıyorlar. - Our employees are working around the clock to fix the damage caused by the ice storm.

Onun işini kaybetmesine neyin sebep olduğunu düşünüyorsun? - What do you think caused him to lose his job?

{i} amaç

Burada iyi bir amaç için buradayız. - We're here for a good cause.

{f} neden olma

Bunun olmasına neden olmadın. - You didn't cause it to happen.

Tom bize daha fazla soruna neden olmak istemedi. - Tom didn't want to cause us any more trouble.


Ereksiyon problemlerinin çeşitli nedenleri olabilir. - Erection problems can have various causes.

Ben Tom'un neden olduğu problemler hakkında duydum. - I heard about the problems Tom caused.

{f} doğurmak
{f} yol aç

Deprem geniş çaplı hasara yol açtı. - The earthquake caused widespread damage.

Paniğe yol açmak istemiyorum. - I don't want to cause a panic.

first cause asıl sebep
show cause hukuki sebep göstermek
dava konusu
harekete sevkedici unsur

Tom'un niyeti Mary'ye sorun yaratmak değildi. - Tom didn't intend to cause Mary any trouble.

Tom bana çok sorun çıkarıyor. - Tom causes me a lot of trouble.

sebep ol

Kazaya sebep olduğuma son derece pişmanım. - I deeply regret having caused the accident.

Yangına dikkatsiz bir sigara içicisinin sebep olduğu ortaya çıktı. - It transpired that fire was caused by a careless smoker.

haklı neden
make common cause with işbirliği etmek
final cause asıl gaye
tarafını tutmak

O, davaya hiçbir katkıda bulunmadı. - He contributed nothing to the cause.

Yakında hareket artmıyordu. Birçok kişinin cesareti kırıldı ve davadan ayrıldı. - Soon the movement was no longer growing. Many people became discouraged and left the cause.

{i} nede

Onun başarısızlığının ana nedeni tembelliktir. - The primary cause of his failure is laziness.

Kaza çok fazla ölüme neden oldu. - The accident has caused many deaths.

{i} dava, ülkü: That's a cause worthy of one's devotion. Kendini adamaya değer bir dava. 4
bring on
gündeme getirme
bring on
gelişmesine neden olmak
bring on
(deyim) gelişmesini hızlandırmak

Mesele kazaya kimin neden olduğu. - The question is who caused the accident.

Lütfen bu meselenin neden olduğu sorun için özürlerimizi kabul edin. - Please accept our apologies for the trouble this matter has caused you.

sebebiyet vermek
sebep vermek

O sorun çıkarmak istemiyor. - He doesn't want to cause trouble.

Sorun çıkarmak için burada değilim. - I'm not here to cause trouble.

(Kanun) hukuk davası

Yapmak istediğim son şey size herhangi bir soruna neden olmak. - The last thing I want to do is cause you any problems.

Yapmak istediğim son şey size daha fazla acıya neden olmamdır. - The last thing I want to do is cause you any more pain.

bring on
sebep olmak
bring on
gelişmesine neden ol
bring on
istenmedik bir işe yol açmak
-e neden olmak

Bir boşanma duyduğumuzda biz bunun o iki kişinin temel ilkeler üzerinde anlaşmaya varma yetersizliğinden kaynaklandığını varsayıyoruz. - When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.


Şu an için, hastalığın sebebi bilinmiyor. - At present, the cause of the disease is unknown.

Nesnelerin ağırlığının sebebi yer çekimidir. - Gravity causes objects to have weight.

sebeb olmak
mahal vermek
mucip olmak
bring on
{i} neden, sebep, illet
Englisch - Englisch
bring on

Excessive drinking can bring on depression.

A goal, aim or principle, especially one which transcends purely selfish ends

He is fighting for a just cause.

The source or reason of an event or action
To actively produce as a result, by means of force or authority

The explosion caused much damage to the building.

To set off an event or action

The explosion caused a panic.

{f} make happen, bring about
The cause of an event, usually a bad event, is the thing that makes it happen. Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death and disease The causes are a complex blend of local and national tensions. effect
We will make the concept of cause one of our principal objects of study in chapter five, the next chapter we'll examine (immediately after chapter two) Stay tuned
the name given to the process of investigating, studying and promoting a person for beatification and canonization
whatever is responsible for or leads to a change, motion, or condition
{v} to effect, produce, occasion, debate
To cause something, usually something bad, means to make it happen. Attempts to limit family size among some minorities are likely to cause problems This was a genuine mistake, but it did cause me some worry. a protein that gets into animal cells and attacks other proteins, causing disease to spread. the damage to Romanian democracy caused by events of the past few days
{i} factor, reason; principle, purpose; basis for a legal case
You use cause and effect to talk about the way in which one thing is caused by another. fundamental laws of biological cause and effect
The side of a question, which is espoused, advocated, and upheld by a person or party; a principle which is advocated; that which a person or party seeks to attain
The state of operating as if you are creating your own reality
These are items that relate to a particular political issue such as prohibition, woman's suffrage, etc
cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner; "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"; "My children finally got me to buy a computer"; "My wife made me buy a new sofa"
A lawsuit, litigation or action Any question, civil or criminal, litigated or contested before a court of justice
Abbreviation of Because
To effect as an agent; to produce; to be the occasion of; to bring about; to bring into existence; to make; usually followed by an infinitive, sometimes by that with a finite verb
Any subject of discussion or debate; matter; question; affair in general
A suit or action in court; any legal process by which a party endeavors to obtain his claim, or what he regards as his right; case; ground of action
That which produces or effects a result; that from which anything proceeds, and without which it would not exist
a justification for something existing or happening; "he had no cause to complain"; "they had good reason to rejoice"
a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy; "the family brought suit against the landlord"
any entity that causes events to happen
could be defined as emanation (something coming forth from a source) It could be defined also, for purposes of communication, as source-point See also communication
A lawsuit, litigation, or action Any question, civil or criminal, litigated or contested before a court of justice
Sake; interest; advantage
A civil or criminal action, suit or litigation Often used interchangeably with "case " See also, cross-reference
An identified reason for the presence of a defect or problem
an ideal or principle served with dedication and zeal; the societal need, void, or value addressed by an organization
give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident"
The action or motion where thought starts
A suit, litigation or action--civil or criminal
If a person or thing causes a situation or is the cause of it, they make it happen
To assign or show cause; to give a reason; to make excuse
That which is the occasion of an action or state; ground; reason; motive; as, cause for rejoicing
If you say that something is in a good cause or for a good cause, you mean that it is worth doing or giving to because it will help other people, for example by raising money for charity. The Raleigh International Bike Ride is open to anyone who wants to raise money for a good cause. W1S1 to make something happen, especially something bad
n 1 Something that produces an affect, result or consequence 2 The person, event, or condition responsible for an action or result; the origin
a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end; "he supported populist campaigns"; "they worked in the cause of world peace"; "the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant"; "the movement to end slavery"; "contributed to the war effort"
The association for managing and using information resources in higher education
An entity that inevitably leads to a certain result (effect) Causality is determined if the predicted effect is always present when the cause is present and never present when the cause is not Causes may be single or may require other conditions to lead to the effect
If you have cause for a particular feeling or action, you have good reasons for feeling it or doing it. Only a few people can find any cause for celebration Both had much cause to be grateful for the secretiveness of government in Britain. = reason
An established reason for the existence of a defect or problem
a justification for something existing or happening; "he had no cause to complain"; "they had good reason to rejoice" events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something; "they are trying to determine the cause of the crash" give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident
Cause(s) is/are the stimuli that make(s) something happen
The goal, aim, principle
The principle from which the existence of a thing proceeds and upon which it depends; a principle that directly instigates a change in something As with the term "being," there are varied categories of causality The primary sense, here given, is that of an efficient or active cause; the agent
A condition or event directly responsible for the death of an individual infant
Whatever is responsible for changes (including the creation and destruction) of things According to Aristotle causes fall into four types: material cause, the substance a thing is made of; formal cause, the structure or design of the thing; efficient cause, the maker or instigator of the change; and final cause, the purpose or function of it (see teleology) Hume argued that all knowledge of causation comes from our actual experience of observed regularities and includes no real knowledge of any objectively necessary connection See determinism, scientific law
A cause is an aim or principle which a group of people supports or is fighting for. Refusing to have one leader has not helped the cause. see also lost cause
give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident
events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something; "they are trying to determine the cause of the crash"
to cause

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