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A low-grade cloth made from by-products of wool processing, or from recycled wool

To fill contracts for hundreds of thousands of uniforms, textile manufacturers compressed the fibers of recycled woolen goods into a material called “shoddy”.

Being of poor quality or construction

Do not settle for shoddy knives if you are serious about cooking.

A fabric of inferior quality made of, or containing a large amount of, shoddy
exhibiting poor quality, workmanship, design, or construction
Shoddy work or a shoddy product has been done or made carelessly or badly. I'm normally quick to complain about shoddy service + shoddily shod·di·ly These products are shoddily produced
of inferior workmanship and materials; "mean little jerry-built houses"
A fibrous material obtained by "deviling," or tearing into fibers, refuse woolen goods, old stockings, rags, druggets, etc
Made wholly or in part of shoddy; containing shoddy; as, shoddy cloth; shoddy blankets; hence, colloquially, not genuine; sham; pretentious; as, shoddy aristocracy
A fibrous material obtained by "deviling,"
reclaimed wool fiber
the waste product of wool processing
or tearing into fibers, refuse woolen goods, old stockings, rags, druggets, etc
Fluffy, fibrous waste from wool carding, worsted spinning, or weaving of woolens
{i} cheap cloth made from recycled wool; clothing of inferior quality; phony item, something that is cheap
cheap and shoddy; "cheapjack moviemaking that feeds on the low taste of the mob"- Judith Crist
{s} cheap, inferior, of poor quality; phony, imitative, fake
folk song
shoddy fever
A febrile disease characterized by dyspnœa and bronchitis caused by inhaling dust
In a shoddy manner, lacking quality and done poorly, usually in a cheap and low quality way
The property of being shoddy
The result or product of being shoddy
comparative of shoddy
superlative of shoddy
in a shoddy manner; "a shoddily built house"; "he treated her shoddily
cheaply, shabbily, wretchedly
{i} inferiority, cheapness, shabbiness; phoniness, quality of being cheap
the quality of being cheaply imitative of something better