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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} gerileme

Bu sadece geçici bir gerileme. - This is only a temporary setback.

geçici başarısızlık

İhracaat vergilerini düşürme müzakerelerimiz büyük bir başarısızlıkla sonuçlandı.. - Our negotiations to lower export taxes suffered a big setback.

Bu sadece küçük bir başarısızlık. - It's only a minor setback.

geri bırakma
kötüye gitme
{i} aksilik

Daha fazla aksilik görmüyorum. - I don't see any more setbacks.

Bunun bir aksilik olduğunu sanmıyorum. - I don't think this is a setback.

{i} içeri hizada inşa etme
{i} aksama

Birkaç erken aksamanın dışında proje iyi ilerliyor. - Apart from a couple of early setbacks, the project is progressing well.

{i} kötüleşme
yüksek binalarda üst katların alt katlara nazaran daha geriden inşa edilmesi
{i} geride inşa etme
(Askeri) ATALET TESİRİYLE GERİ HAREKET, GERİLEME: Bir mermi ateşlendiği zaman; mermi içinde serbestçe hareket edan parçaların atalet sebebiyle, geri istikamette ani hareketi. Bu kuvvetten, ihtiraklı bir tapada bir yay veya pimi geriye itmek veya bir tapayı faaliyete geçirmek için kullanılır
setback distance
(şehir planlama) Yapı yaklaşma sınırı, çekme mesafesi
business facing setback
işlerin kötü gitmesi
night setback
gece için azaltma
night setback
indirme ayarı
night setback
gece için azaltma ayarı
primer setback
(Askeri) kapsülün geri tepkisi
primer setback
(Askeri) KAPSÜLÜN GERİ TEPKİSİ: Bir atımlık terkipli cephanenin ateşlenmesindeki kusur. Bu durumda; sevk barutunun patlaması kapsülü kapağın sathına doğru iter. Kapsülün geri tepkisi; kapaktaki bir bozukluktan, fişeğin kusurlu oluşundan veya fazla basınçtan ileri gelir
Englisch - Englisch
A backset; a check; a repulse; a ; a relapse
The required distance between a structure and a road
An obstacle, delay, or disadvantage

After some initial setbacks, the expedition went safely on its way.

A backset; a countercurrent; an eddy
The distance measured from the line of travel to the center of the sign
The distance from the curb or other established line, within which no building may be erected
The minimum distance a house or building must be from the lot line
minimum horizontal distance that buildings, structures, or activities are positioned back from a natural or manmade feature, such as a shoreline, bluff line, road, or property line
The required minimum horizontal distance between the building line and the related front, side, or rear property line (Baltimore County, Md )
A setback is an event that delays your progress or reverses some of the progress that you have made. The move represents a setback for the Middle East peace process. a problem that delays or prevents progress, or makes things worse than they were setback for. In architecture, a steplike recession in the profile of a high-rise building. Usually dictated by building codes to allow sunlight to reach streets and lower floors, the building must take another step back from the street for every specified added height interval. Without building setbacks, many of New York City's streets would be in constant shadow. In the 1920s architects drew attention to their setbacks with decorative devices mosaics; Chinese, Mayan, or Greek motifs; or geometric blocks but later architects deemphasized them. The International Style glass-wall skyscraper was typically built without intermittent setbacks, but architects met zoning requirements by creating one huge setback at ground level that created a plaza. The late 20th century saw a return to decorative setbacks
The minimum distance a house or buildings must be from the lot line
The minimum distance required between a man-made structure and a watercourse This distance is measured from the top edge of the highest channel bank
A minimum distance required by zoning to be maintained between two structures or between a structure and property lines
The legal distance from the curb or property line that a structure can be built
the distance between the side property line extended lakeward, and the closest point to the applicant's boat dock
A zoning provision requiring new homes to be separated from existing farms by a specified distance and vice versa
(SMP) A required open space, specified in shoreline master programs, measured horizontally upland from an perpendicular to the ordinary high water mark
a reduction of climate control energy demand in HVAC controls when a building is unoccupied
  The minimum distance which a wall face or window is required to be from a property boundary or another window to a habitable room   It is measured as the horizontal distance between the proposed wall or window and boundary or other window
Offset, n
The space between a structure and the property line in feet
The minimum distance a house or building must be from lot lines
The required or actual placement of a building a specified distance away from a road, property line, or other structure
{i} obstacle, misfortune, something which hinders progress; instance of hindering progress
The distance from a curb, property line or other reference point, within which building is prohibited
an unfortunate happening that hinders of impedes; something that is thwarting or frustrating
Reduction of heating (by reducing the set point) or cooling (by increasing the setpoint) during hours when a building is unoccupied or during periods when lesser demand is acceptable
The distance from a property line to a structure or use such as parking Governed by the Zoning Ordinance or by covenants and/or easements or by proffers or conditions at the time of rezoning or special exception
The distance from a lot line or other reference point, within which no structure may be located
A backset; a check; a repulse; a reverse; a relapse
The amount of space local zoning regulations require between a lot line and a building line
Zoning requirement that stipulates a building or improvement be set back a certain number of feet from the property line
Minimum distance that zoning ordinance requires must be maintained between a structure and property lines or between two structures
the required distance between every structure and the lot lines of the lot on which it is located
plural of setback
Typically, front yards of buildings and are defined as open space bounded by the building and city streets
minimum distances which structures must be held back from property lines, easements or critical lines, which are boundaries of protected wetland areas Roof setbacks, service yards and deck areas are handled differently relative to setback guidelines by different plantations Always confirm the policy of your ARB before making design assumptions
Specific distances that a structure or area must be located away, from other defined areas or structures For example, a setback for swine farms of 1,500 feet away from occupied residences requires that those farms be located no closer than 1,500 feet away from such residences
-Minimum distance required by local zoning ordinances between a property line and the edge of a building
The minimum distance between the building and any lot line