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To prevent forcefully an upheaval from developing further

to repress the first risings of discontent.

Hence, to check; to keep back
The act of repressing
To press again
to keep under restraint or control
If you repress a smile, sigh, or moan, you try hard not to smile, sigh, or moan. I couldn't repress a sigh of admiration
{n} the act of crushing
{v} to crush, subdue, curb, restrain
{f} suppress, restrain, control; subdue, quell, quash
put down by force or intimidation; "The government quashes any attempt of an uprising"; "China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently"; "The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land"
conceal or hide; "smother a yawn"; "muffle one's anger"; "strangle a yawn"
put out of one's consciousness
To press back or down effectually; to crush down or out; to quell; to subdue; to suppress; as, to repress sedition or rebellion; to repress the first risings of discontent
disapproval If a section of society is repressed, their freedom is restricted by the people who have authority over them. a UN resolution banning him from repressing his people
If you repress a feeling, you make a deliberate effort not to show or have this feeling. It is anger that is repressed that leads to violence and loss of control. repressed aggression. = suppress
Hence, to check; to restrain; to keep back
To press back or down effectually; to crush down or out; to quell; to subdue; to supress; as, to repress sedition or rebellion; to repress the first risings of discontent
Showing the suppression of emotions or impulses
Simple past tense and past participle of repress
Capable of being repressed, of being controlled, of being suppressed or limited
Serving to repress or suppress; oppressive

First, the classical rule forbids any unilateral right to use force to overthrow a regime on the sole grounds that it is repressive in character.

able to be kept under restraint or control
{a} able or tending to repress
characterized by or showing the suppression of impulses or emotions; "her severe upbringing had left her inhibited"; "a very inhibited young man, anxious and ill at ease"; "their reactions were partly the product of pent-up emotions"; "repressed rage turned his face scarlet"
Pressed again
Subjected to repression
A repressed person is someone who does not allow themselves to have natural feelings and desires, especially sexual ones. Some have charged that the Puritans were sexually repressed and inhibited
past of repress
{s} suppressed, restrained, controlled; subdued, quelled, quashed
One who, or that which, represses
third person singular of repress
{s} suppressible, can be controlled; subduable, can be quelled
Capable of being repressed
present participle of repress
disapproval A repressive government is one that restricts people's freedom and controls them by using force. The military regime in power was unpopular and repressive. + repressively re·pres·sive·ly the country, which had been repressively ruled for ten years
{s} suppressive, serving to control; subduing, serving to quell
restrictive of action; "a repressive regime"; "an overly strict and inhibiting discipline"
Having power, or tending, to repress; as, repressive acts or measures
through suppression; by subdual, by quashing